Naming a kid has always been a task, I know you must have gone through all the websites informing you about beautiful rare names, but sometimes we keep the name so weird unintentionally that those names become funny. I have prepared a list for you of funny names for boys and girls, which are weird too.

Funny names are sometimes so close to parents that they forget that they are naming their child something unusual. These names are generally based on popular things or an event.

We have prepared a long list to choose some for your kids or save them from the same. For all of us, the popular one out of all these names is when Elon Musk confirmed his sons’ name- Archangel-12.

Let us discuss some more to laugh at kids when we call them by their name.

20 Popular Funny Names, which are Weird Too!

Following are Funny top names, which can be called weird too; let us hop on them –

1# WiFi


This is a funny name. I can imagine someone naming their kid WiFi because their networks are pretty tight. ROFL (Internet Slang)

2# Corona


I have no idea this was a rumor or a reality, but few people in South Asian countries named their newly born kids Corona. I worry about that child’s High school days.

3# XÆ A- Xii

XÆ A- Xii

I am not kidding. Elon Musk, a popular name at Space X, named his newly born child this; I know you are confused about how to pronounce it; I am helping you with it. It is pronounced as Archangel 12. I wonder his teacher is going to get confused too.

4# iPhone


Is it your product or Apple’s? Will you be flexing about iPhone? More than it is a funny name, it is catchy, and I suppose, unique too.

5# Sunday


Parents didn’t work hard at all to name their kids. I think he/she was born on Sunday ad they called him/her the same. I feel sad when Sunday will working on Monday.

6# Audi


It doesn’t matter if you can’t afford one; you can produce one. Make babies and name them based on your favorite cars.

7# Flora


We are aware of Flora and Fauna, but Flora as a name is quite surprising. It is funny, though, but naming your child Flora makes you happy, then why not.

8# Stylo


I’m not too fond of this name and feel a little surprised that parents would name their child Stylo. He/ she will indeed fight with you in the future.

9# Baggy


If you like shopping and carrying so many bags while shopping, I think you should call

your kid the same too, “Baggy.” It is a weird name but funny and unforgettable too.

10# Egypt


Egypt, a name of a country, can be the name of your kid. What do you most like about Egypt that would drive you to keep your kids name, Egypt? One such example singer Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz’s son is named Egypt. If that is the case, we have another name.

11# India


India is a South-Asian country, is a name which is in trend these days. Popular actor Chris Hemsworth has named his lovely daughter India, as he is head over heels about this country. India is one of the most popular countries in the world.

12# Curry


So, it depicts love for two things: the curries that we consume as food, and the other is N.B.A player’s surname. You can choose either of the two and name your kid after one reason.

13# Game


One of the gamer might have named his/her kid game. It is very bad name to keep for your kid. You can’t be so mean.

14# McDonald’s


When you love eating Burgers from McDonald’s, and you are blessed with a kid, but can’t decide which one you love the most, name your kid the same so that choosing one will never be a problem. Just kidding, I can imagine father cracking a Dad’s Joke on this specific name.

15# Walnut


Instead of mentioning weird names, I want to confirm the brains of some parents naming their kid Walnut. When your kid becomes an adult, his peers will make fun of them, and they can go nuts.

16# Lovi


I know you are head over heels with your kids; everyone is, then choose a much better name; you can’t call him or her Lovi. It doesn’t mean anything, so spare the horror for the future.

17# Diva


I know every girl desire to be one, but keeping Diva is a funny name. Imagine your child becomes Miss World, and someone asks her name; her name defines her ultimately. Diva.

18# Humpty


I think parents had a great fall, and they named their kid Humpty. It is a funny name. I can imagine parents calling their second-born Dumpty, and if they don’t do the same, then there is a problem within the family.

19# Jenga


Are you an extraordinary Jenga Fan? If yes, then I hope you keep your child’s name, Jenga; he will love it. It is quite a weird but very quirky and catchy name. I can imagine someone calling my kid Jenga. My mother and girlfriend will kill me.

20# Fries


I like Fries, and I love the name too. I am not kidding. But the worst part of keeping this name is that you will continuously remind of Fries, and what will pop up is your kid, not that fried potato.

Final Verdict

These were some of the famous names that can be funny but a warning to the parents, always choose something evergreen and long-lasting. Keeping a weird name will make your child feel strange in the future, so choose wisely.


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