Gabby Petito Reddit Murder Case | A Complete Investigation!


Though crime does happen every day around us, only a few make headlines due to their strange yet gripping stories and brutality. One such case that is storming the Internet for a year is the Gabby Petito Murder Case. The social media influencer Gabby met with her horrific fate and got brutally murdered under suspicious circumstances. Petito’s life is no less than a cinematic drama that has intrigued people to know her complete story!

Gabby Petito is an American White woman born on 19 March 1999 in New York. She met Brian Christopher Laundrie in 2019, and both started dating each other. They eventually moved in together and finally got engaged. However, their fairytale honeymoon turned into a living nightmare and a debatable fiasco. Now read the complete story ahead!

The Complete Gabby Petito Reddit Timeline | Know The Chronology!

Gabby Petito Reddit Murder Case | A Complete Investigation!

Gabby Petito went on a road trip with her boyfriend/fiance, Brian Laundrie, after quitting her job on a customized Ford transit connect van. They posted their mushy romantic moments on social media platforms and shared regular updates of their whereabouts. However, as time passed, things got worse between them! 

According to witnesses, they were seen fighting and harming each other. They were even caught acting weird and hyper in many places. However, the real mess started when Gabby went missing, and Brian came back to his home without Gabby. When Gabby’s parents filed a missing case complaint, police started their investigation and unraveled shocking truths.

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Chronology Of Gabby Petito Reddit Murder Case!

Gabby Petito Reddit Murder Case | A Complete Investigation!

Though the missing complaint was filed in September 2021, the case traces its origin backdate. So, it’s better to take a complete look at Gabby Petito Reddit timeline to understand the case chronology.


Gabby Petito and Brian Christopher Laundrie met and started dating each other. She met with Brian’s parents, living in North Port, Florida. They eventually moved in together to explore their new relationship. They went on long road trips from New York to California and explored Las Vegas, Yosemite National Park, Sope Creek, and Pismo Beach, among other places. Gabby celebrated her 21st birthday in Nokomis, Florida.


The duo got engaged and decided to explore road trips further. Thus, Gabby bought a customized Ford transit van for the road trip. Gabby also started building her blogging website by continuously posting her daily life and travelogues. 


  • June & July: The couple marched for a long road trip on West Coast to explore all the major state national parks and national parks across the western United States. She kept posting about her daily activities and remained in regular touch with her family.
  • August: The couple were engaged in verbal as well as physical fights. Things got so serious that the police had to interfere and take precautionary measures. However, Gabby and Brian remained hesitant to file any complaints against each other. 

Though the couple seemed to resolve their fights, witnesses reported that Brian was seen involved in fighting and abusing Gabby and some people in a restaurant. Petito’s family stopped receiving her calls and texts by the end of August month. However, they got random suspicious texts from Gabby’s mobile number that alarmed the family.

  • September: Brian came back to his family home without Gabby. Moreover, Brian and his family went to a camp far from the city. This intrigued Petito’s parents. Gabby’s parents tried to find her but failed. Brain did not help them either. Finally, the family lodged a missing complaint. 

After a thorough investigation, the FBI took the case and charged Brian with being involved in Petito’s disappearance. However, the case took another sharp twist when the FBI raided Brian Laundrie’s home. Brain’s parents admitted that Brian is also missing since 14 September, and they cannot find him. Moreover, they also have no clue about Gabby’s whereabouts.

Thus, local police and the FBI started hunting the traces of both Gabby and Brian. Finally, one witness tipped them, and they recovered Gabby’s body from Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. The deceased body had strangulation marks, and the autopsy report confirmed her murder. 

  • October: Finally, the police also recovered the skeletons of Brian Laundrie from Carlton Reserve, Florida, along with his belongings. FBI also found a notebook with the skeleton that was more like a confession note.
  • November: The final medical reports of Brian Laundrie were released. It mentioned that Brian has committed suicide by shooting himself in his forehead. 


  • January: Finally, the FBI released its complete report and closed the Gabby Petit Murder Case by citing that Brian was involved in killing his fiancee, Gabby. He had also used Gbby’s Debit Card to release some thousand dollars. When he found no way out, he committed suicide and left the confession note in his notebook.

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What Did Witnesses Say About Gabby Petito Murder Case?

Gabby Petito Reddit Murder Case | A Complete Investigation!

Luckily, the FBI got hands-on with many witnesses who gave their testimonies and proved that Gabby and Brian were in an abusive relationship. Though the couple started their romance on a happy note, things started to get worse between them due to Gabby’s OCD and financial instability. Moreover, the duo got engaged in physical violence more often. 

FBI interviewed some of the key witnesses who revealed some disturbing news-

  • One witness saw them in a Tex-Mex restaurant in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on August 27 between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm. She claimed that Laundrie had an argument with the manager, waitress, and hostess and aggressively got violent. However, later Petito came back to apologize on Brian’s behalf to the restaurant crew.
  • Another witness had tipped off the FBI about the moving location of Gaby’s white Ford van. The person told the FBI that a White man is behaving suspiciously and is camping around the Spread Creek Dispersed Camping area for three days. This helped the authorities locate Petito’s deceased body.
  • A woman shared a Tiktok video claiming that Laundrie had taken a lift from them near Colter Bay Village. He told the couple that he was hitchhiking there for some days and wanted to go to Jackson, Wyoming. However, the couple found that Brian was not dirty despite hitchhiking for some days. Moreover, Brian became aggressive when he found that the car is going to Jackson Hole instead of Jackson, Wyoming. He abruptly came down and paid them $200 for the 10 mi (16 km) ride. 
  • One witness claimed that Laundrie took a lift from the Jackson Lake Dam area at 6:20 or 6:30 pm on August 29. Then, he went to the Spread Creek Dispersed Camping area. The witness noticed that Brian was getting anxious before getting down the vehicle.
  • Gabby Petit’s family also claimed that they received weird text messages from Gabby’s mobile phone. The last message read, “No service in Yosemite.” Thus, these texts made the family suspicious about their daughter’s well-being. 

Gabby Petito Reddit Notebook Evidence Revealed Shocking Information!

Gabby Petito Reddit Murder Case | A Complete Investigation!

FBI found a notebook with Brian Luandrie’s skeletons. The notebook contains a confession note written by Brian. He admits that he has committed the crime. He has killed Gabby Petit. 

However, the officials have denied disclosing any other information from the notebook. However, the notebook is strong evidence suggesting that Brian was the killer of Gabby Petito, who killed her brutally.

What Is Gabby Petito’s Cause Of Death And Details Of Autopsy Report?

The autopsy report of Gabby Petito revealed that she has died due to strangulation. She was brutally murdered and suffered heavy blows on her head. She died due to brutal torture and constant physical harassment. 

Since the autopsy report is under the FBI, it has denied disclosing all the intimate information. It has only admitted that Gabby’s death was due to strangulation.

Gabby Petito Reddit Theory About The Bone-Chilling Murder!

Gabby Petito Reddit Murder Case | A Complete Investigation!

The brutal murder of Gabby and later suicide of her murderer stormed the internet with many controversial theories. People are claiming that it was a pre-planned murder, while some other sections are still finding some loopholes in the case after Brian’s sudden disappearance and death. It is hard to digest for Gabby’s followers how her fairytale life turned into a horrific nightmare. 

However, the FBI has closed the case and has submitted a satisfactory response. FBI has claimed that after recovering Brian’s body and his notebook containing the confession, it is clear that only Brian was involved in the murder. Since he is dead now, they are closing the case.

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Final Words

Gabby Petito Reddit is a sensation now! People are searching for the real causes of her death and finding out the loopholes. However, the FBI has already closed Gabby Petito Reddit Murder Case by citing relevant evidence. The case is still a hot topic of debate among the netizens and followers of Gabby Petit. What are your thoughts about the same? Do mention it in the comment section.

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