Technology has made us capable of doing things which we only dreamed possible. Some of the real gadgets that have been invented still make us wonder that there might really be a thin line between what is real and what is not. There are some super power gadgets that have definitely questioned the very meaning of impossible therefore resulting in groundbreaking inventions. 

Below given are gadgets that will give you superpowers which have been listed out-


We know Iron Man in the movies, but it was nothing more than science fiction or so we believed until a 38-year-old Salisbury based oil trader made this into a reality. He created an actual gadget that will give you superpower AKA, an Iron Man-style exoskeleton that enables you to fly along with multiple other features. Richard has been at it for 18 months in his garage tinkering away with his suit and so far he has been able to incorporate 3 sets of jet engines. These have been attached to his arms and the back to make it more stabilized during the flight. It is an invention which definitely tops the list.


This will sound simply incredulous when you hear about it, but it is true. We know that Spiderman shoots out webs from his palm, Iron Man has repulsor energy blasts that shoot out beams, and there are very few superheroes that shoot fire out of their palms. That is where we introduce the Pyro Fire Shooter that shoots balls of flames out of the wrist. Wait, did you hear that correct? Yes, you did, the Shooter comes at about a $175 that shoots flames, technically fireballs at a considerable range out of your wrists. Definitely, a real gadget to boast off amongst your friends.


Be it Daredevil, Jackie Chan, the Bond or the Mission Impossible, bulletproof suits are something that have become quite common in these movies and various other TV shows. But you would never think that this contraption also exists in real life, does it exist though. The answer is yes, Garrison’s bulletproof suits are something which you should definitely check out. Instead of the heavy Kevlar which sounds preferable, the suit uses carbon nano-tubes which are light and comfortable thus making it an effective shield. This is one of the most sought after and a real gadget that is bang for your buck if you choose to take it. 


By far the most futuristic and it is, in essence, a superpower gadget that aims at breaking the boundaries of how we use technology in our day to day lives. You must have watched Star Wars and you must have seen the power of the Jedi where they control things with movements and their minds. Thalmic Labs’ Myo Armband is a gadget that senses the muscle movements thereby guiding your gadget to do specific things that have been programmed to do on the device. You would be wirelessly able to control your computer and any other Bluetooth enabled devices using movement alone since the armband reads muscle movements and decodes specific actions accordingly.


Another superpower gadget that comes straight out of the science fiction closet of the movie Flash Gordon. Kangoo jumps is a gadget that is a crossover between rollerblades and pogo sticks, the point to be noted is that you can run and jump real high and fast effectively. These jumps would not propel you to higher distances but they are designed to reduce the impact and it also makes you run faster and cover considerable distances & share your business story here. Plus, you would look a bit of an idiot if you wear that in broad daylight. 

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