Galactus vs Thanos | The Ultimate Battle Of Marvel Villians!


The Marvel Universe is full of powerful villains and cosmic beings who hold the strength to destroy an entire galaxy in a minute. Fans have always wondered who would win the Galactus vs Thanos fight, two of the most potent and dreaded villains in the Marvel Universe. 

On one end, we have the Mad Titan Thanos, who can take away all the life forms in the galaxy with one snap. On the other end, we have Galactus, who is known as the world eater. Galactus sustains his life force by draining the life out of other living planets with no regard to the judgment of mortals. 

In the Marvel Cinematic universe, viewers can see Mad Titan and Galactus together on the same platform. In comics, the two plan to rule the universe together but things change soon after Thanos loses his mind. In Thanos: Epiphany #5, a massive fight between Galactus and Thanos ends with one of them being severely beaten by the other. Who do you think appears as the winner of the fight in the comics?  

If you want to know what happens in the comics and how the two will face each other in the MCU, you can go ahead reading the article.

Galactus vs Thanos: Who is the Supreme Villain in Marvel?

Galactus vs Thanos

Villains like Galactus and Thanos are a significant threat to all the life forms in the entire galaxy. One believes in genocide to maintain the resources for the future generations while the other sucks the life out of planets to sustain his energy. Galactus and Thanos are entirely different, yet there are a few instances where it feels like they are pieces of the same cloth. 

Many of you may think that if the two villains get together, they will join forces to create havoc in the universe. This is where you are wrong. Thanos and Galactus are incredibly self-centered, and both of them think that he is the supreme force in the entire galaxy. If these two ever get together, they will rip each other apart because of their poles apart ideologies. 

The Powers of Thanos and Galactus | Power = Champion

Even though both the villains are compelling in Marvel Universe, few factors set them apart. 

Thanos Galactus 
Born to Eternals, father Mentor A’lars and mother Sui-San   Created by eternity to trap destruction 
Kills people for maintaining resources Take the life away from living planets 
Infinity stones drive strength into him Cosmic powers give him strength
Has an obsession with death Obsessed with all the power in the universe

Marvel Comics Spills It All| Galactus and Thanos Destroy Each Other

Galactus: Galactus vs Thanos

Thanos is obsessed with death, and this obsession becomes the reason behind his salvation in the comic book Thanos: Epiphany. Thanos is ruthless, but he is shown at a very low point in his life in the comics. The Mad Titan is driven by a spiritual force to kill people without thinking about its outcome. In Epiphany, Thanos is re-considering his priorities with Adam Warlock, a powerful superhuman created to protect the universe. 

In one scene in the comics, we see Thanos begging Galactus to listen to him, hence changing his plans for the experiment. However, Galactus doesn’t believe a word Thanos says, which prompts Thanos to take action against the destroyer of the world. Thanos punches Galactus with his full force, but it does not affect him, whereas Galactus quickly destroys Thanos at the end of the fight. Though Galactus does not kill Thanos he would have easily killed him if he wanted to. 

A New Plot on Multiverse| Thanos and Galactus’s Edgy Battle

Thanos: Galactus vs. Thanos

In the cinematic universe, Thanos and Galactus haven’t come across each other as of now. With the recent split of the multiverse into different directions, we can see Thanos and Galactus meeting each other. We don’t know when and how this will happen, but we are sure it will be fascinating to see the two share screen space together. 

We can assume that the fight between Thanos and Galactus takes place after the events of the movie, Infinity War. This way Thanos has more chances of winning the battle.  It will be possible because of the Mad Titan’s most powerful weapon, the Infinity Gauntlet. Even if Thanos has the power of only two infinity stones, he can still take on Galactus without any difficulty. 

What Will Happen to the Galaxy if Galactus Dies? 

Galactus: Galactus vs. Thanos

Any victory in battle with Galactus will ultimately turn to a defeat and destroy the universe. Galactus is a powerful being who has survived fatal hits from the galaxy and was born for the creation of another universe. In many places, he is described as the physical embodiment of the cosmos, making him the supreme holder of all the powers in the universe. 

Galactus is created by eternity, and to save the universe from the counterpart of destruction known as Abraxas, it is held inside Galactus. The death of Galactus will result in the release of Abraxas across the universe that will bring an end to all the life forms in the galaxy. 

Final Words: 

It is difficult to say who will win the epic fight Galactus vs Thanos because they are powerful in their own ways. Comic readers have already seen one conclusion to the fight where Galactus destroys Thanos. However, it will be more fun to see the battle onscreen, with the two cosmic villains engaging the audience for a thrilling fight. 

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