8 Gay Movies On HBO Max | Movies To Watch Right Now! 


Are you bored with romance, action, and thrillers? Better try watching gay movies on HBO Max and get a chance to explore something new within the field of entertainment. Where will you get such movies? Of course, here! Keep scrolling to note down some of the best gay movies on HBO Max!

Well, only a handful of people have paid attention to discovering all the genres on HBO Max. As a result, not many viewers are aware of gay movies on HBO Max (I guess you are one of them..!!). Don’t worry because here’s a list of gay movies on HBO Max for you! You can check out LGBT movies on HBO Max for a detailed insight!

8 Gay Movies On HBO Max | Movies With A Message!

You’ll be surprised to know that there is a huge collection of gay movies on Hulu that you need to uncover. Interestingly, there is a long list of gay movies on Hulu that deals with both romance and comedy. Check out this interesting list without delaying for even a second!

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1# Behind The Candelabra (2013) | The Journey Of A Unique Relationship

8 Gay Movies On HBO Max | Movies To Watch Right Now! 

Behind The Candelabra is a distinctive movie based on a memoir Behind The Candelabra: My Life With Liberace. 

The movie sheds light on the past ten years of a pianist. Interestingly, his life revolves around his relationship with a man and music. Interestingly, the life of the pianist goes through a lot of ups and downs. Check out the movie to know more about the life and romantic relationship of the pianist! 

2# The Birdcage (1996) | Learn To React Normal

8 Gay Movies On HBO Max | Movies To Watch Right Now! 

The Birdcage is a remake of a Franco-Italian movie, which means the birdcage. 

The movie’s central figure is Armand, who runs a gay club. Surprisingly, his son, Val, decides to marry a girl (daughter of a Republican Sen), but the challenge is to impress her parents. As a result, Armand tries to hide his relationship with Albert (star attraction of Armand’s club). Will Armand be able to manage everything on his own? 

3# Sublet (2020) | New Version Of Generational Gap

8 Gay Movies On HBO Max | Movies To Watch Right Now! 

Sublet is an Israeli-American movie that witnessed a limited release. But it did not affect the popularity of this movie. 

The movie talks about a travel writer and a young film student who get to know each other while traveling. As a result, they come across each other’s philosophies which are poles apart. But the thread that keeps them entact is the preference of their identity (both of them are gay). Watching the movie is like viewing two sides of a coin!

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4# Happy Together (1997) | Finding Solace In Each Other 

8 Gay Movies On HBO Max | Movies To Watch Right Now! 

Happy Together is a romantic drama that showcases a different version of romance. And I am suggesting this movie because it was perceived as one of the best LGBT movies of its time. 

The movie narrates the tale of two young boys who relocate to Argentina and experienced many hardships in their lives. After they get separated, they witness emotional turmoil. Even till the ending, they don’t unite but manage to sustain the same feeling for each other. Watch the movie to learn all about the journey of those boys!

5# In & Out (1997) | A Terrible Situation For A Teacher

8 Gay Movies On HBO Max | Movies To Watch Right Now! 

In & Out is a comedy movie inspired by Tom Hanks’s speech (a famous filmmaker). Let me share that it is one of the mainstream movies of its time. 

An English teacher, Howard, gets taken after he knows that one of his students is gay. As a result, family and friends of Howard start assuming that Howard has also turned into a gay. Book a time with this to know how challenging situations become for Howard. Will he be able to convince everyone that he is not gay?

6# Bad Education (2004) | A Glimpse Of Painful Past

8 Gay Movies On HBO Max | Movies To Watch Right Now! 

Bad Education is known for the depiction of homos*xual s*x. As a result, the movie received NC–17 ratings in the United States Of America. 

The movie’s plot discusses two childhood friends who are now a part of a murder mystery. When they meet each other, they uncover the harsh realities of life and the tough time they had to spend during their childhood (s*xual victimization) and present realities of their s*xual preferences. Interestingly, their life during a Catholic boarding school was no less than a nightmare. Is the reunion of the two going to help in accepting the real version of themselves? 

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7# The Times Of Harvey Milk (1984) | An Awful Mishappening

8 Gay Movies On HBO Max | Movies To Watch Right Now! 

The Times Of Harvey Milk is a documentary movie that bears cultural, historical, and aesthetic significance. That’s why the movie was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry. 

Harvey Milk is the movie’s soul who tries his best to become the first openly gay public official. While at his job, he meets an ex-fireman who becomes Milk’s supervisor. Somehow Milk fails to develop a good relationship with his supervisor, which results in something that we can’t imagine. Would you like to know what happened with Milk? Watch the movie to know!

8# Looking: The Movie (2016) | Continuation Of Life 

8 Gay Movies On HBO Max | Movies To Watch Right Now! 

Looking: The Movie is also considered the final season of the series with the same name, which has been sourced from a short film. 

The movie takes forward the life of a group of five gay men after they decide to give a fresh start to their lives. Earlier, their life was different, but now, they just wish to figure out what will be suitable for them. Each group member decides to take a bold decision and overcome the recurring problems. So, watch the movie to know more about their previous and current lives. 

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Final Words 

I hope I have brought you enough options of gay movies on HBO Max through this article. Now, you need to pick the one you want to start watching. Watch all these movies, and don’t forget to share your experience with me! If there is another genre that you wish to be sure of, just mention it in the comment section!

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