Will The Ghostrider vs Wanda Be The Ultimate Battle Of Good vs Evil?


With the release of the new Marvel movie, Dr. Strange in Multiverse of Madness, many fan theories, and possible conflicts are already in line. One such highly anticipated conflict is that of  Ghostrider vs Wanda. 

Two superheroes fighting to gain the ultimate power? Sounds very MCU, right? This time, the battle commences between the two forces of Ghostrider and Wanda. Ghostrider is the man of God? He poses the power of punishing the bad and protecting the innocents. He is famously called The Spirit Of Vengeance. At the same time, Wanda is the product of HYDRA, who possesses telepathic and telekinetic abilities. But will they ever end up facing each other? 

The Ghostrider vs Wanda situation may never see the light of day, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. To know about the more powerful superhero, we must compare their abilities, qualities, and powers with each other. Wanda might have the upper hand with her telekinesis, while Ghostrider might be capable of killing her with her penance stare. 

If you want to know who wins the battle of Ghostrider vs Wanda, you need to keep reading. 

Ghostrider vs Wanda | Reality Warping vs Hell Fire!

The battle of Ghostrider vs Wanda could happen sooner than we anticipated. So let’s get into the details of their history and power and conclude it with the ultimate winner. 

Would Wanda’s Telekinesis Be The End Of Ghostrider?

Will The Ghostrider vs Wanda Be The Ultimate Battle Of Good vs Evil?

Let’s get this straight!. Wanda gained her telekinetic powers by volunteering as a test subject in the HYDRA experiment of creating super soldiers. She was exposed to the Mind Stone inside Loki’s specter, hence awarding her the telepathic and telekinetic abilities. After knowing this fact, it is very clear that Wanda could defeat Ghostrider even without being close to him. 

As for Ghostrider, he got his powers from Zarathos. Ghostrider sold his soul to Zarathos to save his father’s life. Ghostrider possess superhuman durability, strength, and regenerative abilities. He, just like Wanda, can teleport and travel, but too short distances only, all thanks to his connection with the Hell Charger. He can transform himself into an intangible object with the pieces of a car. According to the movies, as long as Ghostrider was doing God’s work, it was very unlikely for him to be defeated by anything anybody threw at him, including Wanda herself. 

Ghostrider could only be harmed with a Godly weapon or being, both of which are not possessed by Wanda. So, we don’t think that Wanda’s highly appreciative telekinetic and teleporting powers could affect Ghostrider in any way. 

Can Ghostrider Kill Wanda With His Hell Fire? 

Will The Ghostrider vs Wanda Be The Ultimate Battle Of Good vs Evil?

To be very honest, it looks like Ghostrider vs Wanda will be the end of Wanda Maximoff. The Spirit of Vengeance possesses a ‘Hell Fire’ which has the ability to burn any man’s soul and physical body. So, Ghostrider won’t have a hard time killing Wanda if he wants to. 

But again, if we take in Wanda’s reality-warping skill in light, she could manipulate any reality and escape to safety. Her telekinesis might work for a while against Ghostrider’s energies, but he might burn her in the end. Either way, Hell’s fire might become the death of Wanda. Even the physically fights with Wanda, his superhuman abilities of strength and endurance will wear our Wanda’s, and she will be defeated. 

So, if anything like Ghostrider vs Wanda might happen in the future, it will be fine to see the battle unfold. 

Will The Penance Stare Kill Wanda? 

Will The Ghostrider vs Wanda Be The Ultimate Battle Of Good vs Evil?

Doctor Strange in Multiverse Of Madness sees the debut of Ghostrider in the MCU multiverse. With him comes his ability to literally ‘stare’ somebody to death. The deathly penance stare allows Rider to look into the victim’s eyes, causing him pain and suffering. This penance stare is very powerful in defeating supervillains as the greater the evil, the greater the pain. So, since Wanda is the ultimate supervillain in the Multiverse of Madness, she might become the victim of his stare in the future. 

But one thing that should be kept in mind is that the penance stare only works if the victim is truly guilty of his crimes. Also, the victim needs to possess a soul in order to be devastated by Rider’s stare. Wanda gained her powers after reading the Darkseid, which is a living entity of Evil and has no soul. 

Final Words 

We might not know the result of Ghostrider vs Wanda anytime soon. But we could always help you decode and compare the power and abilities of them both, as we would love to be on the winning side. 

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