Godzilla Vs Kong | Battle Of Undefeated Monsters!


Who are the two heavy-weight titans on the screen? Of course, they are Godzilla and Kong! To flame your interest in both of them, here’s Godzilla vs Kong. You’ll be sitting on the edge of your couch!! 

Godzilla Vs Kong (2021) is a monster movie that captures the fight between Kong and Godzilla. Interestingly, it happens when the protectors of Kong set out with him to find his true home. But the fight between the two is the onset of discovering a secret within the earth.

I am sure you haven’t thought of an analogy for Godzilla vs Kong. So, join me on the journey!

Godzilla Vs Kong | Who’s The Winner Of The Monsterverse?

Godzilla Vs Kong | Who Gets The Attention On The Big Screen?

The fact cannot be denied that the two monsters appeared after decades. But did you think of their arrival like this? I was also viewing the movie with bated breath! Well, let’s not wander once again and try to make a comparison between Godzilla vs Kong!

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Is Godzilla More Powerful Than Kong | Here’s The Power Of The King Of The Monsters!

Godzilla Vs Kong | Who Gets The Attention On The Big Screen?

Starting with the strengths of Godzilla, you cannot miss the armor-plated skin (which everyone wonders). Other than this, the devastating atomic breath has enough potential to make our hairs stand on end. 

You’ll be taken aback after knowing that the Gojira is the only Kaiju (huge reptiles) who managed to survive thousands of years. Maybe this is why we see Godzilla pinning down Kong in many scenes! In continuation, we can visualize the fights and mutations that Godzilla had gone through to gain the status of a powerful being.

Among several advantages, his serrated tail is the first one which is no less than a weapon. Did you have a look at those spiked plates? I have no doubts that these spikes can slice up anyone. Through the lens of scientists, the force by this kind of tail is equal to 2,000 tons of mass. 

Coming to the most horrifying part, the conical teeth and chunky jaws are an additional advantage for Godzilla. People like me, and you stand nowhere! And the force produced by these teeth can effortlessly crush even the strongest bone. In addition, this reptile can fight fearlessly in water as well. 

Oh! How can I forget the atomic breath? Well, this breath is almost 900,000 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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The Potential Of Kong | He Is No Less Than Godzilla!

Godzilla Vs Kong | Who Gets The Attention On The Big Screen?

When it comes to Kong, his structure is no less than Godzilla’s. In addition, he is the epitome of great physical strength. There’s one thing that I like most about him. He is loyal to all whom he loves!! This is something that I can’t even imagine with Godzilla. Bare me for this!!

Interestingly, the beastly side of Kong has no soft corner for anyone (that’s why he fights with Godzilla with his full energy). Moreover, Kong can lift objects of all sizes. Even more than his weight!!! I am not joking!

The massive punch he gives to his enemies can easily rupture a body part. And that’s because of his arms which are 70m long. Just like Godzilla, Kong can also bite with a lot of power. Maybe the presence of all emotions and powers makes him the real king of the jungle. 

Unlike Godzilla, Kong possesses a high level of intelligence. Of course, being from the tribe of gorillas is the reason behind this. Due to the presence of intelligence, Kong gets the upper hand compared to the Kaiju. As a result, King can plan for the future, modify himself as per the need of the situation, and analyze the situation better. (Do you remember that scene where Kong makes clubs from trees? It’s an example of his intelligence)

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Who Gets The Throne Of The King Of The Monsterverse? 

Godzilla Vs Kong | Who Gets The Attention On The Big Screen?

All of us know that Godzilla pins down Kong by the end of the movie. But still, viewers could not come up to a concrete conclusion because Kong was still breathing. 

As per the theories that we have discussed, the physical powers of Godzilla make him a dangerous enemy to fight with. Also, the spikes on the skin of Godzilla are powerful enough to give a tough competition to the intelligence of Kong. On the other hand, Kong has his brain to be his ultimate strength. 

But the effort of Kong is highly commendable as he fought against Godzilla to save the planet. Despite falling after Godzilla attacks him, Kong communicates with Jia, and humans try their best to get Kong to stand on his feet. 

Hence, Godzilla is more powerful and can be claimed to be the king of the multiverse. On the other hand, Kong is a strong opponent who can always challenge the potential of Godzilla. 

Godzilla Vs Kong | Through the Lens Of Godzilla Vs Kong Movie! 

Godzilla Vs Kong | Who Gets The Attention On The Big Screen?

Kong Vs Godzilla HBO Max lines the series of events very interestingly but fails to give a concrete answer for Godzilla vs Kong. Interestingly, both the rivals, Godzilla and Kong, get back to their paths and decide to respect each other’s space. 

For this matter, they even decide their boundaries, which none of them can cross. Also, both of them are ready to fight the challenges to save the planet. 

In this way, we can see the movie getting back to where it started. So, maybe the makers decided to give the viewers a chance to announce the winner as their own view!

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Final Words 

Where the movie failed to answer Godzilla vs Kong, I have brought you the comparison with concrete pointers. So, I hope you will consider the movie and the above pointers and share whom you consider the king of the monsterverse. Drop down your answers in the comment box!


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