Goku vs Naruto Is Finally Happening | Who Would Win The Fight In 2021?


Can you imagine the outcome of the most dangerous fight Goku vs Naruto, in the anime universe? Both of them are incredibly strong, with powers and abilities that no other character can ever possess in their universe. With so much energy, strength, and capabilities, who do you think will prove to be a better fighter than the other? 

Goku is the alien powerhouse, full of super strength, and the greatest defender of the Earth. It is hard to think of anyone who can challenge Goku’s incredible speed and skills except for the 7th Hokage of the village hidden in the leaves, Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto is the epitome of strength with the nine-tailed beast, Kurama living inside him. 

For years now, Dragon Ball and Naruto franchise has continued to remain a fan favorite. Both the shows have evolved miraculously and have shown immense character development. Goku and Naruto started their journey as young and arrogant brats who continued to learn and master their skills. Both are known to be the greatest heroes in their separate universes and are feared even by the supervillains. It would be exciting to see them fight each other, especially when none of them is a fan of losing. 

Now, let’s move ahead and see who can put a better fight against their rival in the battle of most powerful anime characters

Goku vs Naruto Fight Takes Place | Anime Legends Are Killing Each Other!

Goku is the oldest fighter on Earth who can turn planets into dust, but Naruto can control all the elements present in nature and bend them to his will. Both of them have saved their loved ones and the world from destroying multiple times but when it comes to a fight, let’s see who will win and emerge as the last man standing in the battle. 

#1 Naruto Uzumaki’s Growth Is Incredible | The Journey From The Weakest to The Strongest 

Naruto Uzumaki's Growth: Goku vs Naruto Is Finally Happening

We all know how naruto was at the beginning of the anime series. Uzumaki was the weakest student of the Ninja Academy, having failed multiple times in a row and couldn’t even master the basic ninja techniques. However, his weakness never kept him back from trying and learning new skills. After Iruka sensei almost lost his life while saving Naruto, the latter realized how important it was for him to train and become a genin. Later on, Naruto started training and became the greatest shinobi in the ninja world, surpassing the greatest Hokages of all time. 

Goku's growth: Goku vs Naruto Is Finally Happening

In contrast to him, Goku was also a lousy student at the beginning. However, the difference is that Goku remained pretty much the same even in his adulthood. Unlike Naruto, who started using his brain later in the show, Goku only relied on his physical strength and kept training to become more powerful physically. Physical strength is a must in a battle, but you can never make a good strategy to win without using your brains. 

#2 Naruto Has Powerful Allies | Goku’s Friends Are No Less 

Naruto with sasuke, sakura and kakashi: Goku vs Naruto Is Finally Happening

Coming from the great leaf village, Naruto Uzumaki is friends with some of the most powerful ninjas in the world. Naruto has Shikamaru, the lazy slacker with great strategic techniques, and Sakura, who is like a sister to him and has achieved the strength of the hundred seals. Naruto also has Sasuke Uchiha, the last surviving member of the Uchiha clan who has mastered the most remarkable ninja techniques like Indra’s arrow, Rinnegan, Six paths of Yin power, to name a few. Leaving these three aside, Naruto has allies like Gaara of the Desert and his sensei Kakashi Hatake (the copycat ninja).

Goku and his allies: Goku vs Naruto Is Finally Happening

Goku is no less when it comes to powerful allies. He has full support from the powerful Dragon team, including his best friend Krillin and others like Piccolo, Bulma, and Vegeta. They all have powerful strength, but they don’t seem to be of much use when it comes to help Goku. Unlike Naruto, Goku’s team lacks bonding and trust in one another. 

#3 Jutsu Is Naruto’s Greatest Combat Skill | Goku Is The Master Of Hand-To-Hand Combat 

Naruto Rasengan barrage: Goku vs Naruto Is Finally Happening

Even though Ninjutsu is Naruto’s greatest strength, he has mastered several other jutsu that he can use in a fight against Goku. Along with that, Naruto has great Taijutsu abilities, so it isn’t a big thing for him to fight Goku. By using the massive amounts of chakra and combining them with Kurama’s chakra reserve, he can overpower the strongest rivals within the blink of an eye. 

Goku fighting black Goku: Goku vs Naruto Is Finally Happening

On the other hand, Goku is perfect in hand-to-hand combat. Though Goku does not have the power of any jutsu, he has mastered Ki, the most potent skill in his universe. Goku is also trained in martial arts. So, he can combine that with his flying powers and give Naruto a tough fight. 

#4 The Power of Rasengan | Nothing Can Stand Naruto’s Rasengan Skills 

Naruto Rasengan: Goku vs Naruto Is Finally Happening

Rasengan is Naruto’s signature move and the most powerful attack he mastered in only a week. It took three years for the Fourth Hokage to master the jutsu he created himself, and Naruto did it in only a mere amount of time. Imagine how powerful Naruto must be. Not only did he learn the jutsu, but he has also added a new spin to Rasengan. Naruto has created a new jutsu from Rasengan known as the Rasenshuriken, which does not require any hand signs.

Goku's Kamehameha: Goku vs Naruto Is Finally Happening | Who Would Win The Fight In 2021?

Like Naruto, Goku also has a super-powerful attack under his belt known as the Kamehameha. Goku learned the skill from his Master Roshi in a minimal amount of time. However, the biggest downside to using Kamehameha in a battle is that it takes a lot of time to charge. 

#5 Naruto Uzumaki Has Achieved Sage Mode | Can Sage Mode Beat Goku’s Super Saiyan? 

Naruto Sage mode: Goku vs Naruto Is Finally Happening

Sage Mode is not every ninja’s cup of tea, but when it comes to Naruto Uzumaki, there is nothing that he cannot do. Only a few shinobi have achieved the sage mode, and luckily Naruto is one of them. Naruto achieved his sage mode by combining his chakra reserves with the energy of nature. By doing so, Naruto gains super abilities that no one else can acquire. Naruto can quickly enter his sage mode in a fight against Goku. 

Goku super saiyan: Goku vs Naruto Is Finally Happening

Don’t forget that Goku also has a god mode; Super Saiyan rolled up in his sleeve. Super Saiyan is a rare ability that only a few can achieve in the Saiyan race. Goku was the first in the Saiyan clan to accomplish the rare transformation ability after a thousand years. Goku’s Super Saiyan can give a tough challenge to Naruto’s Sage Mode. 

Final Words 

Between Naruto and Goku, it is tough to decide who would win the ultimate battle in 2021, but the chance is slightly high in Naruto’s case. Goku is a powerful opponent, but Naruto has acquired a lot of super-strong abilities. Naruto is mighty and has also defeated Momoshiki Otsutsuki, the most feared villain in the franchise. In the end, this is just an opinion, so there is no need for Goku fans to come and kill me. 

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