The Good and Bad Side of Fashion | 1000 Words Describing the Impact of Fashion on Modern Society


Like every other thing in this universe, there is a good and bad side of fashion as well. Fashion is not always about the popping colors, funky trends, and glamorous lives, but it also comes with the struggles that people have to go through while keeping up with some of these horrendous trends. 

If you look at the overrated designer brands such as Gucci, you will see how it justifies the good and bad side of fashion. If you own a popular Gucci product, it becomes a sign that you are living a lavish life, but it also becomes a matter of concern when you look at the brand’s pricing. 

It is good that you are carrying a trending handbag, but it is not good that your reason behind doing so is to impress society. You should be proud of what you own, no matter how costly or cheap it is, and you should not be concerned about how society will look at you. It’s not the society that is living your life in place of you. If these things don’t explain the good and bad side of fashion to you, then I have something for you in store. 

To make you understand the good and bad side of fashion, I have compiled a list of both the positive and negative impacts of the fashion world for you down below. 

Looking at the Good and Bad Side of Fashion

As a fashion enthusiast, you may become blind and not differentiate how the world of fashion is making or breaking your life apart. In such times, what good is a friend who cannot help you look out for yourself? As your good friend, I am here exploring both the good and the wrong sides of fashion to make a better decision about it. 

Exploring the Good Side of Fashion 

#1 Popularity 

Good and Bad Side of Fashion

The most significant advantage or good side about following fashion trends and being fashionable is that you become immensely popular. When you chose to be a fashion expert, you decide to express yourself in the society where you live. While you pick fashion as your language of expression, it allows you to become famous by turning into a fashion influencer or a fashion blogger across different social media platforms. 

#2 Fashion Can be Fun

Good and Bad Side of Fashion

Whosoever says that fashion is not fun has been doing it the wrong way. Fashion can be risky and challenging, but it’s always fun to try out a new style. There are no restrictions or boundaries to how far you can take your fashion game. Think of it as your canvas that you can paint and design with the colors you want. 

#3 Fashion Gives you an Identity 

Good and Bad Side of Fashion

People who often doubt themselves and feel conscious about how society will perceive them should think of fashion as a positive factor. They can adapt to different styles, try out the latest trends, experiment with fashion accessories and different looks and make an identity for themselves. It is not a rule that only your voice can give you an identity; if you are fashionable and have great taste, you can easily make your identity. 

#4 Fashion Communities for Exchange of Ideas 

Good and Bad Side of Fashion

Fashion has helped and thrives on helping billions of people change their lives across the globe. There are plenty of fashion communities that require young, mature, and creative minds like you to exchange ideas. In such communities, not only will you help others to thrive, but you will also receive a lot of new fashion ideas that you can try on yourself. With these ideas, you can create different looks for yourself and improve your fashion game. 

#5 Fashion can Help you Land Better Job Opportunities

Good and Bad Side of Fashion

If you have a creative fashion game, count it as a blessing because it may help you land a job role with a big fat paycheck. If you are talented and stylish enough, then you can land a job role at any designer label easily, or you can also work as someone’s shopper. Trust me; they earn way too much for bringing life to a person’s wardrobe. 

Exploring the Bad Side of Fashion

#1 Fashion Trends are Costly 

Good and Bad Side of Fashion

There is no doubt that fashion trends are fun to follow, but there is also a downside to constantly following these fashion trends. They end up digging a big hole in your pocket that becomes too tough for you to sew back. Fashion trends can be costly, especially if you like to follow the designer trends that come out every season. Spending money on clothes and fashion accessories is one of the drawbacks of the fashion world. 

#2 You Won’t Have Much Closet Space Left

Good and Bad Side of Fashion

Because you have to keep up with the fashion trends, you buy more clothes almost every other month. It’s not clothes that won’t take space in your closet. Instead, they end up taking a lot more space than you expected, especially when you could not control yourself and brought clothes that you did not even need. How many clothes are you going to fit into your closet exactly? 

#3 Fast Fashion Can be Bad for the Environment

Good and Bad Side of Fashion

All these latest trends that you see going viral on the internet every other day are not suitable for the environment. The companies and the brands behind these trends have to keep up with the changing styles, so they end up using resources that are not sustainable. These companies like Zara and Shein are into mass manufacturing cheap clothing items, which tempts the customers to buy more clothes. 

#4 Fashion will Not Always Make You Feel Good 

Good and Bad Side of Fashion

Fashion is supposed to make you feel good and confident about yourself, but fashion also teaches us to conceal our weaknesses and put on a show rather than overcoming them at the end of the day. If we look from a certain point, we can see that the society that we live in will not accept us with our flaws, but it will accept us if we start following all the fashion forms. What good is fashion if it does not help us to be comfortable in our skin? 

#5 Fashion Trends are Not always Comfortable 

Good and Bad Side of Fashion

If you are a person who has dressed to impress someone while being uncomfortable in a dress, then you know what I mean. If you start styling your clothes as per your choice and go out wearing them, there are chances that you will make a big fool of yourself. In the bigger picture, there is very little consideration of your comfort when it comes to fashion. It is always about how the other person will perceive you. 


These are some of the reasons that will justify the good and bad side of fashion very well. If you are a person who loves fashion, that does not make you wrong, but if you are also someone who lives with the motto, fashion sucks, I will wear what I love then also you have got nothing to worry about. It’s all about how you look at fashion and how much power you have given it to control you. 

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Antra Koul
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