What Is Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date? Find Out Now!


Gravity Falls is one of the best shows ever made in animation. The adventures of the twins are indeed the highlight of the show. The series has already entertained the fans with its two spectacular seasons. Well, now we all want to know – what is Gravity Falls season 3 release date and all the latest developments of the show!

Gravity Falls animated series is a popular American Comedy cartoon television drama that explores a lot of mysterious places and creatures. Alex Hirsch has produced the show. The series gained popularity among all age groups and managed to earn an 8.9/10 IMDb rating. As of now, Gravity Falls has two seasons and 40 episodes. You can watch the previous seasons on Disney XD and Netflix. 

Resident Evil Village Third Trailer
Resident Evil Village Third Trailer

Fans are eagerly watching for Gravity Falls Season 3 release date and searching constantly for the answers on the Internet. However, the makers have canceled Gravity Falls Season 3. Thus, Gravity Falls Season 2 was the final season of the series. However, it does not mean the end! Makers have occasionally brought small spin-offs and animated comics to celebrate Gravity Falls series. So, read ahead to know more about the future of Gravity Falls Season 3.

Gravity Falls is well-known for its intriguing places and iconic characters. The show knows very well how to hook the audience to the screen. So, read ahead to know when this mysterious adventure will again hit the screen!

Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date Revealed | What Is The New Update?

What Is Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date? Find Out Now!

Gravity Falls was full of energetic performances, mysterious secrets, and intriguing places, making the show a wholesome entertainment experience. So, despite waiting for many years, fans are still hoping for Gravity Falls Season 3 release date and keep searching for the latest developments related to the show! So, read ahead to know what is in the store?

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What Happened In Gravity Falls Season 1 And Season 2? Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date!

What Is Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date? Find Out Now!

Gravity Falls has released two seasons. The first season was the foundation of the characters and storyline. The story revolves around two young twin siblings named Dipper & Mabel Pines. They help their Uncle Stan to get back his hotel in season 1. Season 2 starts after the events of the previous season. The siblings decide to visit Uncle Stan in Gravity Falls, Oregon, to spend their summer holidays and have fun.

However, when the boys reach the place, they each find there is something fishy! They start to help Uncle Stan in the Hotel and befriend other working staff. One day, while roaming in the area forest, they find a mysterious notebook containing spells and charms. Soon, they discover that the place also hosts mysterious and magical creatures.

Dipper and Mabel discover an evil demon named Bill Cipher is harassing town people. Thus, the duo takes up the challenge, and with the help of the magical notebook, they get rid of the demon. Thus, the Pine siblings save the city during their summer vacation. In the end, they come back to their home in California.

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Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date | What Is The Status?  

What Is Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date? Find Out Now!

Gravity Falls season 2 was full of emotions, adventures, and action. The last season explored the wits and courage of the twins, who left no stone unturned to impress the audiences. Thus, the show ended on a happy note where the heroes won, the villain was killed, and the city was saved! So, the makers have not announced any official statement confirming the Gravity Falls season 2 release date. 

Season 2 ended in 2016, and now it is more than five years. There is no confirmation of the show, and it is probably the end of this entertaining adventure drama. Recently, Alex Hirsch claimed that the show’s second season was indeed the happy ending. He did not want to make Gravity Falls a long-repetitive boring series where the audience might lose interest. Thus, there will be no Gravity Falls season 2 release date. 

Who Will Be In Gravity Falls Season 3 Cast? Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date!

What Is Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date? Find Out Now!

Well, if the makers change their minds and come up with a season 3, the show’s cast will not see many changes. The animated show has brilliant voice-over artists who have made the series more entertaining and lively. So, considering this, the cast will include-

  • Jason Ritter (Dipper Pines)
  • Kristen Schaal ((Mabel Pines)
  • J.K. Simmons (Stanford Pines)
  • Alex Hirsch (Stanely Pines)
  • Alex Hirsch (Soos Ramirez)
  • Linda Cardellini (Wendy Corduroy)

Apart from these main characters, there will also be new additions to the show’s cast. So, there will be new artists for them. To know more details about them, we will have to wait for the release of Gravity Falls Season 3. 

What Is Gravity Falls Season 3 Plot? Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date! 

What Is Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date? Find Out Now!

The show’s creator has confirmed that there will not be any further seasons for the Gravity Falls series. If they again come up with the new season, the central theme will be similar! Thus, we expect season 3 to have-

  • More adventures of Pine twins who will be seen saving another place, people, and the world, maybe!
  • Uncle Stan might join the twins on their notorious adventurous journey and help them to get out of danger by guiding them through the magical tricks of the notebook. 
  • The new season might also come up with another vacation adventure where the children bump into a new level of danger. The animated series is made while keeping in mind all different age groups, especially the young people. So, it will surely have dramatic thrillers.

The last season ended on a satisfactory note. So, there is nothing much left to explore or continue with the previous season. Thus, season 3 will surely come up with a whole new storyline and characters. So, we must keep calm and wait to know the exact details!

Where To Watch Gravity Falls Season 3 Trailer? Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date!

What Is Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date? Find Out Now!

Well, you cannot watch Gravity Falls Season 3 trailer because the makers have officially canceled the show. You can watch previous season’s trailers on Youtube channels and Netflix. 

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Final Words

I hope you have all the answers related to Gravity Falls Season 3 release date in this article. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the comment box. Visit our official website to read trending articles on the latest movies and shows. 

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