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Do you ever look at Meghan Markle, and wonder if you can ever dress like her? Meghan is an inspiration when it comes to dressing up, and perhaps we can take a few notes from her on what to wear with gray dress pants? Big names in the fashion industry are always seen experimenting with dress pants. Do you want to style your gray dress pants in the same way?

Gray dress pants are one of the most versatile and trendy pieces of clothing in a girl’s wardrobe. Though they seem dull and out of fashion, that’s not the case. You can style gray dress pants with a wide range of colorful tees or uppers because of their unique texture and tone. These dress pants add sophistication to your style and you will look quite appealing to the eyes. 

With gray dress pants, you don’t have to stick to the basic professional looks. Instead, you can try a lot of variations and experiment with plenty of looks. Trust me, from casual to funky, if you pair gray dress pants with the right color and other clothing items, you will turn all the heads around. The different options you can try with gray dress pants are – 

  • Jeans 
  • Joggers 
  • Chinos 
  • Trousers 
  • Pants 

In this article find what to wear with gray dress pants for different occasions. Trust me, you won’t find these tips anywhere. 

5 Options For Gray Bottoms | Walk Like A Fashion Queen!

Gray dress pants come in different tones, which makes them suitable with a lot of dark & lighter hues However, while styling, there are other things that you need to consider. First and foremost, keeping the fit and color of the pants in mind is very important. When you keep this in mind, you will easily find the answers to What To Wear With Gray Dress Pants.

#1 Gray Jeans 

gray jeans: What To Wear With Gray Dress Pants

The first thing that strikes our mind in the case of bottom wear is jeans. It is everyone’s go-to clothing item, and with the right accessories, you can style it easily in under ten minutes. There are different kinds of gray jeans available like flare jeans, boyfriend jeans, wide-leg, skinny fit, to name a few. Pick a few according to the occasion and style them with matching accessories

#2 Joggers 

gray joggers: What To Wear With Gray Dress Pants

Whosoever came up with the idea of joggers, all the girls are thankful to you. Joggers are for occasions where you are not required to put in a lot of effort. You can style them when visiting a friend’s or a relative’s house. Not only that, but joggers can also work while going for an evening walk or getting a few groceries from the supermarket nearby. I have seen Camila a lot of times wearing Joggers. It looks super cool.

#3 Chinos 

gray chinos: What To Wear With Gray Dress Pants

If you are planning to wear gray bottoms for a professional occasion but aren’t in the mood for pulling those uncomfortable pants, you can opt for chinos. They are more of a relaxed version of dress pants that can be worn for formal and casual attire. You can easily switch your chinos with a slim-fit tee or a collared shirt for the look you desire. 

#4 Trousers 

gray trousers: What To Wear With Gray Dress Pants

Trousers are the best choice when it comes to a casual occasion. There are so many different looks that you can try with gray trousers for casual occasions and sometimes for a few semi-formal events. If you know your way around gray pants and how to style them, you can also wear them to a formal event. 

#5 Pants

gray dress pants: What To Wear With Gray Dress Pants

You can never go wrong with gray dress pants when it comes to a formal look. Formal looks require you to look the best professionally and mature and this is what dress pants do. They make you look presentable and give you a chic and perfect personality and make you corporate ready. 

Styling Gray Dress Pants | Professional & Casual Looks You Can Try 

There are different colored tops, accessories, footwear, and bags you can carry with gray dress pants. As gray dress pants come in different patterns like striped, squared, checkered, faded and whatnot, we get plenty of different looks to try.

#1 Styling Gray Bottoms For Casual Occasions 

Ditch the usual blue and black shades of jeans for once and opt for gray jeans. Gray jeans will help you look sporty quite stylish.

For a simple casual look, you can style gray jeans with casual round-neck shirts of neutral shades like black, white, blue, and navy.

styling grey bottoms: What To Wear With Gray Dress Pants

To elevate your simple look for a brunch with your friends or for an airport look, you can wear a blazer with your gray jeans. You can also wear long boots or red pumps beneath them for a party look.

styling gray jeans: What To Wear With Gray Dress Pants

If you plan to keep the outfit simple with a white top, try one of these looks with a pastel-colored tote bag. If you are going for lunch with friends, you can complete the look with dark-shade pumps.

styling gray jeans with white tops: What To Wear With Gray Dress Pants

Here are a few looks that you can try for an amazing day out while wearing gray jeans. Style some colorful accessories with your bottoms and minimalistic top and make a statement with your ensemble.

stying gray jeans: What To Wear With Gray Dress Pants

#2 Experimenting With Semi-Formal Looks 

For casual occasions, you have two options. Either you can style gray dress pants with your formal uppers; if not, then you can style gray trousers or chinos with blazers, mufflers, long coats, pullovers, etc.

styling gray pants for work: What To Wear With Gray Dress Pants

If you are a fan of detailing and textures, you can ditch the plain gray pants and select ones with designing. You can go for striped gray chinos or any other design which goes with your style.

styling textured gray pants: What To Wear With Gray Dress Pants

#3 Maintaining Professional Aesthetic With Gray Pants 

Now, coming to the most important look that is a professional outfit. While selecting a formal look, you have to make sure you keep all the little aspects of professional events and your style in check. Gray pants will make your look different as most of them will be choosing black or blue and will also add style to your look.

What To Wear With Gray Dress Pants

There are several work occasions where you cannot wear a blazer or carry a dedicated corporate look. On such occasions, you can style your gray dress pants with a simple yet classic round neck shirt or a plain black or white top followed by pumps.

What To Wear With Gray Dress Pants

Final Words:

Thanks to these Mega Hollywood stars & their stylists, who gave you different ways to rock dress pants in our day-to-day run. With different options of gray pants, you can style your gray pants in a way that will represent your personality in a room full of people. 

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