6 Amazing Greek Movies On Netflix | Best Picks Exclusively For You!


Starting from Greek golden cinema to modern films, Greek movies on Netflix offer you a plethora of options. Are you someone who’s fascinated by Greek mythology and is looking for something great on Netflix?  If yes, then let me tell you that it’s no secret that searching for the right pick can be time-consuming. That’s where we come in. We bring you just the right kind of blend. Brace up!

6 Must Watch Greek Movies On Netflix | Masterpieces You Can’t-Miss Out On!

Just because of the heterogeneity of media available on Netflix, one gets spoiled for choices when it comes to Greek movies. From archaic legendary movies to contemporary films, Netflix has it all. Choose your pick out of our meticulously curated list of Greek Movies On Netflix and get started.

1# Immortals (2011)

7 Amazing Greek Movies On Netflix | Best Picks Exclusively For You!
7 Amazing Greek Movies On Netflix | Best Picks Exclusively For You!

With the perfect mix of fantasy and action, Immortals (2011)  is your go-to film, as it also serves drama in an optimum form.  The movie centers around a stonemason named ‘Theseus,’ who is focused on his mission to destroy the tyrannical ruling king before he finds the Epirus bow (mystical artifact). Crazy, right?

The ruthless king marches across Greece, slaughtering people and searching for the long-lost Bow of Epirus. Theseus follows the words of the oracle and is eventually convinced that he is the key to ending the blood bath.

Apart from that, the film was well-received by the audience, typically those with a knack for mythical cinema. It has been nominated for Saturn Award in two different categories.  

The film also bagged the ASCAP Award (2012) under the category “Top Box Office Films” and the IGN Award for the category of Best Fantasy Movie. So, what are you waiting for, watch it now! 

Director– Tarsem Singh

IMDb Rating– 6/10

Running Time– 1 hour 50 minutes

Release Date– November 11, 2011

Cast– Henry Cavill, Mickey Rourke, John Hurt

#2 Hercules (2014)

7 Amazing Greek Movies On Netflix | Best Picks Exclusively For You!

Hercules (2014) is a blend of adventure and action that revolves around Hercules’s expedition to Greece and his heroic encounters. The movie depicts a power struggle between the protagonist (Hercules) and the antagonist (Hades) after King Cotys, and his daughter asks for help.

Hades is shown trying to kill Hercules when he was an infant and continues the same, as the story proceeds. Hercules, son of Zeus, is haunted by his past throughout the plot. However, on being asked by the King of Thrace for help, he redeems the hero in him again. This story is a perfect depiction of hunger games catching fire.

This movie has many accolades to its name, as it was nominated for the Teen Choice Award in the category of Choice Summer Movie star and Choice Summer Movie both. If you like action and mythical drama, this one should top your list.

Director– Brett Ratner

IMDb Rating– 6/10

Running Time– 1 hour 38 minutes

Release Date– August 1, 2014

Cast– Ryan J. Condal, Spiliotopoulos, Moore.

#3 The Clash Of Titans (2010)

7 Amazing Greek Movies On Netflix | Best Picks Exclusively For You!

Sequel- Wrath of Titans

With adventure and action as the central theme, The Clash Of Titans (2010) is the ultimate banger with mythological nuances at its best. Set in the city of Argos, a war is around the corner between the gods and man. The city is cursed to become a war zone as Hades threatens to let loose Kraken (a sea monster) if his demands weren’t paid heed to.

Perseus pledges vengeance on Hades, the tyrannical ruler of the underworld when he sees his family end. As the human race accumulates courage to fight the Gods of Olympus, Princess Andromeda offers herself as bait and sacrifice.

Because now Perseus has nothing substantial to lose, he leads a swarm of soldiers on a quest to prevent Hades from bringing down the king. This movie is a mythological classic, with over 14 nominations and 4 awards.

From nominations in Academy Of Science Fiction to ASCAP Award for ‘Top Box Office Films, this film has done it all.

Director– Louis Leterrier

IMDb Rating– 5.8/10

Running Time– 1 hour 46 minutes

Release Date– April 2, 2010

Cast– Sam Worthington, Gemma Arterton, Mads Mikkelsen, Alexa Davalos.

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#4 All The Pretty Little Horses (2021)

7 Amazing Greek Movies On Netflix | Best Picks Exclusively For You!

All The Pretty Little Horses (2021) is a movie we all can resonate with. With drama as its main theme, this movie is a psychological thriller about a married couple trying to make ends meet. Petros and Alice, the main characters, try to make their relationship work, but nothing seems to be working. The story is a slow-ticking bomb revealing the ugly trauma beneath a sunny preface.

The characters in the film are constantly shown struggling to maintain the balance and semblance of normalcy as they are always prone to setbacks no matter what.

Trying to balance it all, the couple also fails at maintaining the spark and love between themselves too. This story depicts how humans keep running after bigger things for happiness without realizing that happiness can also be found in the smaller things in life.

This recent pick, with a running time of 1h 47m, has received many nominations in Calgary International Film Festival (2020), Cinema Jove- Valencia International Film Festival (2021), Haifa International Film Festival (2020), and Shanghai International Film Festival (2002).  

Director– Michalis Konstantatos

IMDb Rating– 5.6/10

Running Time– 1 hour 47 minutes

Release Date– April 10, 2021

Cast– Yota Argyropoupou, Dimitris Lalos, Alexandros Karamouzis.

#5 The Lost Daughter (2021)

7 Amazing Greek Movies On Netflix | Best Picks Exclusively For You!

The Lost Daughter (2021) is a hard-hitting cerebral drama about the journey of a mother (Olivia Colman) who suffers from an unusual relationship with her daughter. The movie shows the lead going through phases of regret and remorse, always tensed about the mistakes she might have done as a mother. 

It’s a story about a college professor’s uncanny obsession with a woman and her daughter. While on vacation, the obsession transcends and unfolds a memory that she would have rather liked buried.

She develops a near-stalker obsession with a fellow mother and her child in hopes of regaining what is lost in the relationship with her daughter, further giving way to the memory of her childhood. This story aptly shows the ugly side of motherhood.

With nominations in the Oscars (2022) for three categories, namely “Best Performance By An Actress in a Supporting Role,” “Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role,” “Best Adapted Screenplay,” this movie is something you can’t miss. 

This movie was also nominated for BAFTA AWARDS (2022) for ‘Best Screenplay and ‘Best Supporting Actress. It had various other nominations for the AFCA Award in the category of ‘Best Actress’ and ‘Best First Film.’

Director– Maggie Gyllenhaal

IMDb Rating– 6.7/10

Running Time– 2 hours 1 minute

Release Date– December 16, 2021

Cast– Olivia Colman, Jessie Buckley, Dakota Johnson.

#6 A Drowning Man (2017) 

7 Amazing Greek Movies On Netflix | Best Picks Exclusively For You!

Set in the streets of Greece, A Drowning Man (2017) is a story about a refugee who struggles to stay afloat with his new life post-war. With drama as the main theme, it is a short film with a running time of 15 minutes, which aptly describes the trade-offs, a Palestinian man has to make in order to survive in an alien land. It’s undoubtedly an epic mix of politics and art.

It talks about the struggles that a kid has to go through after he seeks refuge outside his motherland. This short film is not only cinematically gripping but also gives us a new insight into the refugee crisis and immigration. This can be said to be a mirror recreation of the Palestinian crisis. 

Nominated for BAFTA Awards (2018) and 24fps International Short Film Festival (2017), it is a film that many people are able to resonate with due to the current state of affairs worldwide. 

It has also been nominated in the Akbank Short Film Festival (2018), Aegean Film Festival (2018), and Bali International Film Festival (2018) for Best Short Fiction Film, International Competition, and Jury Special Award, respectively.

Director– Michael Aaglund

IMDb Rating– 6.6/10

Running Time– 15 minutes

Release Date– May 17, 2017

Cast– Atef Alshfei, Jalal Qaniry, Thymios Koukios.

Final Words

There has been a major shift in the themes and genres of how the directors used to make films then and now. Greek films have, from times immemorial, represented mythology in the best way possible and, with the changing times, has been able to keep up with the changing trends. 

The above-mentioned Greek Movies on Netflix are your best bet if you are looking for some nail-biting watch. Apart from Netflix, you can also explore other platforms like prime and YouTube for a varied experience. Hop on the rollercoaster!


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