Green Arrow vs Hawkeye | Who Is A Better Archer In Multiverse Crossover?


Various heroes in Marvel and DC universe can be compared against one another, yet the one many fans want is ‘Green Arrow vs Hawkeye.’ While both of them hold utmost importance in their separate universes, Hawkeye is somehow known to be the underdog in the Marvel universe, with many fans pointing out that his presence isn’t appreciated much in the powerful team of Avengers

Hawkeye is the best marksmen not only in Marvel Cinematic Universe but in Marvel Comics as well. Whereas the same goes for our DC hero, Green Arrow, who is known to be the only skilled archer in the DC universe. The two have always pushed themselves and gone beyond their skills to save humanity, planet earth along with their fellow team members. 

For a long time, the similarities between the two skilled archers have drawn attention from the curious followers of Marvel and DC. The similarities have landed in many heated discussions and comparisons in various online forums and fan groups. One side thinks that Hawkeye can easily defeat Green Arrow and the other thinks the opposite. With such a terrific neck-to-neck competition between the two superheroes, how we coil hold ourselves back from drawing a comparison? 

Without any wait, let’s move straight to the comparison section below and find out who is the best markmen in the universe crossover? 

Green Arrow vs Hawkeye | Greatest Archers Fight Each Other! 

Both Hawkeye and Green Arrow add incredible value to their respective teams and have proven themselves worthy over time. However, there has to be one hero amongst them who is better than the other when it comes to their skills. So, let’s find out between Hawkeye and Green Arrow, who is the best? 

#1 Green Arrow Fights More Enemies!

Green Arrow Fights More Enemies! Green Arrow vs Hawkeye

Let’s start the list by looking at the enemies that have come across our heroes on the battlefield. Unfortunately, the list won’t be much longer for Hawkeye because he hasn’t fought against any enemies on his own in both movies and comics. In contrast, Green Arrow has a long list of enemies starting from Dark Archer and famous DC villains like Shado and Count Vertigo. It doesn’t mean that Hawkeye is any less important. If it weren’t for his archery skills in the Avengers franchise, the heroes wouldn’t stand a chance for winning. 

#2 Clint Barton Has Combat Skills!

#2 Clint Barton Has Combat Skills!

During his time in SHIELD, Hawkeye has learned a lot of different fighting styles and has mastered his weaponry control. Most of Hawkeye’s childhood was spent in a circus, which added a lot to his acrobatic skills. On top of everything, Hawkeye is a skilled swordsman so fighting an enemy without his equipment is easier for him. On the other hand, Green Arrow is no less in hand-to-hand combat, but he is certainly not better than Hawkeye here and relies entirely on archery. 

#3 Hawkeye Is A Better Learner!

Hawkeye Is A Better Learner!

Even though Green Arrow is much older than Hawkeye in the crossover universe, that does not make him a better and well-experienced marksman. Hawkeye may be younger, but because he started his training from a young age, it gives him a lot of benefits. The other heroes began their training at an older age compared to Clint Barton. By the time he became an experienced archer, the others, including Green Arrow, had only begun. 

#4 Clint Barton Can Work Better In Team!

Clint Barton Can Work Better In Team!

Hawkeye and Green Arrow are both an essential part of their team, but time and again, they have had their share of differences with the leaders. However, it is always worse for one hero than the other, right? Hawkeye may have his differences with Captain America, but he never let that affect himself on the battlefield. In contrast, Green Arrow was a team player from the beginning until his fall out with Justice League in the late ’60s. Due to the fallout, he had a hard time with superman and batman, clearly visible on the battlefield. 

#5 Green Arrow Has Powerful Allies! 

#5 Green Arrow Has Powerful Allies! 

Even though Green Arrow can be the most annoying character in the DC universe and had a rift with Justice League, some heroes understand what is really in Green Arrow’s heart. Due to this, the archer has managed to add many names to his list of allies. The list starts from the closest to him in the Arrow Family and then moves to Justice League. On the other hand, Hawkeye also has the powerful Avengers team, but other than that, there aren’t many whom Clint can count as his allies. 

#6 Is Hawkeye Smarter Than Green Arrow? 

Is Hawkeye Smarter Than Green Arrow? 

In all honesty, intelligence is the last thing both Hawkeye and Green Arrow have, but if it makes the comparison slightly easier, Hawkeye is smarter. There is no doubt that Green Arrow is bright, but he is also aggressive, which leads him to impulsive decisions, which will not help when you’re fighting dangerous enemies. On the other hand, Clint Barton is not the smartest person in the room, but he has a knack for understanding a situation before making a decision. 

#7 Green Arrow Has Impressive Archery Skills!

#7 Green Arrow Has Impressive Archery Skills!

Green Arrow and Hawkeye have fine archery skills, but one has to beat the other. While Hawkeye is also a master of different fighting styles and swords, Green Arrow has always relied on his archery skills. It means that he has more experience in archery than Clint Barton or any other hero. Both the heroes have accurate shots and have a similar accuracy rate, but Green Arrow turns out to be the ultimate master of bow and arrow. 

#8 Can Clint Barton Stand Longer In A Fight?  

Green Arrow Has Impressive Archery Skills!

In the end, both Green Arrow and Clint Barton are average humans without any super strength, and their skills will rely primarily on their physical durability in a battle. Each of them has their costume and armor, which can protect them from the enemy’s blows but not for a very long time. Due to this, they have died plenty of times in the comics but have also returned from their death in remarkable ways. Though they are both super difficult to put down on the battlefield, Green Arrow has slightly more physical power, which can keep him standing longer than Clint. 

Final Words

In the ultimate battle between Hawkeye and Green Arrow, it is Green Arrow who possesses more strength. Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye, is an essential ally in the Marvel universe, but if and when a fight occurs between the two, we know who will be the winner. 

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