4 Step Guide To Starting A Call Center!


The best symbol of the globalization of the service economy is opening a customer service call center where phone calls get answered in a completely different country. A call center is a department that receives inbound calls and makes outbound calls for its customers and its popularity grows with each passing day.

For example, in 2020 in the USA, statistics show that around 138 new call centers were opened.  If your idea is to open a call center, first you will need a clear plan on how to achieve this. The key element is having an excellent business plan that will clearly state your goal. Having a good business plan is step one towards the realization of your business dreams. In this article, you will find four important steps to starting your own call center: 

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Prepare A Business Plan

4 Step Guide To Starting A Call Center

Having a carefully-crafted call center business plan should be your number one priority. This document will show your idea in detail and let you see the pros and cons of your plan. Many companies prepare a business plan with the aim of showing future investors how successful their business idea can be. 

With the right business plan, you can easily present your idea and collect funding if needed, and strategize the growth of the call center if you want to increase your chances of success. Additionally, you will have to upgrade the business plan once per year just to keep track of the growth of your company. 

Determine The Number Of Employees

4 Step Guide To Starting A Call Center

Before starting any business, and especially a call center, you will have to decide on the initial number of employees you need for your business venture. You could go big and hire plenty of employees from the get-go, even though this might not be the smartest idea, as you could quickly feel the heat of having too many people and not enough funds to cover the expenses. On the other hand, it is not the best idea to start understaffed either, because you won’t be able to fulfill your client’s needs. 

Therefore, think about what your clients need as well as the number of employees you should delegate for them, and how many clients you plan to work with on a weekly basis. You have to be prepared for the future as well. If your plan is to hire more people in the future, then make sure you have enough office space, desks, and phones, so you are ready when the time comes to hire more staff. 

Choose A Good Location

Choose A Good Location

Location is one of the key factors that attracts possible employees to take an interest in your company. In your business plan, you have to include the location of the call center and be fully prepared to do a thorough inspection of the place you want to acquire. You will need a cool, spacious office that gives a lot of comfort to your future employees. 

However, sometimes future candidates might avoid you because of your office’s surroundings. It means that you have to look for a place with ample parking space, a bike parking stand, and a place easily accessible by train and bus. Also, make sure that the bus and train schedules are aligned with the company shifts.

Create An Inspirational Environment

4 Step Guide To Starting A Call Center

Hiring people who are inspired and eager to conquer the world isn’t always enough. You need a well-prepared management team to support and motivate the employees. Starting a new job is difficult for everyone, and sometimes you may get lost in the learning process. However, knowing that there is a team behind you ready to help you out is priceless.  

In order for your call center to be a success, you need top-tier leaders and managers from the very beginning. This way, they will be involved in the structuration of the call center and be ready for any situation in the future. These people will be one of the key elements for the call center’s success because they will motivate, inspire, and mentor your future agents. 

Final Words

Starting your own call center is tough, just like the beginning of any other business venture. However, with the right mindset and a smart business plan, you can achieve anything you want. Hire hard-working people, create a working environment people enjoy being in, and watch your business dream become a reality while you achieve all the success you ever hoped for. 

Vansh Sharma
Vansh Sharma
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