How To Hack New Instagram Reels Algorithm?


With the latest update in Instagram Reels Algorithm, things are going to turn out differently for both the audience and the creators. The new algorithm is going to have a massive impact on the growth of brands and content creators. 

After the TikTok ban, Instagram came up with its TikTok-like platform embedded inside the app only. The platform, which goes by the name of Reels or Instagram Reels, is an excellent source for creators and brands to increase engagement on their accounts and gain more followers. 

However, platforms like Instagram and Facebook often come up with updates in their working and algorithm, affecting your platform’s audience. The platform has seen tremendous growth ever since its release, but with the recent change in its algorithm, things seem difficult for the creators. But we have a few tips that will help you to hack the Instagram reels algorithm. 

After the change in the Instagram reels algorithm, the platform is going to focus more on the reels without a TikTok watermark or any other platform’s watermark. Read the full article below to know more about the complete update. 

How To Hack New Instagram Reels Algorithm?

Before starting with the solution, let us go ahead and clear our views regarding the new Instagram reels algorithm. 

What is Instagram Reels Algorithm? 

Instagram Reels: How To Hack New Reels Algorithm?

Just like every other platform, Instagram also follows a set of algorithms that helps in prioritizing content that goes on a user’s feed. Instagram algorithm proves to be a great opportunity by which brands and creators can increase the traffic and engagement on their accounts. 

With the new change in the Instagram reels algorithm, the focus will be more on original content. That means Instagram will prioritize original reels rather than the ones with a TikTok watermark. Not only this, the platform will favor content that is rich in quality as well.

This move has been taken by Instagram to prevent creators from promoting TikTok and other platforms’ videos on the app. There has been a lot of competition between the two companies in recent years. Therefore, this move should not come as a surprise to anyone. 

Tips to Hack the New Instagram Reels Algorithm

Follow the steps below to make a new strategy that will allow you and your content to reach out to a larger group of audience. 

Original Content

original Content: How To Hack New Reels Algorithm?

First things first, do not copy content produced by any other brand or creator. Trust me when I say this; viewers don’t want to see the same thing on everyone’s account. Try to be creative and open-minded when you are thinking about the reels’ ideas. If you take an idea from an account or a resource and interpret it in your unique way, that would make a difference. But copying someone else’s work and making a few changes here and there won’t work. Your audience is smart enough to recognize the source of the content. 

High-Quality Content

Hugh Quality Content: How To Hack New Reels Algorithm?

The next step after originality is to focus on the quality of the content. Take a scenario where you have worked hard in making original content, but the only factor that you overlook is quality. You won’t get the desired views, likes, and comments on a reel until and unless it is rich in quality. Viewers always want to see the content that is pleasing to their eyes. 

Try not to upload content that is blurry or has any other platform’s watermark present on it. Even if you upload a reel like this, Instagram won’t prioritize the content resulting in your account’s poor engagement.  

Shareable Content

Shareable Content: How To Hack New Reels Algorithm?

Always indulge yourself in creating unique and shareable content. Keep yourself open to new ideas, and thoughts, including DIY hacks, tutorials, and much more. Always make a record of ideas that come to your mind in a notebook. This way, you never miss out on an idea and can make Instagram reels on that later on. The more your Reel is creative, engaging, and fun, the better engagement it will receive from the audience. 

If you want to hack the new Instagram reels algorithm, the best way is to share your real emotions and feelings with the world. Whatever happy, positive, or negative thoughts you have, incorporate them in your reels and share them with the world. Trust me; your followers will increase instantly the moment they see you being real. 

Instagram Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines: How To Hack New Reels Algorithm?

All your hard work and creativity will go to waste if your reels don’t meet the Instagram Community Guidelines. Avoid posting reels with illegal content, discrimination, and racism. Don’t spread a message of hate against any person, culture, or religion through your reels. Instagram will immediately remove your content if they find any of these things in addition to graphic violence, bullying, nudity, etc., in your content. There are also high chances of your Instagram handle getting banned. 

Final Verdict: 

All you need to do is follow the above tips and work a little more complexly if you want to reach a new milestone in your Instagram journey. These tips will help you get better results and prove beneficial to your followers’ count content engagement and drive more traffic to your account.

Cherry Sharma
Cherry Sharma
Cherry is a Vocational English graduate with a deep love for reading fiction and writing. Cherry is also passionate about psychology and is an advocate of mental health. In her free time, you can catch her making reels and posts around the topics for Instagram. She's constantly brainstorming ideas and googling strategies to grow her own profile. So, on Viebly, she combines her interests and knowledge to write articles that help other people use Instagram better as well.


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