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Harry Potter Spell List: From Alohomora to Wingardium Leviosa, have your wands at the ready!

The Potterheads, eight movie film franchise that will never get old, even after half a decade from the novels, an actual Universal theme park, and thousands of addictive fan fiction stories.

And another element that played a great role to add to the dynamic magical universe is a literal language created by Rowling, comprised of numerous spells, charms, and hexes that Harry Potter would not be completed without.

From alohomoraexpelliarmus, and The Patronus Charm—and, of course, the infamous “Wingardium leviOsa” we cannot forget these two words obviously—we’ve included a complete Harry Potter spells list below with the series’ most notable charms.

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If you are a die-hard lover of the dialogues and spells used in Harry Potter and always want to learn them on your own, there’s also two popular book guides: The Unofficial Ultimate Harry Potter Spellbook and The Unofficial Harry Potter Spellbook. (Similar names, but different, we swear.) where you can learn them.

So, If you need to unlock a door? Disarm an enemy? Fix a broken object? There’s a Harry Potter spell list for that! In the Harry Potter universe, there is a spell to fulfill any need, from every day to the extraordinary. Below is a list of all Harry Potter spells known to the wizard and what they do.

Muggles, witches, and wizards: Grab your wands, and enjoy!

So, let’s start with“Wingardium Leviosa”

Harry Potter spells list:  Every Muggle Must Know

Harry potter spells

Harry potter spell list starts with A

  • Aberto: unlocks a door; first seen in Fantastic Beasts (the movie)
  • Accio: Summoning Charm; used to gather objects toward the caster (usually from a long-distance).
  • Aguamenti: produces a jet of water from the caster’s wand
  • Alohomora: used to unlock and open doors.
  • Avada Kedavra: the Killing Curse; The spell causes a flash of green light; Harry Potter is the only known survivor of this curse; one of three Unforgivable Curses banned by the Ministry of Magic.

Harry potter spell list starts with B

  • Bat-Bogey Hex: causes the victim’s bogies to enlarge, grow wings, and attack the victim fiercely.
  •  Bubble-Head Charm: creates a bubble of air around the caster’s head and mouth, acting as a breathing apparatus.

Harry potter spell list starts with C

  • Caterwauling Charm: causes a loud, high-pitched screaming noise when encountered or run across.
  • Cheering Charm: causes the person upon whom the spell has been cast to become happy, pleasing, and fully satisfied.
  • Colloportus: The spell helps in locking the door and the door will not open with magical means as well.
  • Confringo: Blasting Charm; The spell causes items to come in contact and to burst into flames
  • Confundo: Confundus Charm; causes the victim to become confused and disoriented at its way.
  • Crucio: causes the victim extreme pain; one of three Unforgivable Curses banned by the Ministry of Magic

Harry potter spell list starts with D

  •  Descendo: causes the target object to move in a downward direction.
  •  Diffindo: Severing Charm; causes the targeted object to rip and objects will be torn down.
  • Disillusionment Charm: hides objects and human beings.
  • Duro: is an offensive incarceration spell, which petrifies the victim in stone.

Harry potter spell list start with E

Harry potter spell list

  • Engorgio: Engorgement Charm; causes objects to enlarge in size.
  • Episkey: used to heal minor/small injuries
  • Evanesco: used to vanish objects
  • Expecto Patronum: used to cast a Patronus (a physical manifestation of one’s most positive feelings), which guards against dementors and can be used for communications between two.
  • Expelliarmus: used to disarm another wizard

Harry potter spell list start with F

  •  Finestra: shatters glass; The spell causes the glass to shatter down in small pieces. First appears in Fantastic Beasts

Harry potter spell list starts with G

  • Geminio: It makes objects turn to duplicate/artificial
  • Glisseo: Transforms a staircase into a slide

Harry potter spell list start with H

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  •  Homenum Revelio:  It helps in sensing the human presence around the caster.

Harry potter spell list start with I

Harry potter spell list

  • Impedimenta: Impediment Jinx; prevents the victim from approaching the caster (by knocking back, tripping, etc.). And helps in protecting the caster.
  • Imperio: removes the victim’s free will and ability to make decisions for him- or herself; one of three Unforgivable Curses banned by the Ministry of Magic.
  •  Impervius: The spell causes the objects to adhere a repelling force between them and falls apart such as water.
  •  Incendio: creates fire all around.

Harry potter spell list starts with L

  • Levicorpus: a nonverbal spell that causes the victim to hang upside down by his or her ankles. The victim’s head down and feet up.
  • Liberacorpus: the nonverbal countercurse to Levicorpus.
  • Locomotor: causes an object to rise above and move when the caster commands.
  • Lumos: projects a beam/flash of light from the caster’s wand.

Harry potter spell list starts with M

  •  Morsmordre: implores the Dark Mark
  •  Muffliato: used to prevent conversations from being overheard by filling the ears of those nearby with an unidentifiable humming sound/noise

Harry potter spell list starts with N

  •  Nox: puts out wand light

Harry potter spell list starts with O

  •  Obliviate: used to hide memories when needed.

Harry potter spell list starts with P

  •  Permanent Sticking Charm: causes objects to permanently stay in their place
  •  Petrificus Totalus: Full Body-Bind Curse; It temporarily binds the victim’s entire     body, thus immobilizing him or her at the spot.
  •  Portus:  The spell turns objects into Portkeys
  •  Priori Incantato: The spell creates an “echo” of previously performed spells.
  •  Protego: Shield Charm;  the spell basically rebounds minor/small to moderate   hexes, jinxes, and spells upon their caster

Harry potter spell list starts with R

  •  Reducto: Reductor Curse; The curse can break objects and in its strongest form     has the ability to disintegrate them. The spell is used to destroy things.
  •  Rennervate: revives the victim of a Stunning Spell
  •  Relashio: The spell causes the victim to release whatever they are holding and let   things fall.
  •  Rennervate: The spell revives someone who has been stunned
  •  Reparo: used to repair broken objects. The spell is used to integrate things     together.
  •  Revelio: a revealing spell; first used in the Fantastic Beasts film to reveal Graves   is Grindelwald
  •  Rictusempra: Tickling Charm; causes an extreme tickling sensation that disables   the victim to harm the other.
  •  Riddikulus: spell used when fighting a Boggart; causes the Boggart to transform   into something the caster finds it amusing.

Harry potter spell list starts with S

Harry potter spell list
  • Scourgify: used to clean objects
  • Sectumsempra: a spell that causes deep gashes/deep wounds on the victim’s body
  • Silencio: used to make something silent
  • Sonorus: The spell can amplify one’s voice
  • Stupefy: used to stun a victim

Harry potter spell list starts with T

  • Taboo: a jinx that can be placed upon a word so that when the word is spoken, a magical disturbance happened which alerts the caster of the Taboo
  • Tergeo: used to remove matter (blood, dirt, etc.) from an object or something.

Harry potter spell list starts with U

  • Unbreakable Vow: causes the vow being taken by the witch or wizard to be inviolable with the consequence of death if it is breached

Harry potter spell list start with W

  • Wingardium Leviosa: Hover Charm; causes an object to float in the air.

Final Words

These were all A-Z Harry Potter Spell List in Sequence, if you feel we are missing something up until now, please let us know through comments Dear, potter-heads.

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    • they are slightly different yet similar. alberto is lightly an advanced version of Alohomora! Keep in touch for more entertainment updates.

    • It is Lumos Solem that being used by Hermione on the Devil’s Snare, not Nimus… Stay tuned for more information…

  1. I think you forgot to put “Duro” in there. It’s in the seventh book and it turned something to stone. I’m so proud of being this much of a Harry Potter nerd.


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