Headphones cause headaches: Beware Follow These 5 Steps to Prevent it Today!


Headphones cause headaches: I am sure most of us have experienced a headache once in our life, nowadays it is the most common problem from which people suffer on a daily basis but there can be a number of reasons that can cause you headaches. Can headphones cause headaches?

Studies conducted in 2010 have shown that listening to loud music through headphones for a longer duration of time can cause you a pounding headache problem.

Now, as we are clear that listening to loud music daily can be one of the reasons making you suffer from headaches. Now the question remains should you use headphones for listening? 


Headphones Cause Headaches: 5 easy steps to follow in order to prevent it

Why Do headphones cause headaches?

  • At present Headphone, headaches are not medically recognized at the moment. However, it has happened to us more than once.
  • These headaches are caused by wearing the headphones themselves and these headaches can also turn into a migraine.
  • This headache initiate because headphones exert pressure on inside your ear by creating an air vacuum. These headaches feel like a normal headache you get when you have not had enough water to drink.
  • These headaches can be prevented and stopped but for that, you should follow some measure. If you don’t want to make a change in your lifestyle you can always have a tablet to get rid of it but this will not stop it from coming back.

Now that we have acknowledged that why headphones cause headaches, Let’s take a look at some of the measures that you can use in order to prevent it:

1: Stop wearing headphones throughout the day 

headphones cause headaches

Headphone headaches will start to disappear when you will reduce the amount of time you expose your ears to the headphones. There is no fun of wearing headphones on if you are not using them. So, take your headphones off when you are not using them to reduce exposure.

Please take care if start feeling soreness at the outer side of your ears, you need to stop wearing them right away and find new ones. This will prevent damage to your hearing as well as to your ears.

2: Reduce your listening time

I can understand sometimes it is hard to stop using headphones instantly so you can limit your time using them on a daily basis. In other words, try your best to only use them in hour-long intervals.

This will allow your ears, temples, and muscles around them to relax and get a break from the pressure exerted by the headphones themselves. Instead of listening through your headphones for 4 hours at a time, use the rule of 60/60 which says 60 min of listening at 60% of audio.

3: You can adjust your headphones

Headphones are not tailor-made devices they are designed to fit on the average-sized head however, they do come with adjustable straps to ensure that the headphones are comfortable for everyone to use.

Just make sure that your headphones are not too tight so that they put pressure on your ears and cause headphone headaches. 

4: keep the volume level down


Always keep in mind if you’re having headaches when listening to music through headphones, it’s a clear indication it is due to listening to high volume music which can cause damage to your ears. This damage can cause hearing loss and infection in the long run.

5: Try Different Headphones

headphones cause headaches

If all the above tips fail, then might there is a possibility the headphones you are using that really don’t work for your body. No matter what you do, they could just be too tight or maybe they just don’t fit your ears the way they need to fit. That means the same pair of headphones does not always work for everybody.

So try out some different design of earphones that have big ear cups and provide proper air insulation and had really soft cousin so that it doesn’t exert pressure on your ears and create a vacuum inside your ears.

Conclusion of Headphones Causes Headache

In the end, we all want our headphones to be comfortable and of high quality. But if they are causing you headaches after a long duration of use they are not comfortable at all. So, Try adjusting your usage before you look at a replacement and make sure you put all your efforts into resizing them before you give up and buy something new. 

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