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Being a Marvel fan, it becomes a tough task when you don’t know how much more you will be waiting for the release of Helstrom season 2 (especially when it stands canceled). Helstrom is one of Marvel’s most unique works because of its unparalleled vibe and streaming platform. Entertainment platform Hulu served as a streaming platform for the series but not for a very long time. Therefore, fans started asking, Helstrom season 2 where did the show go, and most importantly, will it ever come back?

Many of you may already be surprised, but Helstrom is an American TV series based on Marvel comic figures Satana Hellstrom and Daimon Hellstrom. In Marvel comics, the two siblings are referred to as the children of Satan, but in the series, they are the children of a powerful serial killer. 

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Unlike any other Marvel production, where the focus is mainly on powerful and immortal superheroes, Helstrom brings out a unique side of Marvel Studios. Helstrom siblings are the children of a powerful serial killer, Daimon and Ana have seen innocent people getting killed all their life. As soon as they grow up, the two siblings start to take control of things and chase the demons lurking in the darkness. Ana and Daimon have sworn their loyalty to humanity and are doing everything they can to protect it. Despite being a Marvel production, the show did not do well which led to its cancellation by the network.

Now it has been two years since the release of the first season, and the cancellation of Helstrom season 2. However, fans are still not convinced that season 2 of Helstrom won’t be coming back. Let’s continue and find out where did Helstrom’s season 2 go. 

Helstrom Season 2 Where Did The Show Go & When Is It Coming Back? 

Hulu series Helstrom brings to its viewers an adventurous journey of other-worldly beings spending their time on earth. While going undercover as an ethics professor and an auction house owner, the Helstrom siblings try their best and protect their close ones from the dark terrors of humanity. While doing so, the siblings must protect their siblings at all costs. However, the show wasn’t a big hit at the time of its release and failed to gain the attention of die-hard Marvel fans. Let’s move ahead and find out what happened to Helstrom after the release of season one. 

1# Hulu Cancels Helstrom After A Poor Response From Season 1! 

Helstrom season 2

All we can think about is the powerful God of Thunder, Thor, or the noble Captain America when it comes to Marvel. The idea of Helstrom siblings does not ring a bell for many Marvel fans, and maybe that was the reason behind its average response. It is very hard to digest that a Marvel series or movie can fail to grasp viewers’ attention. And, why not fans can’t react positively every time a live-action Marvel series comes out based on the characters that weren’t appropriately introduced in the past. 

Every new Marvel character introduced in the franchise needs a good introduction so that the viewers can understand their background and how they fit into the multiverse. While producing Helstrom, makers of the series failed to do so which resulted in the cancellation of the live-action Marvel series. Helstrom was a part of Marvel’s experimental line-up into the live-action world. The story of the siblings was released along with other Marvel series like Punisher. The fellow series performed well because the main character, Punisher was introduced in the Marvel universe a long time ago.

2# Ana & Daimon | A Messed Up Ending!

Helstrom’s debut season was met with an average response from the audience even after a major cliffhanger at the end of the first season. Since Daimon and Ana were unaware of their father’s identity all their life, a mysterious character was introduced at the end and was supposed to be their father. (Yes, you got it right!)

They were born to a father who is eviler than a genius and a mother who is a demon. While they were separated from their family at the beginning, they soon reunite with their mother and start to come to terms with their messed-up reality. After learning the truth, they swear to eradicate the demons their mother is creating and become the saviors of humanity. 

Helstrom season 2

After learning the truth, they swear to eradicate the demons their mother is creating and become the saviors of humanity. However, fans weren’t able to see the truth because of season end. Now that the show remains canceled, there isn’t much hope left for the fans. 

Final Words 

If there were any chances for Helstrom season 2 to release, creators would have given the green light by now. More than two years have passed since the release of season 1, and we all know, Marvel does not wait that long to continue any of its series, whether a live-action drama or animated series. 

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