10 Hidden Gems Destinations In South Africa!


If you are planning to take an international trip, we might have cracked the best destination for you. With lots of natural wildlife, history, and underrated experiences, South Africa is a very vast land that has not been explored by many. South Africa is not just Cape Town and a crazy wildlife sanctuary. From peace and quiet to raging nightlife, South Africa offers it all. 

Spring is just around the corner, which means that we still have some time to plan our summer getaways. Whether you are planning to take a long international trip or a trying to explore the local areas, there are always some underrated places that are left out of the radar. 

Other than having the usual travel essentials, you just need to get a valid visa and tickets, which would officially initiate your experience in this beautiful country, offering great hospitality and love. Keep reading till the end to discover some new, exciting, and underrated destinations for you to explore.  

Underrated Gems In South Africa That You Have Never Heard Of! 

South Africa is a diverse country that offers a lot of different adventures and activities. So, make sure you make the most out of it by planning ahead and creating exciting memories.

#1 Augrabies Falls National Park 

10 Hidden Gems Destinations In South Africa!

Situated near the Orange River (the largest river in South Africa), Augrabies Falls National Park is one of the many unexplored and remote places in the Northern Cape of the country. And as the name suggests, it is a waterfall inside a national park. But that’s not the case; it is believed to be in the line for the five greatest waterfalls in the world. 

If you are not a water baby or not amused by a mere waterfall, don’t worry. The Augrabies Falls National Park has a variety of dried-up vegetation and rocks that you can discover and climb while the soothing waterfall flows in the background. 

#2 Sani Pass

Located around the West of KwaZulu-Natal, Sani Pass is not your regular mountain pass. If you plan on getting to the top of this beautiful country, make sure to not miss this attraction. If you are not afraid of dirty and broken roads and are determined to make it to the top of the mountain, just rent a 4-wheel drive and get your adventure started. Trust us when we say this, Sani Pass is the mother of all the mountains and terrains you have ever been to. Truly a once in a lifetime experience. 

#3 Chintsa 

10 Hidden Gems Destinations In South Africa!

Located on the Wild Coast of the Eastern Cape, Chintsa is a small, hidden, and unexplored village. If you love fishing, Chintsa, formerly known as Cinsta has two resorts, which cater to a variety of adventures. The low-cost accommodation and white sand beaches offer a perfect small getaway for tourists. 

#4 Grahamstown (Makhanda)

Inhabiting almost 140,000 people, Grahamstown is situated in the Eastern Cape of Africa. If you are someone who enjoys art festivals, you shouldn’t miss the Grahamstown Art Festival. During the time of the festivals, Grahamstown welcomes all the hustle and bustle and becomes a hub for entertainment and activities. So, make sure you plan your trip around the time of the festival.

#5 Napier 

10 Hidden Gems Destinations In South Africa!

Napier is a secluded village located at Soetmuisberg, which caters to modern as well as ancient architecture. Some of the best modern hotels and resorts are located in the heart of Napier. The city came into being over a dispute on the location of a community church. 

The most visited location in Napier is the Ossewa Trek and the Ox Wagon, which commemorates the Afrikan exodus from the Western Cape. So, if you are a history buff, don’t miss out on this destination. 

#6 Tanzania 

The 13 largest countries in Africa, Tanzania is the perfect destination if you want the best of both worlds. Tanzania shares its borders with Kenya and Uganda. The highest peak in Africa is also located in Tanzania. 

The region of Tanzania is one of the oldest inhabited regions on the planet. It is home to a variety of human and animal fossils, that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. 

#7 Langebaan Lagoon 

10 Hidden Gems Destinations In South Africa!

Protected by the West Coast National Park, Langebaan Lagoon is a boon for all birdwatching enthusiasts. By booking a hotel just across the bright blue waters of the Langebaan Lagoon, you might be able to catch sight of some of the very rare migratory birds on the planet. 

And since you will reside just near the lagoon, do not miss the golden opportunity to indulge in a seafood feast. 

#8 Valley of Desolation

The Valley of Desolation came into being after the forces of volcanoes and erosion over a span of a million years. The valley is located just around the Cambedoo National Park. The Valley of Desolation has over 220 species of birds, mammals, and plants. 

The Valley of Desolation is the perfect place if you want to plan a quick hike to the perfect picnic spots in the country.

#9 Mashuta Game Reserve

10 Hidden Gems Destinations In South Africa!

If you want to be taken over by the wilderness of Africa, make a plan to visit Mashuta Game Reserve. The place offers a variety of group and personal wildlife safari adventures, to satisfy the wildest dreams. If you want to feel the love and life in South Africa, make sure to plan a visit to the Mashuta Game Reserve. 

#10 Bazaruto Archipelago 

A group of six islands in Mozambique, the Bazaruto Archipelago what the Egyptian relics call the Crocodile island. With a wide variety of flora and dangerous fauna, Bazaruto Archipelago is a perfect destination for any marine life fanatic. 

Final Words 

We hope our suggestions will do the deed for you and you will be able to plan a trip with countless memories. If you are still skeptical or want any further information about the travel destinations, make sure to comment down, so that we can help you out with that. 

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