3 Easy Ways to Hide and Unhide a Post on Facebook


The more some people are making Facebook a part of their daily life; the more people are trying to hide and unhide a post on Facebook. Sharing daily life activities on social media is a decision that any person can make at his/her own free will without thinking about others. 

There are times when the person receiving a post or an update at the other end may not be comfortable with it. They will try to hide such posts from their Facebook newsfeed

Numerous reasons can be behind this decision, such as the content was inappropriate. Some people may be sharing the account with their kids, and they dont want such content on their timeline, or they are hurt by the message that content is conveying. 

It can also be the complete opposite of such situations, and maybe the post was hidden by mistake. During such times, any person will start looking for ways to hide and unhide a post on Facebook easily. 

Hide and Unhide a Post on Facebook Quickly 

Read along to find how you can hide and unhide a post on Facebook in the easiest ways. Dont worry, the post owner would never know if you are hiding or unhiding his/her post. 

Hide a Post on Facebook Using a Laptop or Mobile

You can use the hide feature to hide posts that you don’t want to see on your timeline. When you hide any post from a friend or a page that you like, it won’t send them any notifications. So, you don’t have to worry about that. However, a slight disadvantage here is when you hide a post; Facebook will try to hide all the posts similar to that from your profile. 

If you still wish to proceed, go through the steps below to know how you can stop seeing a specific post on your Facebook timeline. 

Hide Facebook post: Easy Ways to Hide and Unhide a Post on Facebook
Source: PCMag
  • The first step you need to follow is opening the post that you wish to hide from your timeline. 
  • Next, select the three dots right next to it to open the drop-down menu. 
  • Click on the appropriate option to hide the post from your timeline. 

Note: Once you hide the post, Facebook will give you additional options that you can select. One of these options is Snooze which we will discuss in the next section. 

Snooze a Friend on Facebook Using a Laptop or Mobile

If your timeline still cannot get rid of the unwanted posts from a friend or family member, you can also choose to snooze them. When you snooze a friend, it means that for the next 30 days, any post they upload won’t show on your timeline. 

Follow the easy steps below to snooze any of your Facebook friends in a few seconds. 

Snooze on Facebook: Easy Ways to Hide and Unhide a Post on Facebook
Source: TechCrunch
  • Open any post of the friend that you wish to snooze on Facebook. 
  • Tap on the three dots you see right next to the Facebook post to open the drop-down menu. 
  • Select Snooze to mute your friend’s posts from your timeline for the next 30 days. 

Unhide a Post on Facebook Using a Laptop or Mobile 

If you have changed your mind and rethinking your decision to hide a post on Facebook, follow the steps below to unhide the post. 

Unhide post on Facebook: Easy Ways to Hide and Unhide a Post on Facebook
Source: Javatpoint
  • Launch the Facebook app on your device or click here to open it in your laptop’s browser. 
  • Enter your valid credentials to log in to your profile. 
  • Once you log in, hover over to the activity log present at the bottom of your Facebook menu page. 
  • Click on the Activity Log label to view all the activities you have performed on your profile till now. 
  • Finding a hidden post from this list may look like a big task, but it is pretty easy to click on Hidden Posts from the filters section only to see them in reverse order since you have created this account. 
Unhide Post on Facebook: Easy Ways to Hide and Unhide a Post on Facebook
Source: Agorapulse
  • Once you find the post that you wish to unhide, click on the circular icon with a line passing through it. You will find it right next to the post you have hidden. 
  • Click on Allowed on Timeline to view the it on your newsfeed. 

Final Pronouncement:

These are the easy steps you have to follow while trying to hide and unhide a post on Facebook Newsfeed. Try these easy steps below if you wish to do the same, and let us know about your experience in the comments section below. 

Feature Imag Credits: The Economic Times

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