Hollywood Medium Season 5 Release Date | Is It Fake Or Real?


Hollywood Medium (2016) by Tyler Henry is a famous show that premiered on E! The show’s popularity ties to the host –Tyler Henry. Tyler is a psychic who gives readings to celebrities, helping them connect with their lost loved ones or resolve past trauma. So far, the show has had 4 seasons. So what is the Hollywood Medium season 5 release date? Let’s find out!

Let me first ask you, Do you believe in the afterlife? Or do you believe that after our loved ones pass away from this life, we can still make contact with them? Maybe you will believe that, or maybe you are just cynical. But lots of people swear by Tyler Henry and his psychic readings. Tyler has quickly become the go-to medium for A-list Hollywood stars to get their readings. He is so popular that as of March 2022, he has a waitlist of 300,000 people who want readings done from him. 

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Now, about his show, the Hollywood Medium season 5 release date is not known yet. E!, the channel it premiered on, has not yet renewed Tyler’s show for another season till now. Hollywood Medium Season 5 would have been scheduled to premiere this spring, but it is looking less and less likely since no announcement has been made.

On top of that, Tyler Henry has bagged a Netflix show of his own. The show called “Life After Death” will see Tyler hit the road and give as many people psychic readings as he possibly can. Life After Death premiered on March 11, exclusively on Netflix.

Can We Expect A Hollywood Medium Season 5 Release Date? Is The Show Still On?

Believe it or not, readings do change people’s lives. At 26 years old, Tyler Henry has already established himself as one of the greats. His entire show revolves around giving readings to big celebrities and helping them resolve issues with their past. He has given successful psychic readings to Khloe Kardashian, Jim Parson, Megan Fox, etc., just to name some of the biggest celebs. 

Hollywood Medium often sees things become emotional. Celebrities are humans just like us, and when the past doors are opened, many questionable things resurface. We have seen Tyler address his client’s trauma in mystical ways. Many questions have found answers, and celebs have found closure in many instances. So Tyler’s popularity hardly comes off as a surprise. 

While E! has not renewed the Hollywood Medium season 5 yet, it can be argued the show is on a break. While Tyler explored other avenues of his psychic journey, the show can be put on pause. Hollywood Medium has also enjoyed a healthy rating of 7.3/10 on IMDb. 

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Is Hollywood Medium Scripted? The Crystal Ball Mania Of The 21st Century!

Hollywood Medium Season 5 Release Date | Tyler Henry In A Brand New Avatar!

Tyler Henry is a psychic, and his clients are celebrities, and that is all there is to it. What your local psychic does in her shoddy little apartment, Tyler does it on a much grander scale. People have long accused psychics of being frauds and whatnot. Does this also mean the show is scripted and the celebrities are merely pretending along?

To be honest, there is no way for us to know that. The show is postured as a reality show, so whatever happens, is real. But can it be fake? Sure, it’s Hollywood, after all. But when a person finds intimate details only they and their deceased family members know, can that emotion be faked? That’s a tough call. 

We are no scientists but predicting the future and talking to the ghosts of our pasts doesn’t hold any scientific merit. If it did, we would have eradicated so many problems even before they existed. Yet people who come on Tyler’s show believe it is the truth. Sometimes emotions know no logic, and it is easy for someone with the right skillset to abuse that. But we are neither pro-Tyler nor are we against him. The man has to do something to put food on the table, so as long as no one is getting physically hurt, we don’t mind him.

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Does Tyler Henry Still Have A Show? Catch The Psychic On The Road Now!

Hollywood Medium Season 5 Release Date | Tyler Henry In A Brand New Avatar!

After finishing season 4 of Hollywood Medium, Tyler soon found a new Netflix show of his own. So yes, Tyler Henry still has a show of his own. Hollywood Medium Season 5 will be on dryer for now, but you can check out all the previous episodes and binge on them. Maybe that can also motivate you to get a reading of your own. You can find out about your future, or if there is someone with whom you would like to reconnect, that is also a possibility. 

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How Many Seasons Are There in Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry? The Complete List!

As of March 2022, there are 4 seasons of Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry. Season 2 of the show has the longest number of episodes, with 21 episodes. Each episode is around an hour long. We see a very in-depth and personal side of the celebrity that will come on the show. We also get intimate details of celebrities’ past, and the whole episode is a journey.

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Where Can You Watch Hollywood Medium Now? Stream All The Previous Seasons!

Hollywood Medium is available to stream on Amazon Prime. All four seasons are available, so you can binge on them with no worry in the world. If Hollywood Medium were to return for another season, you would be able to stream it on Amazon Prime alongside E!.

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Final Words

Hollywood Medium Season 5 release date might be shrouded in mystery for now. We could sure use some psychic abilities from Tyler Henry to find out the truth. All jokes aside, Hollywood Medium seems to be on a break for now. What are your thoughts about the much-hyped and often controversial show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Is Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry canceled?

As of March 2022, Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry is not officially canceled by E!

Is Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry on Netflix?

No, you can stream all four seasons of Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry on Amazon Prime

When did Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry first come out?

Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry first premiered on 1st January 2016

When will season 5 of Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry come out?

So far we have no official date for season 5 of Hollywood Medium.

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