Homelander Vs Superman | Who Is Superior In The Battlefield?


The theory of doppelgangers has never been explored in the DC Universe, right? This is unknown to many, but Superman has a counterpart from a strange universe known as Homelander. Though the two don’t share an identical face, they do share comparable powers and strengths. If put in a one-on-one Homelander vs Superman match, who do you think will win? 

This time around, we have an epic battle between DC’s strongest hero Superman and Dynamite Entertainment’s superman, Homelander. Even though the public praises the superheroes for their work, there is a darkness inside Homelander that soon overtakes him and changes everything for him. Can Superman fight this darkness and emerge as the winner? 

Homelander is a superhero who features in the comics titled The Boys that was initially published by DC comics until it transitioned to Dynamite Entertainment. So, it is safe to say that the rivalry is between two superheroes who shared the same universe at some time. Most of you must have already acknowledged Superman as the winner because of his powers, right? However, this time the tables have turned because Homelander shares the same powers as him. So, how will Superman come up with a plan to fight against himself? Any guesses? 

Let’s move ahead and find out what will happen between the Homelander vs Superman in the DCEU. 

Homelander Vs Superman | The Mighty Warriors Fight In DC!

Homelander Vs Superman

Many of you may not know this, but the inspiration for creating Homelander was drawn from the mighty Captain America apart from Superman. To give this new superhero a slight edge, writer Garth Ennis and illustrator Darick Robertson came up with an idea to twist his personality. Homelander is powerful like Cap and Superman, but he is also twisted like The Mad Titan Thanos and other villains. 

Parody or not, our bad boy Homelander from The Boys (2019) is inevitably the best doppelganger Superman has in recent years. Two decades later, Superman can still easily be counted as everyone’s favorite superhero. But now, there’s a new face giving him a neck-to-neck challenge. Not exactly new because Homelander made his debut with The Boys comics a long time ago. But if we talk about his on-screen presence, it’s only been a few years. 

In the three seasons of The Boys that have aired so far on Amazon Prime, fans have seen the dark and gory premise take a complete digging at multiple DCEU and MCU characters. Talking about Homelander’s onscreen presence, we can say it’s full of agony, manipulation, and revenge. Homelander is certainly not the superhero, and it’s becoming clear with each passing season of the series. 

So, if Homelander and Superman ever happen to have a clash on the battlefield, who do you think would win? Would it be Homelander who has gone against every moral principle that Superman holds dear? Or would it be everyone’s favorite and kindest DC hero, Superman? Both Homelander and Superman originated from their comic book counterparts. So, it would be fair to rewind to their comic book powers and draw a conclusion. Right?

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#1 Superman Is A Born Leader | Superman Has A Loyal Team As Backup

Homelander Vs Superman

It may seem unnecessary to many, but leadership quality is as important as any other power. Homelander lusts for power which drives him insane to kill anyone who opposes his decisions, even his team. He wants them to obey him irrespective of the actions that can cost him a lot. If he ever gets involved in a fight with Superman, he won’t have anyone to help him. On the contrary, Superman’s excellent leadership qualities and empathy for others make him quickly take on Homelander with his teammates ready to help. 

#2 Superman’s Speed = Blinking Of Eyes | He Is Faster Than Flash 

Homelander Vs Superman

Homelander may have a super speed but not as fast as Superman, who can even beat Flash in a race. Due to his high velocity, Superman can catch up with Homelander in a second and easily kill him. Maybe if Homelander works on his speed, he can do something to beat Superman in a race but not in a fight. 

#3 Hypersensitive Ear Bones | Superman & Homelander Have Impressive Hearing Powers 

Homelander Vs Superman

Both Superman and Homelander are blessed with hyper-sensitive ears that help them block noises and hear voices beyond the average human capacity. However, both the heroes use their abilities for different purposes. Homelander usually uses his hyper-sensitive hearing when he wants to listen to others talk about him. In contrast, Superman puts it to great use and keeps an eye on the enemies approaching. 

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#4 Homelander Is Invincible | Is He Powerful Than Superman? 

Homelander Vs Superman

Due to his superhuman powers, there is no other hero or villain who can defeat Homelander other than himself. In comics, Black Noir can beat him because he is Homelander’s clone, making them each other’s mirror images. However, this does not mean that Homelander is the strongest superhero. Superman is more powerful than Homelander. However, his only weakness is Kryptonite that can strip him of his powers. 

#5 The Power Of X-Ray Vision | Superman & Homelander Can Deceive Invisibility 

Homelander Vs Superman

At this moment, you may have become aware that both Superman and Homelander share the same powers, and X-Ray vision is one of them. Both the heroes use their X-ray vision to spot enemies who are not visible to others. If the two are ever in a fight, they can use this power to cause significant damage to one another. However, Homelander’s X-ray vision does not capture anything containing zinc, and Superman’s vision does not align with objects containing Lead. 

#6 Superman has A Better Flight | Can Easily Throw Homelander Across The Galaxy 

Homelander Vs Superman

Just Like Superman, Homelander also can lift himself off the surface and fly high in the sky. However, his flight abilities have a limit, so he can only take the tour to a certain distance in the sky. On the contrary, we have seen Superman fly to the farthest and the deepest corners of the galaxy at an incredibly fast speed. Due to the flight factor, there is no way Superman will let Homelander win in a fight. 

#7 Superman Is The Man Of Steel | Homelander Can Never Match His Strength 

Homelander Vs Superman

Homelander claims to be an alien who landed on Earth in a crash, but in reality, he was born in a lab under the supervision of Vought American. Due to the Compound V injected in his blood, Homelander acquired his super strength. Superman is the last born son of Krypton and received his powers from super-advanced technologies. Even without any compounds, Superman can easily lift buildings and breathe in outer space. His abilities make him superior to Homelander. 

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#8 Heat Is The Biggest Weapon | Superman Has The Gift Of Laser Eyes 

Heat Is The Biggest Weapon | Superman Has The Gift Of Laser Eyes

Superman is not the only superhero who can use his laser eyes to blast off the enemies. Homelander also has the same powers and can use his glowing red eyes for a powerful energy blast. Since both have heat vision, they can quickly melt each other in the battle and put the match to a tie. 

Final Words

Superman and Homelander will engage each other in a tough fight because of their impressive skills and similar powers. However, Superman has more chances to win the battle because he will fight in favor of humanity. The love of citizens is his greatest strength, whereas Homelander is rotten from the inside and only wants to gain more powers and global domination. His greed and darkness can become the reason behind his loss in the match. 

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