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Nowadays, pleasant appearances are not everything, Agh!!, but what we also know is that smart, independent, and hot women dominate every field, whether it is from the entertainment industry to the media house, women make everything trending. Strong and fierce voices of women brought a revolution in the world. Impressive, right? What brings us to this topic is the inquisitive nature of knowing the independent yet hot News reporters in the world. 

The list of female anchors or reporters mentioned below is shortlisted after an on-field survey that gave us six hottest news reporters out of hundreds. The hotness is not the only key factor of these women to impress all the lads. It is more related to their independent behavior, strong-willed attitude, and being exceptionally well in their field, making men or women fall for them. 

News Reporting is a profession that demands good communication skills, a fierce-commanding voice, and a never-ending approach towards learning. News Reporting requires a person who always keeps themself updated all the time. It could be one of the primary reasons these women represent themselves as hot because they are intelligent and entirely updated. 

In this article, we have mentioned around 20+ Hot News Reporters of 2021, who are as amazing as the news they deliver on the channel. Out of these 20+ News reporters, we have also written in detail about the top six. Let’s get started, peers. 

20+ Hot News Reporter In The World| Challenging World With Their Work!

What Is Hotness In A Woman? Let’s Break The Stereotype!

It is one of the subjective topics, which is different from person to person. It has a very thin line between objectifying a woman to bring her real, making her look confident and hot. A hot woman is confident and knows how to carry herself in front of others. Many of you may disagree, as this is a very subjective area, that we mentioned above. Following are some of the hottest news anchors in the media industry who can make you fall for them. 

1# Mélissa Theuriau 

News Channel- M6

Undoubtedly, Melissa Theuriau, a news reporter for M6, ranks No.1 on the world’s hottest news anchors list. Melissa is an example of the idiom ‘France and its Beauty is eternal. Melissa Theuria was born in 1978 and started her career in 2002 after her bachelor’s and masters in Journalism. From a travel reporter to a news anchor, she paved a long way for herself. She tops our list not because she is hot but also because she is one of the world’s talented and experienced news reporters. 

After her video got viral, Daily Express listed her as the most beautiful reporter of all time. Later she was nominated for the TV’s sexiest news anchor. Paris Match in a magazine titled her as la bombe cathodique.

2# Alessandra Villegas 

News Channel- Telemundo México

She is not only a Venezuelan TV host but also a social butterfly and stunning actress. What???? Really! Villegas hosted a show in Mexico for which she received popularity for her superb dressing sense.

After she became a TV host, she started her YouTube channel and posted makeup tutorials, traveling vlogs, and video compilations within no time. In her YouTube career, she also won many titles and was featured in many magazines under an Inspiration for many. Villegas pursued her career in Journalism, but she wanted to be a model, and now she fulfilled both her dreams and is one of the liked reporters. 

3# Megyn Kelly 

News Channel- Fox News

Before joining Fox News, Megyn had a successful legal career; she was a household name in the US. If we discuss her appearances apart from her work, Kelly possesses deep blue eyes; she appears good-looking and presentable during all her shows.

In 2001, Kelly married Daniel and ended her married life in 2006. Later, she married the CEO of Authentium and had three children with Douglas. Kelly loves her 2nd husband so much and decided to leave journalism and settle with her husband in New York. 

Kelly left FNC and started hosting the Megyn Kelly Show. Later, the show got canceled due to some dispute, and she decided to go to Network in Jan 2019. This 50-year-old news reporter is not just a news reporter but the crush of many who belong to geriatric millennials. 

4# Susan Li 

News Channel- Fox Business Network

Susan started with CBC and later switched from CBC to Bloomberg TV. Susan joined FBN in April 2018 as an exclusive correspondent; she interviewed Tim Cook and the Canadian prime minister after her joining. It brought her into the limelight. After interviewing many big bulls from different industries, she received the Best Anchor Awards during the 17th Asian Television Awards. 

Her childhood was a little boring; she was born in China and came to Canada. She got her Asian features from her mother, and many times in her childhood, she got trolled for the same. She completed her graduation in economics and joined the media, and here are the result: she is ruling the industry with her news reporting.

5# Anna Kooiman 

New Channel- Fox News

Anna Kooiman 

She has served as an FNC reporter, where she co-hosted the news slot of the FOX & F.R.I.E.N.D.S program. Anna used to cover health and fitness leads as she was a bright and trustworthy news reporter on the team. 

Kooiman started her journey as a House Ambassador during her college days. She was involved in the charity process and served as a philanthropist who inspired and helped many young minds with great ideas. 

During her initial days, she was so into fitness and worked as a fitness model and an instructor in Charlotte. She taught young girls self-defense and also how to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Kooiman got so many appreciation letters and became a youth icon. It is impressive, I believe. 

6# Kimberly Guilfoyle  

News Channel- Fox News

Kimberly is one of the popular news anchors at FN. She is one of the experienced and versatile news anchors in America. Kimberly had also served as an advisor for 45th American president Trump after she left the news channel.

She completed her graduation from Mercy High School in San Francisco. Later she joined Law school and completed her internship at a district attorney’s office, and as a part-time job, she worked for a bridal magazine. She is also a fierce honorary lawyer in the US. She gained popularity after winning a famous case and got featured in the magazine. 

Other Popular News Anchors| Inspiring Women With Their Work!

1# Georgie Thompson 

News Channel- Fox Sports & BBC LIVE

News reporter for Sky Sports, Georgie Thompson, gives you an ethereal experience when she discusses the news affairs.

2# Brooke Baldwin 

News Channel– CNN

Brooke is the show stopper of CNN news and can tune 2 – 4 PM slots into BuzzFeed WITH her style and looks. 

3# Ainsley Earhardt  

News Channel- Fox News

Ainsley is an American journalist who also worked as an anchor for some news programs. Earhardt has been associated with Fox News Channel and performed in various shows. 

4# Courtney Friel 

News Channel- KTLA TV

Friel is a US-based reporter working for KTLA TV. She makes her viewers stick to the channel as she hypnotizes them with her Beauty. 

5# Ghida Fakhry  

News Channel- Al-Jazira

Ghida is a Lebanese-British journalist with mesmerizing Beauty; she worked as a head anchor for an English channel.

6# Jenna Lee  

News Channel- Fox News

Jennifer was a TV news presenter at FNC with stunning looks. She deserves a place on the list because of the attractive features that make men mad at her.

7# Gigi Stone Woods 

News Channel- NBC News

She is a well-known TV anchor, mostly known for her extraordinary skills and pleasant personality.

8# Julie Banderas  

News Channel- Fox News

Julie is a co-host at Fox News, and later, she switched her career and worked for WLVI-TV.

9# Robin Meade 

News Channel- HLN TV 

Robin has won the title of Miss Ohio, and she is currently serving as the head anchor on HLN TV.

10# Tamron Hall

News Channel – ABC News

Tamron is a host and journalist with mesmerizing face features. She had also hosted various shows and debuted herself with the syndicated daytime talk show.

11# Alex Wagner 

American Journalist 

Alex is the co-host and anchor of The Circus. She wrote FutureFace and the Secret to Belonging and worked for CBS News as a journalist and editor at The Atlantic.

12# Jamie Colby

News Channel- Fox News

12# Jamie Colby

Jamie is an ex correspondent and anchor for FNC. She hosted many series and became a household name.

13# Margaret Brennan

News Channel- CBS News

Margaret is a famous Face for The Nation, a show on CBS, and Margaret Brennan’s show.

14# Sara Carbonero

News Channel- Telecinco 

Sara is a sports journalist and currently works for Spanish TV. She worked as a host and anchor for Telecinco.

15# Michelle Kosinski

News Channel- CNN

Michelle Kosinski

Michelle is a journalist or a public speaker. She was an ex CNN’s Senior Diplomatic Correspondent.

Final Words

These were some of the most popular and talented women journalists/ news reporters, who with their spectacular professionalism, present themselves no less than any Hollywood star. It is their amazing skills and works ethics that make them appear sexy. If we are missing any name that is on your list, let us know in the comment section below, we will make additions.

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