10 Hottest Girls In The World | Ice Caps Are Melting Leading To Flood!


There are many beauties around the world who are responsible for global warming. The reason is not that they are using air conditioners, but they are hot like fire. Dear guys, here am I, helping you with the hottest girls in the world so that you can’t sleep at night!

The hotness is not the only factor about these females. They are feminist voices with strong opinions and successful carriers. Let’s see who’s on the list, and do you find them hot? 

Most Beautiful Teenage Actresses In...
Most Beautiful Teenage Actresses In The World

10 Hottest Females On The Earth | Is That The Reason For Global Warming? 

Apart from admiring them, you guys can follow them on their social media so that you can get a daily dose of these beauties. Alright! Alright! No more talking, and let’s know them well. 

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1# Rihanna

10 Hottest Girls In The World

The fire in her is visible when the queen walks on any red carpet. We are talking about none other than the queen of hotness, Rihanna. Her iconic style of dressing and her fierce personality makes her the hottest woman in the world.

Apart from being hot, Rihanna has a banging carrier as a singer, songwriter, and businesswoman with a net worth of approximately $1.7 billion. Her song work.. work… work.. truly defines this Barbadian girl as she is busy ruling the world and making an empire of her own. 

Personal Details

Full Name Robyn Rihanna Fenty
Date of Birth 20th February 1988
Place of Birth Saint Michael, Barbados 
Twitter Account@rihanna
Instagram Account badgalriri

2# Emilia Clarke

10 Hottest Girls In The World

If the mother of dragons is not hot, then how would the dragon spit fire? You got me, right, fellas? The Khalisi, aka Emilia Clarke, is one of the most alluring beauties alive in the world. 

Her hot and steamy intimate scenes in Game of Thrones make her every guy’s nightdream. She is an actor with a beautiful smile that many of us have already died for. The British beauty can make you go nuts with her hot avatars. I know you will now stalk her!

Personal Details

Full Name Emilia Isobel Euphemia Rose Clarke 
Date of Birth 23rd October 1986
Place of Birth London, England 
Twitter Account@emiliaclarke
Instagram Account emilia_clarke

3# Priyanka Chopra 

10 Hottest Girls In The World

Miss World 2000 is an Indian beauty who recently broke many hearts when she married Nick Jonas. She has emerged as the most searched-about actor globally and has also raised many one-eyed questions in the west. 

She has left so many people’s mouths wide-opened with her killer Met Gala looks. Not only these red carpets, but she looked the hottest in her wedding attires as well. I know the heart is broken, but never mind. 

Personal Details

Full Name Priyanka Chopra Jonas
Date of Birth 18th July 1982
Place of Birth Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India 
Twitter Account@priyankachopra
Instagram Account pryiankachopra

4# Gigi Hadid

10 Hottest Girls In The World

If there is someone who walks like a star on the ramp is my favorite Gigi Hadid. Her swirls and eyes add her to the hottest girl in the world list. Gigi recently became a mother that adds more to her beauty. 

Her ramp walks as Victoria’s Secret model or any other brand made her the famous name in the world. Gigi’s Instagram handle will tell how hot she is. 

Personal Details

Full Name Jelena Noura Hadid
Date of Birth 23rd April 1995
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, USA
Twitter Account@GiGiHadid
Instagram Account gigihadid

5# Lana Rhoades

10 Hottest Girls In The World

If you search for the hottest female on earth, then I think you are eyes are waiting for only one name, Lana Rhoades. She is an adult film star if you don’t know who Lana Rhoades is.

Lana Rhoades is a hot American star who has been a part of many adult film genres. She was also part of the Playboy project, making her every man’s desire. 

Personal Details

Full Name Amara Maple
Date of Birth 6th September 1996
Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois, USA 
Twitter Account@LanaRhoades
Instagram Account lanarhoades

6# Jennifer Lawrence 

10 Hottest Girls In The World

Along with being the hottest star of Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence is a witty, funny, intelligent, and spontaneous actress. She had been a part of many films and shows like Saturday Night Life, The Hunger Games, etc. 

Jennifer Lawrence is the most humble photogenic superstar. Her feminist voice makes her fierce, and for that, I think not only men but women would also find her hot. 

Personal Details

Full Name Jennifer Shrader Lawrence 
Date of Birth 15th August 1990
Place of Birth Indian Hills, Kentucky, USA
Twitter AccountNot on Twitter 
Instagram Account Not on Instagram 

7# Jennifer Lopez

10 Hottest Girls In The World

If someone has aged beautifully, she is the singer-dancer Jennifer Lopez. I think adults and teenage guys find JLo hot and happening. She is like that old wine that you would love instead of choosing a new scotch. (my similies might have put you in a thought)

Jennifer Lopez is a fitness freak, and with every year of aging, she is giving away her favorite fattening food item to keep herself fit like all those models. 

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Personal Details

Full Name Jennifer Lynn Lopez
Date of Birth 20th February 1988
Place of Birth New York City, USA  
Twitter Account@JLo
Instagram Account jlo

8# Dua Lipa 

10 Hottest Girls In The World

There is No Lie that we all are Levitating because of Dua Lipa’s hotness. Singer-performer is loved by every millennial and Gen-Z kid and therefore, is the world’s most iconic personality. 

She has built her name with songs like No Rules, One Kiss, and many more. Her voice makes her the most iconic hot beauty. I know you all love it too because definitely, she is beautiful, but her songs are best to get drunk and groove on. 

Personal Details

Full Name Dua Lipa 
Date of Birth 22 August 1995
Place of Birth London, England
Twitter Account@DUALIPA
Instagram Account dualipa

9# Halsey 

10 Hottest Girls In The World

The one who has broken all the records with her songs is Halsey. She appears as a hot American bomb, making the crowd move on her soothing songs. Halsey’s entourage and her aura make her the most liked woman on the planet. 

Halsey is the mother of a newly born boy, and her pregnancy photos broke the entire internet, making her the most beautiful pregnant celebrity.  I can guarantee you that this American singer is ruling the world with her voice like a nightingale and will continue to do so. 

Personal Details

Full Name Ashley Nicolette Frangipane
Date of Birth 29th September 1994
Place of Birth Edison, New Jersey, US
Twitter Account@halsey
Instagram Account iamhalsey

10# Kylie Jenner

10 Hottest Girls In The World

If we are talking about the hottest women on earth, do you think it is possible not to include any of the Jenner or Kardashian sisters? You all know that every Jenner and Kardashian sister is hot, but Kylie is the most desirable of them all. 

Kylie is a model and a businesswoman. She is also a young mother with a child but still looks fantastic and hot like a coffee in -16‚ĄÉ. (Sorry for this comparison!)

Personal Details

Full Name Kylie Kristen Jenner
Date of Birth 10th August 1997
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, USA
Twitter Account@KylieJenner
Instagram Account kyliejenner

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Final Words 

These were some of the most amazing and hottest women, girl or female, whatever synonym you want to use. They are hot but at the same time successful as well. Do you think that success automatically makes you desirable? Let me know in the comments; till then, keep engaging with the VIEBLY’s vibe. 

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