Is Hinata Dead?? How Did Hinata Die?! Find Out The Reasons Here!


Is Hinata dead?! How did Hinata die?!! People have expressed disbelief at the death of their beloved character Hinata. The death of a character you most dearly love can be hard to deal with. We need to be sure before we arrive at any conclusions. 

Naruto (2007) has over 500 episodes, and we’ve spent hours and years of our lives watching the show. Many even like to revisit the show and watch its best episodes! It’s only natural for our brain to form an emotional relationship with the characters and treat it the way it does to real ones. I think it partly stems from the human ability to empathize. The fictional world of Naruto is well crafted, our emotions were obviously affected by the heartbreaks, tragedy, obstacles, achievements, and of course–deaths. 

As for Hinata, it is believed that she dies in Boruto. She survives Pain’s attempt to kill her in Naruto. While on the verge of death, Sakura saves and is healed. But later, she perishes while protecting her husband and son in the series Boruto. 

All this can come off quite confusing. And it’s understandable! Naruto has a large number of episodes and a complex storyline. It’s not easy to understand the fate of a character in a few lines! We’ll surely need a detailed explanation. And I’ll be happy to be the one to provide you with it. 

Here’s The Answer To The Most Anticipated Question: Is Hinata Dead? If Yes, Then How Did Hinata Die? 

By now, we all want to know what became of Hinata. Did she die? Did she live? How did it happen if she did die, although I hope she doesn’t? I’m sure you’re burning to know the fate of your beloved character Hinata! So, without any further ado, let’s get started! 

1# Who Is Hinata?

Is Hinata Dead?? How Did Hinata Die?! Find Out The Reasons Here!

Hinata Hyuga, also called Hinata Umeki, is one of the fictional characters in the popular show Naruto. Hinata is a female shinobi, a member of Team 8 and Naruto’s love interest. She belongs to the Hyuga Clan and is one of the most powerful and respected people in Konoha. 

Hinata first appeared in the show in the very first episode of Naruto. Fans get a tiny glimpse of how Hinata is. Initially, she is shy, reserved, and low on self-confidence and self-esteem. She was also meant to be the heiress, the next leader of the Hyuga clan. But her father realized she is unfit to be her successor as she continued to struggle in his brutal training. She progressed fast and was always at the top of her lessons but was no genius. In other words, she was quite the opposite of what a leader should be. 

Also, when Hinata married Naruto Uzumaki, her role as the heiress was passed on to her younger sister, who was deemed a better fit for the role. Hinata’s love and admiration for Naruto helped her in becoming a better Ninja. In fact, she goes on to become the most powerful Ninjas of her time. We saw Hinata become a Genin in season 1 of Naruto. 

And by season 2, she had risen to become a Chunin–merely after a few years of graduating from the Academy. However, we never saw Hinata become a Jonin. This leads us to believe that Hinata stayed a Jonin her entire life– one of the few from her generation to do so. 

When it comes to skills, Hinata was pretty average in the ninjutsu. She later learned Fire Release and Lightning Release and used the latter to sharpen her taijutsu skills. And even though her skills don’t appear to be anything great, she was well equipped to deal with the enemy. A proof of the same is a fight in which defeated Hanabi, her sister, who is thought to be stronger and sharper than her.  

2# Is Hinata Dead? 

Is Hinata Dead?? How Did Hinata Die?! Find Out The Reasons Here!

Hinata is cute and charming. She is one of the most loved characters in Naruto due to her many quirks. People loved watching her and Naruto Uzumaki together. But is she dead? 

Throughout the series, we saw Hinata somehow managing to survive even after the toughest of battles. It is believed that Hinata died in a one-sided battle with Akatsuki leader Pain. Pain had already killed many characters of the show, like Kakashi and Shizune– his main goal seems to kill the entire village. However, Pain cannot carry through with his plans.

In Season 8, Hinata confesses her love for Naruto and vows to protect him to the best of her ability– she’d even die if need be. So, Naruto turns into his Nine-Tailed version and doesn’t let Hinata die at the hands of Pain when he stabs her. Furthermore, Naruto has the Pain to resurrect all ninjas who were perished at his hands. 

Also, Hinata did not have to undergo resurrection–because she wasn’t dead. She was on the brink of dying but alive nevertheless. Sakura healed Hinata. Although, if not for Sakura, Hinata would probably have died. 

So, Contrary to popular belief, Pain did not kill Hinata in episode 168. However, it’s too early to be overjoyed because Hinata is believed to die later in the show. She sacrifices her life to protect her husband and son while Konoha is destroyed.  

Hinata had always been a loving mother to her son Boruto. She was always there for him while Naruto was away. With her love and kindness, she would fill Naruto’s absences in Boruto’s life. 

3# How Did Hinata Die?

Is Hinata Dead?? How Did Hinata Die?! Find Out The Reasons Here!

There are many theories circling Hinata’s death. One of the most popular theories is that Hinata died while protecting her son Boruto during Naruto’s absence. People also like to believe that Jougan was Byakugan. But these are all just theories, and nothing has been proven as of now. 

It’s true that losing his mother, Hinata, can serve as a catalyst in Boruto’s development. But there’s no proof of Hinata being dead. Boruto anime is still under construction, and it is too early to say anything. 

In Boruto, Kawaki has become a part of the Konoha village and will be in charge of training Boruto. There’s a possibility that showrunners are setting up the stage for a duel between Boruto and Kawaki. 

Naruto is also going to teach Kawaki everyday chores. You might be wondering how this applied to Hinata and the question at hand–how does Hinata die? But to understand that, it’s imperative we look at the nature of the relationship between Kushina Uzumaki and Obito Uchiha. 

Obito happened to be a classmate of Minato Namikaze. Obito was also held responsible for Kushina’s demise. It occurred after Naruto came to the country. And yes, Naruto can also be put to blame for Kushina’s death. That’s because Obito was waiting for Kushina’s pregnancy all this time. 

The very same thing could happen with Naruto and Hinata. Hinata had already vowed to protect her husband’s and son’s life. And she’d be in the village when it is completely wrecked. So, she is going to interfere in the war in an attempt to protect them. What happened in a fight against Pain can happen again. 

What makes this fight different is that both Hinata and Naruto can perish while protecting their son Boruto this time. Boruto was also seen with a small injury on his right eye and a Byakugan. Fans can conclude that the latter belonged to Hinata. 

And all this isn’t wild speculation or yet another fan theory. The makers of the show officially confirmed it. And as the series continues, we’ll see what becomes of Hinata. 

Final Words 

All the pain and misery is necessary for any show to keep the lead character going. I guess that any good story needs conflict–the more, the better. That is what keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. I hope you got the answer to your question: How did Hinata die? If you, too, are a fan of Naruto and have a wild fan theory, share it with us in the comments below!

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