How did Selena Die? Answer To The Most Popular Question


How did Selena Die? Yes, this is a question of interest when someone who holds great popularity amongst the audience dies early. Today in this article, your question will be answered, and you will also be informed why this woman is of national interest?  

Selena Quintanilla was a woman of substance and a famous woman because of her incredible singing and creative interests. Selena died at a very young age; the reason could have been a lot, but true one will be dissected in this article. 

People’s love could be one of the valid reasons, but there was news about her friend being connected to the whole scenario. Selena Quintanilla’s Funeral also held numerous views, hence made Selena’s death a popular show. Yes, show as she was shot dead. 

Why so? How was she shot? All the answers in this article will make you understand the dead soul. 

An overview of Selena’s Death | Get Answer To How Did Selena Die?

Following are the points which will explain the death of Selena to you and clear all your doubts- 

1# Selena’s Popularity

Selena's Popularity

It was nothing but a woman fighting against the patriarchal world and making her name strong in the world of music. Selena’s popularity was limited to the music industry, but her vibrant face helped her become an actress; her creative mind made her a songwriter. She was also a businesswoman and a fashion designer. 

She wasn’t a limitless woman; she extended her boundaries to become popular with all her achievements, but it didn’t last long; she was shot dead when she was 23 years old. Shocking! No one ever thought of this. 

2# Death Of Selena Quintanilla

Death of Selena Quintanilla

Faith in someone can be lethal sometimes, and hence the death of Selena the great is one such example. The reason behind Selena’s death is her strong faith in her assistant & manager of her boutiques, Saldivar. Selena treated her as a friend, but she became a reason for her death. 

Saldivar was more like a friend, but her friendship turned into an obsession, and she also slipped a lot of money in Selena’s name. When she was told to prove the allegation, she failed miserably and ran behind Selena, shooting the gun on her shoulder, ultimately leading to death. 

3# Selena Quintanilla’s Relation With Saldivar

Selena Quintanilla's Relation with Saldivar

Selena and her murderer’s relationship was more than just being a manager and a celebrity. Two friends are just happy with one another, but Saldivar’s behavior with other employees at a boutique was questionable. 

She never treated them nicely. She even fired many from the boutique because she was not comfortable with them or disapproved of their presence. Her behavior was informed to Selena by her father, but she never took it seriously. On the day of Selena’s murder, when she asked Saldivar to return the bank statements and details, she was shot dead by her. She did a scam of money in Selena’s name and never informed her about the debts. 

4# Funeral And Selena’s Tribute

Funeral and Selena's Tribute

It is never about popularity. It is always about the connection with people along with being famous. This statement was proved right. When Selena was shot dead by her manager on the day of her burial, the fans flooded the burial location. They even paid tribute to her by offering flowers, condolences, books, and by attending Casket. 

Her final rites were broadcast live, people stood in lines for 3-4 hours, and that queue was about 1 mile long. Amused! This connection with people made the then Governor become President Bush to Proclaim her death as National Selena’s Day. It was a short life but long-lasting relationship. 

5# Reaction To Her Death 

Funeral and Selena's Tribute

The fans flooded the roads, and her burial location was also a sight to watch. Not just fans but the entire industry was shocked by her death. Celebrities like Julio did a silent in between the recording, making apparent her lovely nature. 

A popular woman, namely Oprah Winfrey, called Selena’s life short but significant. She is now even a show on NETFLIX and was also a part of the docudrama made in her life. 

Final Words 

Her life proved to be one of the most significant and worth reading or knowing about. A young girl with fresh thoughts in her brain made it very clear that becoming famous is not necessary; being in people’s hearts is what helps you rule the world, and her funeral was an answer to this. 

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Vansh Sharma
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