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As soon as a sales position becomes available within your organization, it is crucial that it be filled quickly, with the most qualified candidate. 

According to Glassdoors research, 

  • It costs on average £3,000 to hire an employee in the UK.
  • The typical UK job interview process lasts 27.5 days. 

As easy as that sounds, it’s far from easy. With seniority comes longer wait times.

If the hiring process stretches out, it will be more costly (and frustrating). This is why finding the best candidate for your organization is essential. Working with a sales recruiting agency can be a solution to this problem. You will have to pay for this, though, and you may be wondering whether it is worthwhile.

A sales headhunter can enhance the recruiting process as well as the performance and long-term retention of your new hires on numerous fronts. A direct sales recruiting agency can make your hiring process easier and more efficient in a number of ways, from eliminating extra stress to reducing turnover.

What Are The Working Principles Of A Direct Sales Recruitment Agency?

What Are The Working Principles Of A Direct Sales Recruitment Agency?

Companies list their job openings with agencies, and the agencies advertise on job boards on the internet and elsewhere. Also, they are always checking internet job boards for newly uploaded CVs.

You’ll notice that very few job ads indicating the company name appear on internet job boards that list current job openings. Recruitment agencies fear not getting paid if you apply directly to a firm: if you see a job you like and apply for it directly, the agency will not get paid.

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You may be asked to send the employer an edited version of your CV by some agencies. This, in fact, accounts for why online job posting sites generally accept CVs in Microsoft Word format.

Some agencies may simply paste a copy of your resume on their branded templates, removing your personal information so employers cannot contact you directly without incurring fees. 

Your CV will not be changed without your permission from a reputable agency.

How Do Recruitment Agencies Help You?

Choosing a recruitment agency for your hiring efforts is a good idea for a variety of reasons, but here are three of the most important.

1. Improved Talent Pool

1. Improved Talent Pool

The talent networks of recruitment agencies are larger.

In contrast to most companies that use LinkedIn exclusively, recruitment firms use a variety of sources–including the firm’s online networking site, which can be used to tap into the most talented candidates.

Also, industry connections can be leveraged in order to gain referrals, which have been proven considerably more effective in terms of hiring than any other method.

The best candidates aren’t scared off by recruitment agencies either. Top passive talent can often be wooed from other organizations by these companies. As only 30% of the global workforce is actively seeking employment, many of these candidates cannot be found through standard searches.

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2. Selection And Hiring Of Better Candidates

2. Selection And Hiring Of Better Candidates

As a result of pursuing ineffective candidates throughout the recruiting process, you may have missed out on the right candidate early on in the process. 

Worse still, you may end up hiring one who is dishonest.

Experts are hired by recruitment agencies. Additionally, they have the experience to identify red flags more quickly because they have more time to thoroughly vet candidates.

Thus, when you receive top-notch candidates from a recruitment agency, you can rest assured that they’ve been vetted properly and meet the criteria you establish.

3. Efficiency And Savings

3. Efficiency And Savings

It is costly and time-consuming to handle hiring internally. To begin with, it takes time to search for and evaluate candidates. On average, 250 resumes are submitted for a single opening. 

Having more pressing daily responsibilities as an owner or executive means your time is better spent somewhere else. You are still paying your next hire top dollar, even when someone else handles the hiring process.

In addition to losing money and time, making a bad hire can also cost you time and resources. It’s also not uncommon for bad hires to be retrained or rehabilitated in order to keep the job, even after the company ends its relationship.

As well as turnover is expensive, it is also a time-consuming process. The loss of a high-level executive or director is equivalent to 213% of their salary.

Final Words

With a recruiting agency, you no longer need to worry about these concerns. Recruiting top talent is the agency’s place of expertise. You trust them to find your next great hire because that’s their forte.


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