How Do Instagram Story Views Work? Here’s What You Need To know!


How do Instagram story views work? Do you have an idea? If not, then worry not. We’ll discuss it in this article.

Instagram Stories have become a popular place to share your daily activities, thoughts, etc. Over 500 million people use Instagram Stories daily, which is why it’s not surprising that it’s a popular feature among users and businesses. However, there’s still a lot of confusion surrounding Instagram Story views. So, let us discuss how do Instagram story views work.

How Do Instagram Story Views Work?

How Do Instagram Story Views Work?

Instagram Story Views means the number of users who viewed your story. Instagram counts views when someone views your Story. But remember, Instagram story views don’t increase when someone watches the story multiple times. 

If you have a public Instagram account, anyone who views your profile can see your story. If your account is private, only your followers can see your story. 

When someone views your story, their username will appear in the viewers’ list, which you can see by swiping up the story. However, if someone has muted your Instagram Story, their username will not appear on the viewers’ list. Muting a user’s story means the stories won’t appear at the top of the feed.

Instagram also provides insights into story views, available to business and creator accounts. These insights give information such as the number of impressions, reach, and engagement. 

What Is Instagram Stories Algorithm?

How Do Instagram Story Views Work?

Instagram uses algorithms to display content to its users. This algorithm is based on various factors determining the type of content a user is interested in. Some of these factors include: 

User’s Interests

Instagram Algorithm mainly works on the user’s interest. It analyses the type of content they are interested in. This data helps Instagram to identify the content which the user likes. 

Frequency Of User

Frequency helps Instagram to determine how frequently the user views a particular type of content. Frequency helps to know the preferences and likes of a user on Instagram.


The Instagram algorithm analyses the interactions of the user with each other. This helps Instagram to know more about the accounts in which the user is interested. And according to that information, Instagram shows their preferred feed on top.

The primary purpose of the Instagram Algorithm is to show users the content they are interested in. The content which Instagram shows on a user’s feed is based on the user’s recent activities on the app.

What Is The Order Of Instagram Stories Viewers?

How Do Instagram Story Views Work?

Have you ever wondered what is the order of Instagram Stories viewers? Instagram story views list is never ranked according to the popularity of the user or the person who viewed the story first; rather, it is based on Instagram’s algorithm. 

Instagram analyses users’ preferences, the type of content they watch or are interested in, and their interaction with other users. This data helps Instagram to sort the accounts in which the user is interested, and based on this information, the list of story viewers is created. 

Final Words

Okay, so now you know how Instagram story views work. Well, it is based on the Instagram algorithm. It determines the type of content a user is interested in. It also helps the users to know who viewed their stories on Instagram and allows Business and Creator account users to know what type of content is engaging more on their profile. If this information is helpful for you, then let us know in the comment section. For more relatable content, you can visit Viebly

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