How Does Jane Foster Die In Thor Love And Thunder?


Avengers Assemble! This time not for a fight against Thanos or the Chitauri army but to pay tribute to Jane Foster, aka the newly resurrected Mighty Thor. But before we get to the tribute part, we ought to know how does Jane Foster die in Thor Love And Thunder. Don’t we?!

Thor: Love And Thunder (2022) finally released the other day with a huge box office opening for any Marvel movie. While we couldn’t be any more excited about Thor: Love And Thunder’s release, we are also sad. Why, you may ask? Well, it is because the movie brings us closer to the death of our favorites like Jane Foster. 

This brings us to the question, “How does Jane Foster die in Thor Love And Thunder?” So, how does Marvel bid farewell to one of its most-loved characters? Does Jane Foster die bravely while fighting by Thor’s side, or is there another mystery? Well, what’s the wait for? Keep scrolling and find out! 

How Does Jane Foster Die In Thor Love And Thunder? Is Jane Really Dead In Love And Thunder? 

How Does Jane Foster Die In Thor Love And Thunder?

After Chris Hemsworth’s Thor reunites with his long-lost love Jane Foster in Thor: Love And Thunder, things take a turn for the worst. Both Thor and Jane (who is now Mighty Thor) are chasing a new Marvel villain and a big threat to the deities and the Gods in Asgard, Gorr, The God Butcher. Gorr is a terrifying, horrific alien set on a path of revenge against the Gods and wants to kill them all. During his journey, Gorr has already killed half a million Gods, and he is now looking to kill (surprise, surprise) Thor!!!

While Jane is all high and mighty and brave now, the fact cannot be denied that she is fighting stage four cancer simultaneously. Jane being Mighty Thor gives her a little extra strength to fight, but even her powers or Mjolnir cannot cure the disease. By the end of Thor: Love And Thunder, there is a huge fight break on the ground. Well, everything works in favor of the Gods by the end, but winning comes at a huge cost. Our mighty Jane Foster dies, leaving Thor behind once again. 

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What Happens At The End Of Thor: Love And Thunder? How Does Jane Foster Die In Thor Love And Thunder? 

How Does Jane Foster Die In Thor Love And Thunder?

After a terrific fight with Gorr, Jane and Thor follow the Butcher to Eternity (the nexus of the universe), where only those truly brave can survive and fulfill their greatest wishes. Upon their arrival, Gorr is granted a wish for his bravery, and everyone speculates he will use it to put an end to the Gods. But it turns out that Gorr has finally realized the error in his revenge-struck path. 

After the heavy realization sets in, Gorr uses the wishes to resurrect his daughter when he breathes his last breath. Gorr uses his last breath to ask Thor to take care of his daughter. And with Gorr’s daughter coming into his life, Thor, who once wanted to have kids with Jane, finds a new purpose in his life again. By the movie’s end, Jane dies, too, finally succumbing to her cancer. But that’s not the end of Jane’s time in Marvel. There is much more, but that’s a story for another day. 

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Final Words 

So, the cat is finally out of the bag after the big release of Thor: Love And Thunder. If we were, to be honest, we all knew Jane and Thor’s love story would never see the light of day. But we never anticipated her death to be the reason behind it. But alas, not all love stories are meant to be! 

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