How Does Snapchat Score Work? What Is Snap Score Revealed? 


If you’re familiar with Snapchat, you must be aware of Snapchat score or “snap score.” Ever wondered how does Snapchat score work? 

Besides giving bragging rights and a cool number to show off to one’s friends, what purpose does it serve? The number is easy to see, but what does it track behind the scenes? What is snap score and what’s that light at the end of the tunnel?

How Does Snapchat Score Work | What Does Snap Score Mean?

There is one thing I know for sure. Your Snapchat score will never go down. It can either remain constant if you never use the app or increase depending on how you choose to use it. The more snap streaks you have the higher it will go. There are many factors that Snapchat takes into maintaining your Snap Score. Let’s look at some of them to understand how does Snapchat score work in the first place.

Snapchat score is nothing more than a gimmick Snapchat uses. The sole purpose of the Snapchat score is to keep you using the app as much as possible. Just like adding bitmojis and snap cameos, it’s another way to get you hooked. Now the number is not given out at random and has some form of point-based system. Taking in multiple factors, the Snap Score goes up as a reward whenever you use Snapchat. But let’s cut to the basics first.

Deconstructing The Snapchat Score | Snapchat Score Meaning!

How Does Snapchat Score Work? How Is Snap Score Calculated? 

So do you know how does Snapchat score work and how is snap score calculated? Snapchat score is a point-based system of numbers Snapchat gives out to its users. Snapchat users are rewarded for every kind of activity they do. The snap score increases for sending a snap, receiving a snap, the number of friends added, viewing stories, spending time in the discovery tab, etc.

According to the app Snapchat itself, they use a “super-secret, special equation” that determines the Snap Score of a person. Taking the above-mentioned parameters, it is safe to assume every user has a slightly different system of Snap Score measurements. While there is no official word on how does Snap score work, these parameters seem to be generally the rule. If you’re someone who has used Snapchat for a while, you will notice that each snap received and sent will increase your score. So more friends you have and the more active you are on Snapchat, the faster it will go!

Where Can You Find Your Snapchat Score? How Does Snap Score Work?

How Does Snapchat Score Work? How Is Snap Score Calculated? 

Finding your Snapchat score can be difficult if you have never used the app. But if you are an avid Snap user (read addicted), then it’s a piece of cake for you. So in order to understand how does Snapchat score work, you should also know how to find your Snap score. 

  • On your phone, iPhone, or Android, open the Snapchat application. 
  • Then head over to your Profile by tapping on the emoji icon on the top-left corner of your screen. 
  • This will open your Profile page. The profile page consists of all the information that you need.

First, there will be a code also known as your Snap Code. Under the Snap Code will be your Snapchat username. And underneath your username, you can see a number. That number under the username is called the Snap Score. If you have completed your personal information, then your zodiac sign will also be visible right next to your Snap Score.

Further, if you tap on that number, you will see two more numbers. The number on the left will be the number of Snaps you have received since you created your Snapchat account. The number on the right will be the number of Snaps you have sent since you created your Snapchat account. The two numbers will most likely not add up to the total of your Snapchat score. As I previously mentioned, there are other parameters that make your Snapchat score work!

If you want to find someone else’s Snapchat Score, you need to check out their Profile for it. 

  • In the friend section of your Snapchat, click on the chat icon to open a new window. 
  • In the chat window, in the top-right corner, click on the Bitmoji icon of your friend.
  • A new window showing their display name, their username, and Snap Score will open. Now you can check their Snap Score!

You should also note that if you can’t see the Snap Score of the Profile you are on, that means either they are not in your friend list, or they have blocked you

How Does Snapchat Score Work? | How Is Snap Score Calculated?

How Does Snapchat Score Work? How Is Snap Score Calculated? 

There is no sure way to determine how the Snapchat score works. Snapchat Score increases based on an algorithm and some equation I don’t know about. Snapchat has not made that information public as of 2022.

Based on various studies, I have narrowed down the factors that affect the Snapchat Score. Knowing these factors is essential to know how does Snapchat score work.

  • Number of Snaps you send
  • Number of Snaps you receive
  • Number of friends you have added on Snapchat
  • Number of stories you post on Snapchat
  • Number of Streaks you are able to maintain with your friends on Snapchat

You should also keep in mind that Snapchat also gives bonus points to people who have not used the app for a while and start using it again.

How To Increase Your Snapchat Score? Snap Score Meaning!

How Does Snapchat Score Work? How Is Snap Score Calculated? 

Now that you know how does Snapchat score work, it’s time to increase it. Snapchat score can easily be increased by using the Snapchat app.

There are multiple websites all over the internet that promise to skyrocket your Snapchat Score in exchange for a fee. Do know that Snapchat doesn’t allow artificial inflation of the Snap Score. You may risk your account being suspended (or worse – deleted!) if Snap decides to take action.

Further, you also risk losing your money and account to shady third-party users. The best and only way to increase your Snapchat score is to be dedicated to your use of Snapchat. I don’t condone social media addiction (like the constant tapping on Instagram stories), but if you want to pump your score up, you need to use Snapchat incessantly!

Before you bombard your friends with Snaps all day, make sure you keep a few things in mind.

First – your Snap score only increases by sending pictures and videos. Chats between you and your friends do not contribute to an increase in Snap scores.

And the second thing is that you will not get points for sending the same Snap to multiple users. According to user feedback, your Snap Score increases by sending unique snaps to each user. So get snapping and get your snap score through the roof.

Final Words

So this is what I know about how does Snapchat score work. Whether you finally joined Snapchat or have been away for a while, it’s never too late to get your score soaring.

Let me know how high your Snap Score is in order to debate who is the coolest! I will be keeping an eye out in the comments section below! Also, if you have confusions about what SS means on Snap or the meaning of S/U, then I have those queries covered for you too!

How many points do you get per snap?

Snapchat hasn’t said this officially but for every snap sent per person, your snap score is increased by 1.

What does it mean when the snap score goes up by 2?

If you have sent one snap to two people, then your snap score will increase by 2. For every new friend you send a snap, 1 is added to your scnap score.

How accurate is snap score?

Snap score is pretty accurate though Snapchat doesn’t say the exact algorithm it uses to calculate it.

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