How Fast is Goku | Is Earth’s Greatest Defender Faster than the Speed of Light?


Quora and Reddit threads are always full of questions asking how fast is Goku? and fans all over the world are debating this question. Besides his impressive fighting skills and impressive energy blasts, if there’s one thing Goku is famous for, it’s his speed. 

Goku is the most potent super Saiyan on this planet, apart from being Earth’s mightiest hero. He was first introduced as a money-tailed kid in the animated television series Dragon Balls, where he was on a journey to find the magical seven Dragon balls that can fulfill its user’s one wish. 

Everyone witnessed that Goku defeated his enemies, with his super-speed and combat skills, but Goku’s speed remained a question. I mean, we know he is fast and the strongest anime character, but how fast exactly? Thanks to a Quora user and his calculation, Goku’s top speed came out to be 334630130.9588907361 mph during his first appearance in Dragon Ball Super Saiyan but is this the maximum of his speed? or Can he still cross his own maximum speed? 

To know how fast Goku is, jump straight into the article below and see what is written there about Goku’s speed. With such speed, it is possible for Goku to defeat the DC franchise’s fastest superhero, The Flash, aka Barry Allen. (No offense)

How Fast is Goku-The Most Iconic Character in the World

Goku: How Fast is Goku

Goku’s top speed that we discussed, was measured on his journey to the Snake Way. In Dragon Ball Z, it took 177 days for Goku to reach the end of Snake Way’s path, which was considered to be 625,000 miles long. At that time, Goku was believed to have a power level of 5000, but when he entered Super Saiyan, his speed increased as it only took him approximately two days to return from Snake Way. 

Goku and his friends can move so fast because of the Godly powers flowing through their bodies that allow them to defy the laws of gravity and fly. All of them are superhumans; that is why they possess a massive amount of energy and can move faster than the average speed of an airplane. 

Goku vs Vegeta: How Fast is Goku

In Dragon Ball GT, viewers see Goku running at max Mach 900, which is very fast for an average human being. However, that is the only time where Goku runs so fast as a superhuman because he is fighting Baby Vegeta. Apart from that, viewers never see Goku going faster than a human in the GT series. During Goku’s travel to Snake Way, he recorded a flying speed of Mach 3000, which he pushed to greater heights because of his superpowers. 

As Goku has achieved his Super Saiyan form three times, he also has an ultra instinct speed that makes him one of the most iconic manga characters of all time. Due to the ultra instinct technique, Goku has learned to become one with his body and has received many new powers. After growing strength substantially with his first Super Saiyan form, Goku has mastered the art of physical self-control as well. 

Goku Ultra Instinct: How Fast is Goku

Suppose we combine all the powers of Goku’s Super Saiyan mode with his Super Saiyan God mode and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan mode. In that case, Goku’s almighty ultra instinct speed becomes even faster than the speed of light. Even Baby Vegeta fails to calculate Goku’s ultra mode speed.

Overview of Goku’s Character

Goku: How Fast is Goku

Goku is the main protagonist in the DragonBall series who was initially sent on Earth to destroy the planet. However, the plans for Earth’s destruction got altered when Goku went through a head injury in his early childhood that changed his memory, ridding him of his destructive side. Goku got adopted by martial artist Gohan, but this story ends soon before it even begins. Goku accidentally killed Gohan when he turned into the legendary Ozaru (temporarily) by staring at the full moon. 

After this incident, Goku’s friends cut off his monkey tail so he can no longer use this side of him and cause threats to anybody else. Goku started to live alone with a memento of Gohan known as Dragon Ball. Later, in his journey, Goku became friends with a girl named Bulma, who helped Goku become one of the greatest defenders of Earth. 

Final Words:

How Fast is Goku and Is Goku faster than light, are the questions that we have answered in this blog. As he trained to become one of the greatest warriors on Earth, Goku achieved the super Saiyan mode early in his life, allowing him incredible speed. Later on, because of Goku’s ultra modes, he became one of the most excellent protectors of the universe and protected the universe from numerous supervillains. 

Fun Fact – Some viewers think that the loudmouth leaf village ninja Naruto Uzumaki is faster than Goku and can defeat him in an alternate universe. In contrast, if Naruto even uses the massive chakra from his nine-tailed demon fox, he will still be slower than earth’s greatest defender, Goku.

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