How Fast Is The Flash? Is Flash’s Speed = Speed Of Light?


After taking a look at Flash’s ultra instinct speed, all of you must have wondered how fast is the Flash, right? Even those who aren’t a big fan of DC know that Barry Allen, aka The Flash, is the fastest man alive, and no one can beat him in his game, but was Barry Allen this fast from the beginning when he started out as a superhero? 

Barry Allen, aka The Flash, is an American superhero appearing in the DC comics. The superhero appeared in the DC world with Showcase #4, written and created by Robert Kanigher and Carmine Infantino. Long before Barry, the title was held by Jay Garrick, the original Flash, aka the best speedster in the DC league. 

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Typically Barry Allen can be fast as the creators want him to be. Just like Batman’s age is flexible, Barry Allen’s speed also has the flexibility to it. The maximum limit of his speed depends on the requirement of the story. Just so you know, Barry Allen can make it back and forth to a point and then teleporting simultaneously. Despite manipulating time and speed, a large number of Barry’s powers are kept untapped in the DC entertainment universe, unlike the comics. 

So, are you prepared to learn some new things about The Flash and his ultra-fast speed? If the answer is yes, then start scrolling below without waiting any further. 

How Fast Is The Flash? Superman And The Flash Compete For The Coveted Title!

Some of you may think that Superman can beat the Flash because he is overhyped in the pop culture as faster than a speeding bullet, but that’s not the truth. The Flash is the only fastest man alive, and even the Man of Steel, Superman, can’t beat him. Once, a race was held between the two heroes in the comic that the latter wins, but then again, it is all up to the writers. 

Superman’s top speed comes out to be somewhere between the range of 1536 to 3292 km/hr in contrast to Barry Allen’s top speed, which is recorded at 1235 km/hr. The reason for Superman’s increased speed is the fact that he smashes through the buildings and breaks every single window in the Central City while he is flying, whereas Barry likes to stay calm. Barry’s speed is discussed more openly in the CW series The Flash more than in the comics themselves. At the beginning of the series, when Barry and his team at STAR Labs were conducting experiments and performing certain tests on his speed, many intriguing details are revealed. 

How Fast Is The Flash? Can Flash Beat The Speed Of Light?

During the trial run at the abandoned airport in the pilot episode of The Flash, Barry could only run at a speed of 200 mph or 321 km/hr. Once Barry came to a stop by crashing into the water barrels, he successfully broke his wrist. Even though it took only two to three hours for him to heal, which is next to a miracle for any normal human being. Barry’s speed kept progressing throughout the series as his next top speed was 1127 km/hr when he faced his first supervillain Clyde Mardon. 

From this point onwards, Flash only kept improving his top speed consistently. A few episodes later, in The Flash is born, the hero finds himself once again in the middle of a deadly fight against Girder, a supervillain who can transform his skin into organic steel. To make Girder feel the impact of a punch, Barry was required to run at a velocity of 8.5 km in a straight line to reach his next top speed, 1347 km/hr, and deliver a solid metal breaking punch. 

Final Words 

Barry Allen, aka The Flash, wasn’t always the fastest man on earth. Ever since he first grabbed hold of the ultra-speed abilities at the STAR Labs, he was pushing himself to be the best version of himself. Now that he has surpassed his limits, we cannot wait to see him unfold his extraordinary powers in the upcoming Flash projects. 

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