How Is The Korean Revolution Taking Over The Entertainment Industry? 


The fast-growing popularity of the Korean Revolution has taken the entertainment industry by storm, just like this Bitcoin platform transaction took over the physical deals of wiring money across the internet. Be it K-pop, K dramas, or even Korean fashion, the world seems overly obsessed with the idea of anything Korean. A loyal army of dedicated fans follow their styles and statements without a second thought, almost similar to a cult. But what is this newfound fascination about anything ‘Korean’? Is the cute BTS fam? Or is it our love for aesthetically pleasing settings? The answer to all of these questions is ‘Originality.’ 

The same old love triangles and relationship dynamics of the Hollywood industry are, well, very monotonous. It feels like you are watching the same story in every movie. The only difference is the addition or deduction of some character or the other. We are pretty bored watching the same old ‘small-town girl meets Upper East side boy narrative.’ 

Korean dramas and films are like a breath of fresh air. K-dramas are known for their originality, exploration, provocative subjects, and ability to span a multitude of genres. And these are the very basic things that the Hollywood industry lacks in abundance. But the question still stands, how is the Korean Revolution take over the Entertainment industry? Let’s get into the cracks and crevices and explore the answers. 

How Is The Korean Revolution Dominating The World Of Cinema? 

How Is The Korean Revolution Taking Over The Entertainment Industry? 

Well, there is a literal term to describe this mega-wave of Korean culture. A Hallyu is a term used to describe the international success of South Korean music, fashion, TV, and food. If you do not believe us, you can happily consult the Oxford dictionary and find out for yourself. 

South Korea’s Parasite made history after winning Best Picture at the Academy Awards, which set many eyes on the director Bong Joon-Ho’s future works. The obsession with Korean cinema and dramas had started way before any award-winning entertainment like ‘Parasite’ and ‘Squid Game’. 

Korean dramas combine everything from style and storyline to social issues and elements of horror to make a perfect amalgamation of aesthetically and socially pleasing content. And to top it all, the content is very original and explores a variety of topics that are too controversial for the Hollywood entertainment industry. All of these are just a few points that help the Korean Revolution to take over the Entertainment industry. 

One of the many factors that play a very key role in the global fan following is the style, fashion, and general aesthetic fashion sense of the Koreans. The looks are classy, chic, and inexpensive, making them very achievable. Another point that could be helping the Korean Revolution is the ‘cleanliness’ of content, as compared to the American shows. There’s almost no use of foul language and no obscenity or violence, which makes it suitable for an audience of all ages. 

To sum it all up, Korean Revolution took over the Entertainment industry because of some very basic factors. So, it’s big time for the Hollywood industry to catch up with the changing environment and brush up on their scripts and mind. Till then, the Korean Revolution is more than enough to keep us occupied with their engaging storylines and effortless acting. 

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