How Late Does Instacart Deliver? Instacart Gets 24×7 Delivery And More!


How late does Instacart deliver if such a need arises? For a grocery and home supply delivery service, hours of delivery are as crucial as anything else. As a customer, you can be satisfied in knowing a service has you covered at all hours of all days. And as a service, addressing the pain point of late deliveries is a game-changer in business.

If you don’t already know what Instacart is then you either live under a rock or not in the United States/Canada. So let me explain. Instacart is a grocery and household item delivery service that offers you a personal shopper to do the shopping for you. For a small service fee, you can get all the items you need from a grocery shop and pick them up when it’s done. Or choose to pay a delivery fee and straight away get your groceries delivered to your home.

How late does Instacart deliver? Instacart announced in 2021 that they are rolling out a 24×7 delivery service. They partnered up with convenience stores and departmental stores open round the clock to offer this amazing service. Stores like 7-Eleven, CVS, Walgreens, and other retailers offer this service. 

Now you can have a weird midnight craving for absolutely anything and know Instacart will have you covered. Instacart has a great customer experience overall. You waive the delivery and discounted service fees if you get an Instacart Express Membership. You also have the flexibility to cancel your orders easily or even delete your Instacart account if you don’t like the service. No questions asked. Now let’s check out how Instacart delivery works.

How Late Does Instacart Deliver, And What Can You Order From It? All You Need To Know!

How Late Does Instacart Deliver? Instacart Gets 24x7 Delivery And More!

Previously Instacart offered early morning and late-night deliveries. Deliveries would start at 9 am and would run till midnight. But a shift in shopping patterns during the covid period made Instacart adapt. In early 2021 they onboarded these 24×7 convenience stores as much-needed relief to the people shopping. Round-the-clock delivery isn’t just for groceries. Instacart has a catalog of 500 million different items. That means any and everything household related is available.

In situations where if someone ran out of diapers in the middle of the night, they would have to go and get them themselves. Those people can simply put in their order on Instamart and get it delivered to their homes. Instacart is also making the push towards faster deliveries. Many services have recently cropped up providing this service, and to combat the competition, Instacart cannot be left behind. 

Does Instacart Deliver 24×7? How Late Does Instacart Deliver?

How Late Does Instacart Deliver? Instacart Gets 24x7 Delivery And More!

Instacart delivery hours are dictated by the opening hours of the stores that work with them. Fresh fruit and vegetable deliveries might be only available at times Vegetable stores restock them. Ideally, the working hours of such stores are from 7 am to 8 pm. Some stores might be open much earlier or a bit later. Not only the stores but delivery times also vary based on locations. 

Metro cities and urban localities can expect stores to be open much longer than rural stores. This is party location-based and partly demand-based. A store will be open depending on the delivery traffic it witnesses. There are no individual store-based incentives, and stores working with Instacart work according to their schedule.

Which Store Is Open 24×7 On Instacart? How Late Does Instacart Deliver?

How Late Does Instacart Deliver? Instacart Gets 24x7 Delivery And More!

Technically, Instacart is available 24×7. It never sleeps. So you can look for something in the dead of night and put it in your order. But when it comes to deliveries, only certain stores and places will offer late-night deliveries. As Instacart announced its partnership with stores open round the clock, the delivery options have increased. However, a major criterion for late-night deliveries remains the availability of drivers.

The stores which are available round the clock on Instacart are Walgreens, CVS, 7-Eleven, Safeway, and Rite Aid. However, it still depends on a case-by-case basis. You should check in with your local stores to see if they support 24-hour delivery. If they don’t, you can still get your items through the express delivery first thing the next morning.

Shopping On The Instamart Convenience Hub | How Late Does Instacart Deliver?

How Late Does Instacart Deliver? Instacart Gets 24x7 Delivery And More!

Chances are, if you are shopping for something at 3 am in the morning, you are shopping on the Instacart convenience hub. This is where Instacart makes all the stores offering late-night deliveries available. Small and large stores are present on the listings and vary from place to place. You will get free Priority Delivery if you have an Instacart Express Membership.

Even if you don’t have Express Membership, you can still avail free regular delivery from the Instacart convenience hub. Instacart is aware of time-sensitive deliveries and is constantly trying to up its service. While great customer service is appreciated, timely product delivery will keep them afloat. 

Late-night orders are often impulse-driven and have a smaller batch size. Instacart has allowed its full-service shoppers to accept late-night deliveries and get paid more. They have clearly laid out guidelines and incentives to work at such hours. From wearing brightly colored clothes to access to emergency services at all times, Instacart is not taking late delivery lightly. 

Final Words

As a customer, if you are wondering how late does Instacart deliver, then I hope you have got your answer. At the end of the day, more competition for delivery services means good things for the consumers. We can expect delivery prices to go down as the fight for the best service increases. 24×7 delivery can be crucial in many cases. Delivery of essentials at odd hours might seem weird to some. But with conflicting schedules, the need to accommodate more and more people becomes essential for a company’s survival. Delivery workers can make good money with Instacart and cash out when necessary. What are your thoughts about Instacart? Drop a comment below if you need help with something else!

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