How Long Does Instacart Background Check Take | All You Need To Know!


Instacart is amazing at delivering groceries at lightning-fast speeds. They manage to do this by employing people known as personal shoppers. The personal shoppers do the shopping and take care of delivery too. The job offers people a flexible way to make money, so hundreds and thousands of people are working as Instacart Personal Shoppers as of 2022. But to become one, Instacart has a rigorous system of checks and balances. So if you are wondering how long does Instacart background check take, then we are here to explain.

Instacart can not let any Tom, Dick, and Harry walk into grocery shops and be in charge of delivery. That poses serious privacy and security risks. To make sure the customers and the business partners remain safe, Instacart employs the use of several background checking agencies. Not everyone who applies to Instacart moves on to the background checking phase. 

Basically, how long does Instacart background check take depends on various factors. Any background check for Instacart takes around 10 business days to complete. Often it’s less than that, but it can vary on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes it may even take longer than 10 days. With that time frame in mind, let’s get to the technicalities of Instacart background checks.

How Long Does Instacart Background Check Take | Third-Party Background Checks

How Long Does Instacart Background Check Take | All You Need To Know!
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When you apply to Instacart looking to get a job in the shopping section, there are various things to consider. Your background check includes checking your driving history and your criminal history. According to various sources, if you have a history of offenses like Driving Under the Influence or other misdemeanors, you have slim chances of getting the job. Parking violations or other misdemeanors may be overlooked and disputed case-by-case basis. 

Many people with clean history have reported that their background checks only took a day or two. So it all depends on the type of history you have but expect some time for the check to take place. If you are wondering how long does Instacart background check take to disqualify you and what you can do about them, then read on!

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Things To Expect From An Instacart Background Check | How Long Does Instacart Background Check Take

How Long Does Instacart Background Check Take | All You Need To Know!

First of all, to reach the background checking stage, you need to qualify the basic criteria laid down by Instacart. Once you qualify for the initial stage, you will receive a conditional offer that will state the purpose of conducting a background check. If you accept the onboarding process there on, you will have to give consent to the background check. In the US, every company needs to seek consent from individuals to carry out a background check on them. 

According to the onboarding website of Instacart, the company outsources its background checks to two companies. One is Checkr Inc, and the other one is Sterling. Checkr Inc is based out of San Fransisco, while Sterling is a New York-based company. Following the onboarding process with Instacart, you will be directed to either one of these agencies’ landing pages.

You will have to again give your consent for a background check. After agreeing, you will need to add your personal details like your name, address, and your social security number. Since the most in-demand and lucrative position is of the personal shopper, you will also need to submit your driver’s license number.

Sterling is by far the most efficient of the two companies. Often completing background checks within 24 hours. Both the companies will access the information that is available in the Public Domain in order to create your profile and run the check on you.

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Things Instacart Looks For When Running Your Background | How Long Does Instacart Background Check Take?

How Long Does Instacart Background Check Take | All You Need To Know!

When applying for Instacart, it can be nerve-racking to think that a background check is being run on you. What exactly are they looking at? Will your debt be considered? What about your credit history? There are many things that happen in one’s past, so knowing what part is going to be looked at for your background check is essential.

As previously mentioned, there are two major things a background check is essential for. One is your driving history, and the second is your criminal history. Driving history will consider your DUI violations if you have any. It will also consider your moving vehicle violations, say if you got into an accident and it was your fault. Driving history will also consider the number of parking violation tickets you may have. While a few of them can be ignored, if you have an excess of violations, your chances of getting hired may be slim. 

Similarly, many things can be on there for having a criminal record. Some may be little and easily be overlooked, while others may be difficult to overcome. Things like serious felonies, criminal charges, or a history of violent crimes will get you written off. Though there are times when these charges can be overlooked if they happened a very long time ago, that is only decided on a case-by-case basis. 

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Things Instacart Might Disqualify You For | How Long Does Instacart Background Check Take

How Long Does Instacart Background Check Take | All You Need To Know!

Instacart can and will do hiring as they please. Some bad history is inevitable, so you should not lose hope just because you have a small parking ticket. Also, if you have a serious criminal history that goes way back to your past, Instacart is said to look over that. You may have made a mistake in your past and gotten your life back on track. Instacart and many companies like it are willing to give people a second shot at life with these things in mind.

As previously mentioned, there is a line that companies draw. If your offenses are recent and serious, then it’s not possible to look over them. Things like s*xual assault, battery, and assault will make you unemployable. But the more recent it is, the more difficult it will be to onboard you.

Instacart Hiring And Its Drug Policy | How Long Does Instacart Background Check Take

Lots of companies have strict drug policies when making new hires. According to various reports, Instacart does not have a mandatory drug check before or after hiring. So you don’t need to be worried about that. We don’t condone being under the influence of drugs, so make sure you stay off them when you’re working. Keep a personal check on your drug consumption and make sure once you get a job, you can keep it too.

Final Words

So we now you know how long does Instacart background check take. The best-case scenario is that you will get a check done quickly, which is under 24 hours. But know that it can take up to 10 business days too. Instacart says if you haven’t heard back from them within 10 business days, you should contact them about an update. Meanwhile, you should be prepared to receive Public Record Notices. It simply means your information is being accessed, so nothing to be worried about. If there is anything else you would like our help with, don’t forget to drop a comment below. We will get back to you with a solution for sure!

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