How Long Does It Take Le-Vel Thrive To Work?


So, you’re thinking about using Le-Vel Thrive, huh? If you are like me when I first started researching Thrive, one of the biggest questions is: how long does it really take for Le-Vel products to work? If Thrive products do actually help me with my fitness goals, what’s the timeline I’m looking at? The real question here is, is Thrive worth my time?

Spoiler alert: yeah. It’s worth it. At least it has been for me over the last year!

But I totally understand if you’re hesitating; after all, if you’re going to invest in something, you want it to actually make a difference in how you feel and see some tangible results. I wasn’t always a Thriver, but I hit a point where I had nothing left to lose and gave Le-Vel Thrive a shot, and I’m so glad I did. I knew I had made the right decision when the results started up in such a short period.

For some people, like my friend who convinced me to try Thrive in the first place, it can take closer to two weeks to start feeling the results. For others, like myself, it only takes a few days to start noticing something different in your everyday life. Here’s how it worked for me, when things started to change for the better, and why I think everyone ought to give Le-Vel Thrive a try.

What Is Le-Vel Thrive?

Okay, before we dive right into timelines, let’s cover the basics.

Le-Vel Thrive is a multi-billion dollar health-and-wellness company that sells the Thrive Experience (amongst other health & personal products) which is used to help ensure that your body is getting all of the nutrition it needs to optimally operate. We all sometimes struggle to get enough vitamins and minerals in our busy lives, so Thrive products help you bridge some of those nutrition gaps. With over 10 million customers worldwide, people have been able to manage their health and meet their wellness goals with a little boost from The Thrive Experience.

With all-natural ingredients, the Thrive Experience is done using three simple steps:

  • Take-Two Premium Lifestyle Capsules
    These capsules contain nutrients that your body may be deficient in, such as antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics, amino acids, plant extracts, etc.
  • Drink A Premium Lifestyle Shake Mix
    After you take your capsules, wait about 20 minutes and drink a Thrive shake (which is honestly pretty good and comes in over ten different flavor options!) You’ll get another helping of important nutrients and get a boost of energy, too.
  • Apply The Thrive DFT
    Every 24 hours, place a Thrive DFT to clean, dry skin.

How Long Does Thrive Take To Work?

How Long Does It Take Le-Vel Thrive To Work?

When I started my Thrive journey, it took 6 days before I started feeling a difference. I remember it was 6 days specifically because I thought to myself, “Less than a week?” I was pleasantly surprised! For my friend who recommended Thrive in the first place, it took about 10 days. I’ve also heard from other Thrivers online that have seen results sooner and others who have waited closer to two full weeks or even a month.

But here’s what I noticed and how I knew it was working for me. I didn’t suddenly go down a size in my jeans or have zero sugar cravings—that’s not really how Thrive works. But suddenly, I was firing on all cylinders. It was in the little things.

I didn’t feel like I needed to nap when that afternoon slump hit.

In fact, I was sleeping through the night.

When it was time to hit the gym after work, I actually felt like going and working up a sweat.

I was more satisfied with my meals and could stop snacking after a decent helping of dinner.

It was like all of the small things that added up and stopped me from sticking with healthier habits were gone and I could just dial in and get what needed to be done, done.

On that note, here’s a word of caution: Le-Vel Thrive products aren’t going to help you slim down or boost your wellness overnight. Just like any other real wellness strategy, you still have to move your body, eat right, and get enough rest if you want to become healthier and reach your goals. Le-Vel Thrive just makes that so much easier and helps me meet my goals on a much faster, more efficient timeline.

The main benefit, at least for me and my friends who have said similar things, is that you are boosting your body with all of the right nutrients. Instead of waiting for your body to “catch up” with the healthy efforts you’re making, Thrive helped my body prepare for a healthier lifestyle so that all of my wellness efforts had greater impacts.

So, if you’re thinking about using Le-Vel Thrive but are worried you aren’t going to see results in a timely manner, don’t stress! Most people start feeling different in a two to three-week time frame, which can help you make the most of your wellness habits and get you started on the right foot. No two bodies are the same, so it’s impossible to say exactly when you will start feeling better. The only thing you can really do is try it for yourself. Happy Thriving!

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