How Many Seasons Are In Naruto? The Inspiring Tale Of Naruto Uzumaki!


Naruto is one of the best and well-established anime franchises globally, with an immense fan following. The anime franchise revolves around a young Naruto Uzumaki and his comrades, who live in the Village Hidden in the Leaf. Due to an overwhelming number of episodes in the series, viewers often wonder how many seasons are in Naruto? 

Both the anime series Naruto and Naruto Shippuden have a crazy fan following because of the story of the Nine-Tailed Fox sealed inside a young Naruto Uzumaki. Although the Uzumaki prodigy is shunned because of his Jinchuriki roots, he never stops working hard to fulfill his dream of being a Hokage one day. 

Overall the Naruto franchise combined with the movies ran for 15 years from 2002 to 2017. During the fifteen years, many different characters in the series were given dedicated and entertaining story arcs for their character development and hence the story development. While Naruto ran for five seasons with 220 episodes and Naruto Shippuden ran for 21 seasons with 500 episodes on its list. Since the story is taken from Kishimoto’s manga series, all seasons are divided into different story arcs. 

To know more about the different story arcs, you can scroll down below and take a look at all the exciting details we have covered for you. 

How Many Seasons Are In Naruto? The Tale Of Nine-Tailed Fox Explained! 

The first anime series in the franchise titled Naruto was dedicated to young Uzumaki’s ninja journey. The story started right from his birth to the time he went after Sasuke to bring him back to the Leaf village. After Sasuke refused to come back and was firm with his decision to stay with Orochimaru, Naruto decided to go on a journey with Jiraya to train and become stronger so he could bring Sasuke back one day. 

The Timeline Of Naruto | Story Of 5 Seasons 

The anime series Naruto ran for five years, with five seasons covering 220 episodes. Each season of the show covered a different number of attacks and focused on different series’ characters. 

Season 1 – 57 Episodes 

How Many Seasons Are In Naruto? The Tale Of Naruto Uzumaki!

Naruto made a debut with the story set in the Land of Waves. The first season of the show saw Naruto grow from a snooty kid to a hard-working Genin. After he became a part of Team 7 along with Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi, they were sent on their first mission to take the bridge man safely to the land of waves, but on their way, they encountered Zabuza and Haku, the first-ever villain duo in the story.  

After the Zabuza story arc, the focus shifted to chunin exams, where our favorite ninja students faced some of the toughest survival tests thrown in their way. The chunin exams began with a written test that most teams qualified for due to their cheating skills (yes, ninjas also cheat). After the written round, the next round of chunin exams took place in the forest of death with Anko Mitarashi as the proctor. 

During the second round in the Forest of Death, many surprising events took place in the Naruto series. First, it was found that the participants from the Sound and Sand village are working under Orochimaru, which was followed by Gaara’s unwanted display of immense strength. Naruto and his team members were attacked during the run for ninja scrolls, which gave Orochimaru the time to put the curse mark on Sasuke’s neck. The show’s first season ended with thrilling fights between the participants in the third round of Chunin exams. 

Season 2 – 43 Episodes

How Many Seasons Are In Naruto? The Tale Of Naruto Uzumaki!

The show’s second season began on a rather sad note when it was found that Rock Lee could never fulfill his dream of being a ninja. The fifth gate move in his fight against Gaara took a toll on his body and left him with certain injuries for life. After the rest of the Genin were given a month to train for the final rounds, they were back in the final rounds to take each other down for good one last time. However, after the infiltration from the sand and the sound village, there was a change in plans, and everyone went from Chunin mode to safeguard Konoha mode. 

Konohagakure saw a significant loss in the second season with the death of their third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi. After the big loss, Jiraya was offered the fifth Hokage, but he declined to say that Tsunade would be a better choice. To bring Tsunade back to the village, Jiraya left with Naruto, whereas two profound members of the Akatsuki organization, Itachi and Kisame, stepped into Konoha.  

Season 3 – 41 Episodes

How Many Seasons Are In Naruto? The Tale Of Naruto Uzumaki!

Season 3 of Naruto mostly consisted of filler episodes and started on a funny note with the episode where Sasuke, Saruko, and Naruto were trying to catch a glimpse of Kakashi’s full face. Soon after all the fun, team 7 went on a new mission to the Land of Tea so they could help the Wasabi family. The events during the Wasabi arc proved significant for the character development of Sasuke and Naruto. On one hand, Naruto was turning powerful with each episode while Sasuke was seen losing it. 

After returning to the leaf village, Sasuke grew jealous of Naruto’s strength and decided to leave the village to become more powerful. Once he left to join Orochimaru, Konoha 11 was sent on a mission to bring him back, ending with a fight between two former comrades (Sasuke and Naruto). 

Season 4 – 42 Episodes 

How Many Seasons Are In Naruto? The Tale Of Naruto Uzumaki!

The fourth season of the series began with the Mizuki arc. You remember Mizuki. The one who trapped Naruto to steal the shadow clone scroll? At the beginning of the fourth season, Mizuki broke out of the jail to reach Orochimaru, which led to Naruto getting involved with Iruka sensei in a mission to capture the culprit. The mission was soon followed by Naruto’s desire to bring Sasuke back to the village. For the following Bikochu mission, Naruto became a part of Team 8 with Kiba, Shino, and Hinata. 

Most of the episodes in season four were filler, including many Bikochu arcs, the Kurosaki arc, and the Gosunki arc. From the Cursed War Extermination arc, the upcoming episodes of the series can also be missed if viewers are more interested in moving to the final season of the series. 

Season 5 – 37 Episodes

How Many Seasons Are In Naruto? The Tale Of Naruto Uzumaki!

The show’s final season started with a bang and focused on Konoha 11 sticking together so they could save their home once again from destruction. This time the ninjas of Konohagakure were against a powerful enemy, Kagero. After saving Konoha from the havoc, the rest of the season focused on other show characters such as Yakumo Kurama, Kurenai Yuhi, and Gaara of the desert. 

The end of the series witnessed a level-headed confrontation between Jiraya and Naruto with the former accusing the latter of destroying his future for Sasuke. Even after that, Naruto swore not to step back from his promise and instead started his journey with Jiraya to receive his training and become powerful. 

Final Words 

Naruto is one of the greatest animes of all time, with an intriguing storyline that keeps the viewers hooked on their TV screens. Those of you who are yet to watch the series can start streaming the five seasons of Naruto today on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other OTT platforms. 

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