How Powerful Is Cosmic Armor Superman? DC’s New Version Of Heroism!


DC’s Man Of Steel may be one of the most powerful heroes in the universe, but are you aware of an overpowered version of the same character who can save the DC multiverse alone? Cosmic Armor Superman is DC’s ultimate superhero who can turn planets into dust and travel from one planet to the other in a few seconds. How Powerful Is Cosmic Armor Superman? This is the first question that pops into everybody’s head when they hear about Cosmic Armor of Superman. 

Cosmic Armor Superman is a sentinel being in the DC universe created especially for DC Comics. In his universe, Cosmic Superman is also known as The Thought Robot and is driven by heroism, memories, and endless powers. Looking at the immense powers of Cosmic Armor Superman, it is safe to say that he is the doomsday hero created to end ultimate evil. 

Popularly known as the Guardian of the Creation, Cosmic Armor Superman made his first appearance in the DC comics with Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #2, a 2009 DC comic. In this edition, Mandrakk’s corrupting powers drive Ultraman mad with rage leading him to do anything in his power to fight against the inhabitants of Limbo and gain control. Cosmic Superman is the only superhero who can withstand this apocalypse and save humanity along with Lois for one last time. 

Let’s move ahead and find out more about the cosmic armor hero and how he uses every last drop of strength in his body to fight evil. 

Cosmic Armor Superman Makes An Appearance In DC’s Final Crisis | Last Hope of Multiverse 

No other superhero in the DC universe is indeed superior to the Kryptonian hero Superman. To surpass him in his powers and super strength, DC had to develop an alternate version of himself, as Superman is his only competition. Till now, Cosmic Superman has only appeared in one comic to save the multiverse from destruction. Readers are looking forward to reading more about him and someday seeing him appear cinematically in the DC Extended Universe. 

The Undying Powers Of Cosmic Armor Superman | The Thought Robot Saves Limbo 

The Undying Powers Of Cosmic Armor Superman | The Thought Robot Saves Limbo

Comic Superman is the only superhero to have appeared once only in the comics, but his only appearance was enough to save the lives of DC’s other heroes. After Superman is taken to an alternate reality and Darkseid has successfully gained control of the universe, cosmic entities known as Monitors start guiding heroes to save their homes. Among these Monitors, one was driven by his lust for power, so he turned himself into Mandrakk, a cosmic vampire who wants to suck the joy of the multiverse. 

Mandrakk is centuries old, so he has successfully gained an immense amount of strength and power. Mandrakk knows all the secrets of the multiverse and the strengths and weaknesses of each hero. Due to this, none of them can defeat this evil monstrosity. To save humanity, Superman takes an extreme step and fuses together with Ultraman (his evil counterpart) to create the Thought Robot, also known as Cosmic Armor Superman. DC’s new hero is charged with immortality, heroism, and memories of Superman, making him the only powerful being in the comics. 

The Undying Powers Of Cosmic Armor Superman | The Thought Robot Saves Limbo 

Quantum manipulation, superhuman physical strength, and immortality are just some of the few powers of this new superhero. In the end, Cosmic Superman defeats the evil Mandrakk and saves the heroes from the devil’s final blow. Once the battle is over, and there is no need for the cosmic entity, he crumbles afterward, leaving the original Superman to tend to a dying Lois Lane (who was injured during the battle).

Though the comic ends with the tombstone of the new hero, with the words “TO BE CONTINUED” written over it. Still, we all know that this isn’t the end for him. There will be a time when humanity will be on the verge of downfall again, and cosmic Superman will be there to save us from the end. To answer everyone’s question, “How Powerful Is Cosmic Armor Superman?” we can say that he is powerful enough to save the entire DC universe without anyone’s help.

Who Can Beat Cosmic Armor Superman? Challange Across Multiple Universes!

Who Can Beat Cosmic Armor Superman? Challange Across Multiple Universes!

Looking at the immense powers of Cosmic Superman, many viewers have a misunderstanding that he can defeat any other hero or villain in the universe. However, this isn’t true at all. No matter how much power he has, there are certain cosmic beings that can overpower and easily kill him. For example, Eternity is the living embodiment of the universe, and he is the reason behind everybody’s existence. Cosmic Superman certainly does not have a chance against someone who is everything. 

From the DC universe, Overvoid and Presence are the only two beings who have powers greater than the cosmic hero. These two are above every other being in DC and can kill cosmic armor Superman with a snap. From the Marvel universe, The One Above All, Scathan, The Approver, The Living Tribunal, and The Beyonder are a few who are capable of defeating the Cosmic Armor Superman. 

Cosmic Superman vs Beyonder | The Fight Of Multiverse 

Cosmic Superman vs Beyonder | The Fight Of Multiverse 

Even though Cosmic Superman didn’t have much chance to display his strength in a battle against entities of other universes like Marvel, there is one fight we all are dying to see. The ultimate fight that would take place between Armor Superman and Marvel’s cosmic entity, Beyonder, kidnapped and tortured all the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe. The nearly omnipotent being made his first appearance in the Marvel comics Secret Wars with a desire to destroy the Marvel multiverse. 

If and when the two universes merge and a fight takes place between the two, it would be thrilling to see Superman and Beyonder rip each other apart. Though both of them are powerful and can kill anyone they want, there has to be one who is superior to the other and can overpower his opponent. Cosmic Superman’s biggest power is his manipulation technique, which only works when he is a part of the DC universe. 

There is no guarantee that the battle will take place in Superman’s universe. On the other hand, Beyonder is omnipotent, he can control death, and he is more powerful than all of the multiverse combined. Even if cosmic Superman uses the best of his manipulation powers and heat vision, Beyonder can easily absorb all of the attacks, turn them into his strength and kill his opponent instantly. 

Final Words 

There is no end to the Cosmic Amor Superman’s powers as long as he is fighting in the DC universe. However, the moment he steps into another universe, there is a greater chance that he will be low on his strength, giving his enemies the upper hand to strike and defeat him. There is no doubt that he is the only powerful superhero in the DC universe, but it may not remain true when talking about other universes like Marvel. 


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