Nintendo: How Tall Is Mario? Know 10 Facts About Mario!


Mario, a popular fictional gaming character, has remained with us since childhood. Shigeru Miyamoto (a Japanese video game designer) created Mario’s character in 1981. Since then, the height of Mario remained an inconsistent detail in many Super Mario Games. Therefore, it brings in our mind the question about how tall is Mario?

Shigeru created Mario during the development of Donkey Kong (1981) to make a bestselling game for Nintendo (a Japanese video game company). Since then, Mario sequels have shown how new designs can improvise the gaming experience. 

How Tall That Snake Plant Can Grow
How Tall That Snake Plant Can Grow

Mario has some fixed features that never changed, like his hair, mustache, etc. The thing that kept changing was his height. According to Reddit, the height of Mario is 5 foot 1 inch or 155 cm. In comparison, Mario’s merchandise lists his height, shorter than 5 feet. Therefore the height of Mario varies from platform to platform. 

Are you still confused about Mario’s height with different heights on different platforms? This article will give you details and, along with it, some unique facts about him. So keep scrolling!

How Tall Is Mario? Know The Little Famous Man!

Nintendo: How Tall Is Mario? Know 10 Facts About Mario!

Nintendo has never confirmed the actual height of its many mascots, so a little research is needed to solve this query. Despite many facts, the query remains unanswered: How Tall is Mario? What is his actual height? 

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Height Of Mario In Different Games

Height Of Mario In Different Games

It is evident that Mario grows twice his height when he eats super mushrooms. The height of Mario does not remain constant in any particular game and the different versions. However, it keeps on changing from one video game to another. So, to get a precise idea of what’s Mario’s height in various games, go through the following- 

Super Mario Bros. 1.5 cm
Super Mario Bros. 3 1.875 cm
New Super Mario Bros.  2 cm 
Super Mario 64 3.3 cm
Super Mario Galaxy 2 cm
New Super Mario Bros. Wii 1.75 cm
Super Mario 3D Land1.5 cm 
Super Mario 3D World 1.25 cm 

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Real Height Of Mario

Real Height Of Mario

As far as we know, it is difficult to assume Mario’s natural height. However, 155 cm (5’1″) is a conventional height of Mario, and 77.5 cm (2’7″) is the shrunken height of Mario. So, to sum it up, Mario is not taller than 5 feet.

On comparing the heights provided by the games and sources, we can say that Mario has no fixed height. However, we can say that the height provided by the character makers should be considered the standard height, which is approximately less than 5 feet or equals 4’5″.

Now that you know how tall is Mario, we have made this article a New year Bonanza where along with one query, you get facts free. 

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Know Mario With Its 10 Unknow Facts | Now You Can Win Mario Quiz!

Know Mario With Its 10 Facts | Now You Can Win Mario Quiz!

Each series of Mario attracts the audience towards itself, and fans end up looking for that peculiar fact about Mario, which they can flex of being its fan. (Phew, it was a long sentence) So, dear Mario fans, no worry, here I serve you with ten unknown facts about Mario- 

  • Mario first appeared on a gaming platform Donkey Kong (1981), as a player character. 
  • When Miyamoto wanted Popeye as the main character for his games and could not get the licensing rights, he created Mario in its place. 
  • Charles Martinet, since 1992 voiced Mario. It started with Mario’s Game Gallery and afterward Super Mario 64.
  • In his upcoming film adaptations of 2022, Mario will be voiced by Chris Pratt.
  • Mario’s first appearance in the media world other than games was Saturday Supercade ( anime TV series).
  • In Super Mario Bros, Chris Pratt has taken the role of Mario.
  • The Super Mario Bros series is the most popular gaming franchise in the Guinness Book of Records.
  • Mario was called Jumpman in the past during the release of Donkey Kong in the United States.
  • Mario was the first video game character honored with a statue in Hollywood’s Wax Museum in 2003.
  • Famous musicians like Eminem, Ludacris, and Trace Adkins referenced Mario in their music.

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Final Words 

Dear Mario Fans, I think this ride where Mario was discussed from head to toe might have impressed you like anything. Your queries like How tall is Mario? etc. are solved too. Now it’s your duty to tell us what is that specific detail of Mario that you love the most in the comment section. 

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