How To Add Captions To Instagram Stories? As Easy As You Like It! 


Everything you do on Instagram seems to be to please the algorithm. And as far as the algorithm gods go, posts, reels, and stories with captions are now preferred. It is also essential to add captions to make your stories accessible to an audience that needs them. So how to add captions to Instagram stories? We have you covered!

Adding captions to posts, stories, or reels consisting of long videos can be a real pain in the rear end. Especially trying to get it to perfectly sync with audio is a huge ask. Thankfully Instagram keeps on coming up with neat new features every now and then. One of those features is the automatic adding of captions to stories. 

How To Add Captions To Instagram Stories? All You Need To Know About Stickers And Captions

Instagram uses machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to detect speech in the video. The speech detection lets you add captions to Instagram stories quickly. This new method also makes it easy to add captions. This way, Instagram captions are also perfectly in sync with the video and what is being spoken.

Another good thing about the new feature of adding captions by Instagram is that it is edit-friendly. If you speak too fast or the AI mistakes what you said for something else, you can easily go back to it and edit it. This way, you can make sure that you don’t make a fool of yourself. Instagram captions come in clutch in scenarios when you can’t turn on the audio of the story you are viewing. Maybe you’re in an outdoor setting, and you don’t have your earphones. Maybe the audio isn’t available, and you need to know what is being said. So for times like these, we can all rely on captions. 

If you are a content creator or an influencer, you must cater to all kinds of audiences. Knowing how to add captions to Instagram stories is essential for your bread and butter. You need to make your content more accessible to everyone, and adding captions is a great way to do it. Though you also need to keep one thing in mind, Instagram has not made the captions feature available to all the regions. So if you can’t find the option to add stickers, you might have to do some waiting. 

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A Step By Step Guide On How To Add Captions To Instagram Stories 

How To Add Captions To Instagram Stories? As Easy As You Like It! 

Adding captions to Instagram stories is possible by adding stickers. Just like you can add emoji stickers, question stickers, and location stickers – Caption stickers will add captions to your video. The process is very straightforward and is as simple as adding… you guessed it, a sticker. Yes, that is literally it! But if you are not used to posting stories, this guide should help you out. Follow the steps below and know how to add captions to Instagram stories easily.

  • Firstly, start by opening the Instagram app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android. The process is the same across all the devices.
  • After you’re in the app and on the Feed page, click on the bubble in the top left corner of your screen. It’s the ‘Your Story’ bubble and will open the Instagram camera.
  • You can now record a video or upload one from your gallery. Choose either one.
  • After you’re done, tap on the sticker icon on the top right corner of the screen in the next window.
  • From the list of options that will appear, scroll to the Captions option and tap on it. 
  • Here you can choose the font type for the text and do some other editing.
  • After you are done editing your caption text, tap on Done in the top right corner of your screen.
  • The captions will be aligned and synced. Post to “Your Stories” or send to just “Close Friends.” Select either of the two options and then click on the next arrow.

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And that’s it; you’re done! The video you posted on your stories will now be viewable to all those you shared. If you have a public Instagram profile, your Instagram story captions will be visible to them also. The same process of adding captions to Instagram Stories holds true for adding captions to reels, etc. 

Note that if your video is very small and only a couple of seconds long, then Instagram might not be able to add captions to it. In such a case, if you still want captions to be seen on your video, you can simply add text on top of your Instagram Story. To add text to your Instagram Story –

  • Open the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android.
  • Click on the Your Story bubble in the top left of your screen.
  • Record a short video that you want or upload it from your gallery.
  • On the new screen, tap on the “Aa” button on the top of your screen. This button will add text to your Instagram story. Choose the color, font, and style of the text you want to add to your Instagram story.
  • Now type the text you want to appear in your brief video. 
  • After you are satisfied with everything, the color, the typeface, etc., simply click on Post Your Story.

This should help even your brief videos get a feeling of captions. Like other stickers on Instagram, you can also pin your text to anything in the video, and it can be moved around. We prefer a more stable position of the text as it makes it easy to focus on the captions and quickly read what’s written.

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Final Words

We hope our guide on how to add captions to Instagram Stories proves helpful to you. You can also read our other guides on how to add music to your Instagram Stories or how to delete your second Instagram account. We love to cover all things social media, so if you have a suggestion, let us know in the comments below! If you need help with something specific, we will also be more than happy to help you!

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