How To Add Location To Instagram Bio In 2023? The Quickest Way Here!


If you’re an Instagram business trying to sell more of your products and services then there are several things you can do. I’m sure you may already know about most of them. But, did you know that adding your location in your Instagram bio can go a long way in directing more people to you? And in case you did, do you know how to add location to Instagram bio? If not, make sure to not skip a single section of the article! 

There are several benefits of learning how to put location in Instagram bio. Yes, it’s true that in today’s social media-driven world, businesses have turned online. And, as an Instagram business, you can definitely agree that there are tons of benefits to this. But, there’s no denying that your customers might want to know where you’re located. Just so that they can visit you. In fact, adding your location can make you look more credible! 

On top of that, understanding how to add address to Instagram bio isn’t hard at all! There are just a few simple steps involved in the process! And, the returns you get by following these simple steps are going to be immense! So, make sure to read till the end to find out how to add location on Instagram bio! 

Here’s How To Add Location To Instagram Bio | Do It In These Simple Steps!

Also, if you’ve have a private Instagram account or an anonymous account, but you too want to know how to add location to Instagram bio, I’ve found a way for you too! By reading this article, you too will be able to have your location displayed in your Instagram bio with great ease! So, scroll to the bottom! 

All, Instagram businesses, buckle up! Because even though regularly posting pictures and fun reels with your own touch to trends and challenges can fetch you plenty of followers, learning how to put location on Instagram bio is still going to be a game-changer for business! Your sales will skyrocket and you’ll become ultra-famous real quick! So, you guys too should keep scrolling! 

How To Add A Location On Instagram Bio As A Private Account?

How To Add Location To Instagram Bio In 2022? The Quickest Way Here!

If you’ve got a private account and you want to know how to put a location on Instagram bio, I’m sorry to disappoint you a little here. There’s no way you can do that without converting to a business account. 

And, you can do so with great ease. Just follow the below-mentioned steps and you’ll have a business account in no time! 

  • Open Instagram. 
  • Tap on the profile icon located at the bottom right. 
  • Then tap on the three horizontal bars located at the top. 
  • From the option, select ‘Settings’. 
  • Then, go to the ‘Account’ option. 
  • Scroll down to the bottom till you locate the ‘Switch to professional account’ option. Tap on it. 
  • Then choose a category that your business falls into.
    •  If you don’t have a business, you can choose any; it won’t matter. 
  • Then tap on ‘Done’. 

Now that you know have a business account you can finally proceed to learning how to add location to Instagram bio. 

Also, if you’re worried about the privacy concerns associated with a business account then there are plenty of things you can do to feel safer. Like, you can turn down message requests from unknown people, hide & unhide posts as and when necessary, delete comments, etc etc. 

How To Put Your Location On Instagram Bio? 

How To Add Location To Instagram Bio In 2022? The Quickest Way Here!

Here’s how to add location to Instagram bio:

  • Open Instagram
  • Tap on the profile icon at the bottom right. 
  • From there, go to the Edit Profile option. It’s present below your Instagram bio and follower count. 
  • Tap on the ‘Contact Options’ option located under ‘Public Business Information’. 
  • From the range of options that appear, select ‘Business Address’. 
  • A text box will appear that you can add your location in. 
  • Add your street address, city/ town, and Zip code in their respective fields. But if you enter incorrect information, don’t worry, you can always correct it later. 
  • When you’ve filled all the required fields, tap on “Done”. 
  • To save the changes just made, tap on “Save” located at the top right corner. 

And, that’s it!! Once you exit the Edit Profile section, you’ll see that your business address is now displayed on your profile! It is going to be visible to anyone who visits your profile! 

Final Words 

Alright, folks! This was how to add location to Instagram bio! I hope you found the steps mentioned in this article easy to follow! But, if you’ve got any doubts, feel free to mention them in the comments and Viebly will get back to you ASAP! 

If you know a friend who runs an online business, share this article on how to add location to Instagram bio with them! By following these tips, they will be able to expand as well! 

Why Can’t I Add A Location To My Instagram Bio?

If you’ve location turned off then it may not appear on Instagram when you try to upload a photo. So, make sure that you’ve got the location setting on your phone turned on before trying these steps. 

How Do I Create A Location Link?

To create a location link, open Google maps on your computer. From there, go to the directions, map, or street view image that you wish to share. On the top left, tap on the ‘Menu’ option. From there, select share or embed map. If these options are not visible to you, select ‘Link to this map’. Then, copy and paste the link wherever you want to share the map. 

How Can I Start An Instagram Business?

If you want to start an Instagram business, then first create a business account. Then, find the niche that you want to work in and build your audience. Set up an Instagarm shop and create shoppable posts. However, don’t forget to create regular posts too. Find ways to get on the explore page to increase your engagement and visibility.

How Much Money Do You Start Off With On Instagram?

Influencers that have around a million followers can earn around $670 per Instagram post. A content creator can earn with 100,00 followers can get about $200 per post. Whereas someone with 10k followers can make up to $88 per post. 

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