How To Add Music To Instagram Story Business Account? 2 Sneaky Ways You Should Know!


Reels are the new coke (the one you snort, not drink), and reel addictions are real. Instagram offers users options to add music to reels and make crazy dance videos. You can also add music to stories and posts. But did you know this feature isn’t available for all users? It is also not available if you have a business account. So how to add music to Instagram story business account? You know I got you covered!!

Instagram does not allow users with a business account the ability to add music due to copyright laws. Reels and stories are one of the most used features on Instagram. You can even add music to Instagram without the lyrics popping up. This is all well and good for regular accounts. But as a business account, if you want to tap into the powers of Instagram stories and reels, your options are limited. The most trending songs and popular songs with pop stars and recording artists will not be available to your account. There is a sneaky way to get around it, though.

How To Add Music To Instagram Story Business Account? A Step By Step Guide

How To Add Music To Instagram Story Business Account? 2 Sneaky Ways You Should Know!

The whole point of making use of popular songs is to boost visibility and increase the number of your likes. If a business is unable to do that, it defeats the whole purpose of ‘trending.’ The issue around businesses promoting their brand while using someone else’s intellectual or creative property is also plausible. But then, in such cases, what should a business account do to achieve reach? There are a few ways on how to add music to Instagram story business accounts. 

Remember, these ways are unofficial workarounds. So until Instagram itself comes out with a solution that helps businesses, you can try your hands at this. We can’t promise using these methods will give you the same boost in visibility, but it will surely help. So let’s check how to add music to Instagram story business account.

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Ways You Can Find And Add The Most Popular Music To Your Instagram Business Account

How To Add Music To Instagram Story Business Account? 2 Sneaky Ways You Should Know!

To add music from popular recording artists to your Instagram stories and reels, first, identify the kind of music that is trending. Then use original music from some other user of Instagram that has used the same audio but with a different name. To add music like that to your Instagram story business account, you will have to look for audios titled “original music” or “original audio.” The songs will be the same, but they will not be categorized under copyright violations. 

Another way to add music to your Instagram story business account is by switching your account type. You can change your Instagram business category to “Entrepreneur.” This trick will unlock all kinds of music for your Instagram account. The only problem with this method is that your account will show the ” entrepreneur ” category tag on your profile. But there is a workaround for that as well. You will have to permanently hide your category tag from your Instagram profile. To hide the category tag from your Instagram business account, follow the steps given below:

  • On your iPhone or your Android phone, open the Instagram app.
  • Switch to your business profile if you have your account logged in.
  • Tap on Edit Profile.
  • Click on the option which says Category. From the options, search for Entrepreneur and select it. 
  • Tap on Done.
  • Tap on Profile Display and look for the Display Category option. Click on it to turn it off.
  • Tap on Done again.

That’s it. You’re done! These two easy steps are the only ways for how to add music to Instagram story business account. Your business account will now have access to all the trendy audio without having any issues with copyrights.

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How To Add Music To Instagram Story | Steps To Add Music To Your Stories

How To Add Music To Instagram Story Business Account? 2 Sneaky Ways You Should Know!

If you’ve successfully unlocked the music option for your business, it’s time now to check if it worked and use it to upload stories. To add music, follow the steps given below.

  • Open the Instagram app and switch to your business account.
  • Click on the ‘Your Story’ icon on the top left corner of the home screen. Alternatively, you can also swipe from left to right and access the Instagram camera. 
  • Click a picture or record a video to post to your story. Alternatively, you can also choose an image/video from your gallery.
  • After the image is uploaded, you will see a few options. To add the music sticker, swipe from the bottom to get options. You can also tap on the sticker icon in the top right corner.
  • Look for the ‘Music’ option and click on it. 
  • A new window will open with a list of popular and trending songs. You can also choose the song you prefer by searching for it in the search bar on the screen.
  • After choosing the song you prefer, you will be taken to an editing window. Choose the part of the song you will like to be added to your Instagram. Each story runs for a total of 15 seconds so choose accordingly. 
  • The song will only last 15 seconds for an image, but for a video story, Instagram will cut the song into 15-second segments. You will be able to see the song as a sticker on top of your story.
  • Click on done after you’re done, which part of the song you feel fits best for your story. Place the music sticker as you please. You can also change the size of the music sticker. You can also pin the music sticker in your Instagram story video. In those cases, the sticker will move as the object pinned in the video moves.
  • Click on ‘Send To’ when you’re satisfied with the edits. Now you can enjoy your Instagram story on your business with trendy music playing in the background. 

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Final Words

You can also add music to your Instagram stories on your business account from other apps. Music services like Spotify, SoundCloud, Shazam, and others allow you to share your music across profiles. So if you can’t find a particular song on Instagram Music, there are always other options to consider. If you’re still wondering how to add music to Instagram story business account, then drop a comment below. We will help you with any confusion you might have!

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