How To Cancel Doordash Order And Get Refund? Know Before It’s Too Late!


I will order food! I will not! I will order food! I will not! Alright! Alright! It is fine to be confused while ordering food, but you should never be confused while ordering it from Doordash. It is because you can cancel your order just like that. The only confusion you should be left with is how to cancel Doordash order and get refund? No worries about that too, as we have discussed it in detail in this blog, only for foodies like you.

Doordash is one of the top-notch food delivery services which celebrated Power DASH for 1M+ deliveries recently. The service has made 21 million meals deliveries in 900+ cities across the U.S and Canada. They offer swift delivery, great customer support, and great user experience over iOS and Android devices.

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Dear Susi, You asked me one day to name an application, that gives a refund after cancelling an order, only because friends cancelled the plan at a very last moment. Typical friends!!! I didn’t have a name then, but I have it now. Its Doordash!!!

In this blog you will quickly get all the details on how to cancel Doordash order and get a refund after canceling?

Details On Canceling Doordash Order & Getting An Instant Refund!

Scroll down and Read in detail how to cancel the Doordash order? How to get the refund after the cancellation and company refund policies?

How To Cancel Doordash Order And Get Refund?

#1 When Can You Cancel The Order?

Timing is a crucial part for canceling the order and getting a refund. If you cancel the order before the restaurant confirms the food, you get a full refund. 

However, you will only get a partial repayment of the delivery once the restaurant confirms the order and the dasher is out for the delivery.

The money deducted is only for the restaurant used resources and the dasher. There are chances you might not get the refund if the dasher has traveled a long way to reach your desired destination

#2 How Can You Cancel The Order?

Using the Doordash application or through your personal computer, It’s very easy to cancel your recent food order. 

Using The Doordash Application

  • Find the Orders tab on your Dashboard.
  • A drop-down list will appear that will show your in-progress orders.
  • Find the recent order you want to cancel and click on the view order.
  • Under view order, you will get the option of Help, clicking on help will bring up the support menu.
  • The support menu will tell the refund you can get (whether full, partial, or zero).
  •  If you agree with the policy, click on Cancel the order.

Using Personal Computer

  • Find the hamburger icon on the top right corner.
  • Click, and a drop-down list will appear.
  • Under that, see for recent orders; it will open the list of your current food orders.
  • Then click on the “cancel order”.

#3 How To Get The Refund After Cancellation?

Once you follow all the steps mentioned above to cancel the order, you can easily call for a refund by connecting with the Doordash support center through call or chat options.

Call Doordash

  • Call Doordash customer service on 855-973-1040.
  • Tell them your reason to cancel the order, and they will tell you what refund you can get (full, partial, or zero) and how you want the payment. 
  • Request to cancel the order via phone call is possible but mostly not very convenient as sometimes the number is busy because of high call volumes.

Chat With Doordash

  • If you prefer the chat option, visit the Contact us page and find the chat icon.
  • While chatting with the customer, care tell him the reason for the cancellation.

Your money will be instantly refunded or within 5 minutes.

#4 What Type Of Refund Can You Get?

Full Refund

When you cancel the order before the restaurant confirmation, you can get a full refund of the payment. Just cancel the order within a few minutes to get the full refund.

Partial Refund 

If the restaurant shows the confirmation signs of the food order and the Dasher is out for delivery, you will get a partial refund, but if the Dasher spends a lot of time getting to the restaurant, then there is a chance that you won’t get any refund.

DoorDash Credit

Instead of cash as a refund, you can also avail a coupon that grants you the saving option for your next Doordash order.


A re-delivery refund is rare in Doordash as it involves many minutes of consultations with support agents thus, this option is only eligible when some items are missing from your food order or if the order gets late. 

#5 Company Refund Policies


Yes, you won’t get a refund if the delivery boy is just outside the house with your food order. What if you don’t want to cancel the order, but the delivery partner makes mistakes and hands you the wrong food parcel. In that case, would you get a refund?

There are some refund policies laid by the Doordash that tells your rights when can you get a refund:

  • If you receive someone else’s.
  • Quality issues.
  • Delay in food delivery 
  • The order doesn’t contain the desired items 
  • Long estimated delivery time 

Final Words

Here you get all the sufficient information you need to know to cancel the Doordash order and raise an issue for the refund. Share the article with others if you find the information valuable. Also, comment if you think there is something we have missed. 

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