How To Cancel Uber Eats Order? Cancel It With Just A Few Clicks!


You no longer have to wait in long queues to have your desired food from your favorite restaurant. Now, you must pick up your phone and simply order it from Uber Eats. And your order will be delivered to your doorstep. You also have the option to select your payment mode. If you want to pay in cash or you wish to pay online, it’s up to you. But there are moments when you may need to cancel your order on Uber Eats. The reason could be anything. So, in this article, we’ll tell you How To Cancel Uber Eats Order?

Uber Eats happens to be an online food ordering and delivery platform that also delivers your grocery needs. Uber Eats is a subsidiary or a sister company that is mainly owned by its parent company, Uber. It was launched in the year 2014, and ever since then, it has been serving 81 million users across over 6000 cities globally. These days there are several online food ordering platforms in the market, but Uber Eats stands out because it happens to be a trusted brand.

Now, being a trusted brand or a company comes with a lot of responsibilities toward its customers and users. In that case, Uber Eats lets you cancel an order if it’s required. Well, the only thing that we need to find out is how to do it step by step. So, without any further delay, let’s move forward and get into the details.

How To Cancel Uber Eats Order? This Is How It’s Done!

Canceling your order on Uber Eats is something that is quite common. Users may cancel an order due to various reasons. The most ordinary one would be that while ordering in a hurry, they have placed the wrong order or have selected the wrong quantity. 

Say, there was a party, and the number of people that were supposed to come did not show up, now you have to cancel the order because there is no point in receiving an order of 7 people when only 3 of them are present. So, people may cancel an Uber Eats order for such usual reasons, which is actually quite practical and happens often.

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We all know how easy Uber Eats has made ordering food online. Literally, all it takes is just a few simple taps on your smartphone. Once you’re done selecting all your food items and have placed your order, the app will show you an estimated delivery time. After that, your job will be to wait until your food arrives.

Now canceling an order on Uber Eats is nothing difficult, but the main issue that arises is when you seek a refund of your order. People naturally, after canceling an order, would expect their money back, but Uber Eats as a service provider, has certain policies and protocols.

Uber Eats lets you cancel your order before the delivery agent reaches the merchant or restaurant you ordered from. Your refund will only be formally assured if you have canceled your order before the restaurant has accepted it.

In case, the restaurant or the merchant has received your order before, you could have canceled it. Then Uber Eats will give you a one-lifetime refund for canceled orders within 5 minutes of being placed. So, next time, if you need to cancel an order for whatever reason it may be, make sure you cancel it within 5 minutes of placing it before reaching out to Uber Eats.

Uber Eats has a strict policy of not refunding any amount if you happen to cross that 5-minute mark. The reason for this is, that once that mark is crossed, by then, the restaurant has already started preparing your order. Well, now that you know how Uber Eats functions regarding cancellation and refund, let’s find out the steps to cancel an order.

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This Is How You Cancel Uber Eats Order

How To Cancel Uber Eats Order? Cancel It With Just A Few Clicks!

Follow the easy and simple steps mentioned below to cancel your Uber Eats order.

  • Launch the Uber Eats app on your smartphone. The app is available on both App Store and Google Play Store for free.
  • At the bottom of your screen, you’ll notice the Orders icon, tap on it.
  • After tapping on it, you’ll be able to see all your orders. Select or tap on your current order that you wish to cancel.
  • Then tap on the Cancel Order option.
  • Finally, tap on Cancel Delivery to confirm your action.

There you go! That is how you cancel your Uber Eats order.

How To Cancel Uber Eats Order On Uber App?

How To Cancel Uber Eats Order? Cancel It With Just A Few Clicks!

If you’re unaware of this, let us inform you that you also have the option to cancel your Uber Eats order from the Uber application. The app from where you usually book your rides. Follow the steps mentioned below in order to cancel your Uber Eats order on the Uber application.

  • First things first, open the Uber app on your smartphone.
  • Tap on the option, Order Food.
  • Tap on the Profile icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Then tap on the Orders option.
  • The most recent or your last order should appear first. Tap on Cancel Order.
  • Once you see the pop-up window, confirm that you want to cancel the order.

Well, that is how you can cancel your Uber Eats order on the Uber app.

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How To Contact Uber Eats?

How To Cancel Uber Eats Order? Cancel It With Just A Few Clicks!

In case you fall in a situation where you want to cancel your Uber Eats order but the order has already been accepted by the restaurant. Then your last option will be to reach out to Uber Eats support. You can use the Contact Support option to cancel or ask for your refund, or you can directly call them at 1-800-253-9377.

Only if you’re eligible for a refund will it be transferred to you by your selected payment option, or if you wish to get it in your Uber wallet, you can also opt for that.

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Final Word

So, now you’re completely aware of how Uber Eats functions when it comes to anything that is related to cancellation or refund. We have also discussed the policies and protocols that Uber Eats follows regarding the cancellation and refund process. And the above mentioned are all the necessary steps that you need to follow carefully whether you’re using the Uber Eats app or the Uber app. As additional information, we have also talked about how you can reach the Uber Eats customer support. 

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