How To Change Email On Snapchat? Explained Two Steps!


When you want to open a Snapchat application or any other social media platform, you have to create an account with your email id and password. Because Snapchat wants to verify your identity. But if you are a person like me who forgets the password of the email address often or simply wants to change your email address on Snapchat, then you have the solution for it. Read the below article to find out how to change email on Snapchat.

Adding an email address to Snapchat helps in many ways. It helps the users to protect their account and also it is easy for one to find the other person using the email address. This is why it is essential for you to learn the steps to change your email id if you don’t use the email id that you entered while signing up or you don’t remember the password of the account.

If you have decided to change your email address on Snapchat, but don’t know how then this article is for you to know about how to change email on Snapchat. It takes only a few steps to change the email address on Snapchat. Without any further ado, let me start explaining the steps to change the email address.

How To Change Email On Snapchat? Everything You Need To Follow!

How To Change Email On Snapchat? Explained The Steps!

Changing your Email address on Snapchat does not require any technical skills. You have to dedicate only a few minutes to change your Snapchat email address. Below are the steps that you need to follow on how to change email on Snapchat.

  • Open the Snapchat application on your device and log in with your details.
  • Once logged in, you’ll be on the home screen. Now tap the profile icon in the upper left corner.
  • Click on the settings icon on the profile page.
  • On the settings page, you will find many options, and choose the Email option from the menu.
  • Once you tap on email, you’ll be taken to the next page where you find your old email id on the screen.
  • Now, edit the email address with your new email id and click continue.
  • You will be asked for your Snapchat password for verification.
  • Once you entered the password, then you’ll receive an email for confirmation. Tap the confirmation link and complete the process.
  • After all the verification, the changes are made to the Snapchat account. Now, again head to the profile page and you can see the new email id.

How To Change Email On Snapchat Without Password?

How To Change Email On Snapchat? Explained The Steps!

If you want to change your email address, but don’t remember the password that you’ve entered on Snapchat, then you have the solutions to fix it as well. The below steps explain the points on how to change email on Snapchat without entering a password.

  • Open the Snapchat application and you’ll be on the login page.
  • You will find the option Forgot password on the page.
  • Click on it, and to get the reset code link to choose the mobile number or email id that is linked on Snapchat.
  • Once you entered the details, you will get the link to reset the password. Now, follow the above-mentioned steps to change the email id on Snapchat.

Find Friends On Snapchat Through Email

How To Change Email On Snapchat? Explained The Steps!

Snapchat is a great platform to find all your friends and share snaps with them daily. Sometimes we don’t have contact with a particular person, but you may want to find them on Snapchat. This is possible through email on Snapchat. Because searching by username is really a difficult task as many people may use the same name.

This is why you have to opt for the email address to find the person. But you should also note that you could find only a person if they have enabled the option Let others find me using an email address. If they enabled this option, then you could easily find the person through an email address. After finding your friend you can share snaps daily and also you have the option to find their location.

Final Words

Now, you may understand the steps on how to change email on Snapchat by reading the above article. So, follow these simple steps to change your email on Snapchat. By doing so, you will not miss any new friends who search with your email address.

If you find this article useful, then share it with your friends as well. I guess you may also searching for ways how to hide your snap score, how to trim a video on Snapchat, and many more. So, we’ve covered all the necessary hacks that you need to know and fix on Snapchat.

If You Don’t Verify Your Email, Will Snapchat Delete Your account?

If you used your Snapchat account without a confirmed email or phone number, it might have been deleted. Users of Snapchat must verify their accounts by connecting them to a phone number.

Do Old Snap Accounts Lose Their Validity?

Users who violate Snapchat’s terms of service will have their accounts deleted. Despite not deleting accounts that are inactive, Snapchat may still remove accounts for other purposes.

Are Snaps Permanently Deleted?

After each Snap has been viewed by every recipient, all of the Snaps are automatically deleted by Snapchat servers. Unopened one-on-one Snaps are automatically deleted by Snapchat servers after 31 days.

Can A Snapchat Account Be Unlocked Permanently?

Your account cannot be unlocked if it has been locked permanently.

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