How To Charge A Pen Without A Charger? 6 Smart And Easy Ways Here! 


Do you prefer smoking e-cigarettes over traditional ones? It’s understandable if you do. Vape pens and vaping have gained more popularity than classic cigarettes in the past few years. But, what if you lose your vape pen’s charger? Do you know how to charge a pen without a charger? 

Vape pens are tobacco-free alternatives to traditional ones. These electronic devices run on batteries. The batteries heat the liquid nicotine or other flavoring and turn it into vapor. The method you employ to charge your pen depends on the model you use. Most of these vape pens can be charged using the charger unit that comes with them. 

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However, there are various ways to charge your vape pen without a charger. You can use a portable power bank, your phone’s charger, or an external battery charger. You also have the option to plug your vape into your laptop or desktop. If you want, you can replace your pen’s batteries. And, if all else fails or isn’t a workable solution, you can always create your own vape pen charger!

Now, if you like DIY projects, I’m sure you’re going to opt for the DIY option. Making your own vape pen charger sounds so cool! But if you don’t want to make something on your own, it’s completely okay! You can always use your phone’s charger or power bank. Do you want to know how? Keep reading! 

Here’s How To Charge A Pen Without Charger! Charge Your Vape Pen Using These Simple Ways!

After reading this article, you’ll know how to charge your vape pen without a charger. These tips will come in handy if you’ve lost your charger or simply do not have it with you. So, make sure to read this article till the end to be well acquainted with all the methods! 

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1# Charge Your Vape Pen Using Phone Charger

How To Charge A Pen Without A Charger? 6 Smart And Easy Ways Here! 

If your vape pen has a micro USB charging port, many vape pens do, then you can use this method to charge your vape pen. If you’re using a rechargeable vape pen model without a micro USB charging port, like JUUL and Vuse, then you’ll not be able to use this method. JUUL and Vuse feature a unique type of charging port that does not accept a micro-USB charger. However, you can still charge JUUL without a charger

Now, micro USB chargers are easily available in the market. You may even have one of those lying around in your house! Yes, I know. The USB chargers are not characteristically designed to charge vape pens but they do the job well. So, what’s the harm? Also, if you use an iPhone with a lightning port or a newer Android model with a USB-C port then you will not be able to charge your pen this way. 

But I hope the universe aligns itself according to your needs. I hope, your vape has a micro USB charging port and you have a micro-USB phone charger. Because of these two things, charging your vape pen will be effortless. 

2# Charge Your Vape Pen Using Portable Power Bank

How To Charge A Pen Without A Charger? 6 Smart And Easy Ways Here! 

With a portable power bank, you can charge your gadgets from anywhere. A power bank is basically a huge battery that includes charging cords that can connect to various devices. 

This method will work as long as the power bank has a micro-USB cable. Also, the vape should have a micro-USB charging connector. 

Also, the power bank should have enough battery itself. If you’ve plugged in your vape pen and it doesn’t appear to be charging, then chances are that the power bank has run out of battery. You can simply recharge the power bank and try charging your power bank then. 

I can understand that this makes power banks slightly unreliable and also puts you in an unsure situation. But all power banks aren’t like this. Some expensive models of power banks tell you how much more power can be given out. 

3# Charge Your Vape Pen By Plugging It Into A Laptop

How To Charge A Pen Without A Charger? 6 Smart And Easy Ways Here! 

If you still happen to have the right charging cable then you can charge your Vape pen using your laptop’s USB port. You only have to connect your vape pen and the laptop using the USB cable. 

And, not just laptops, you can also use desktops, gaming consoles, or literally any device that has a USB port. These devices can charge your vape pen as long as you have the appropriate cable.

Also, make sure to put your laptop on charge before starting to charge your vape pen. Because giving power to your vape pen can drain your laptop’s battery very quickly.  

4# Charge Your Vape Using External Battery Charge

How To Charge A Pen Without A Charger? 6 Smart And Easy Ways Here! 

Some rechargeable vape pens like JUULs have batteries that are wired to the pen’s internal components. These batteries are designed such that they cannot be removed. 

If your Vape pen has such a design then an external battery charger won’t do you any good. However, most box mods come with standard AA batteries which can be removed smoothly. 

So, if your Vape pen has rechargeable batteries then you may use an external battery charger to charge your pen. In fact, this method is highly recommended for charging a mod’s batteries. Because recharging helps in conserving a battery’s life. 

If you don’t have an external battery charger already, then no worries! These chargers are easily available in the market. You can find one at any vape shop too. Also, external battery chargers are not explicitly designed for recharging vape batteries. So, apart from vape shops, you can also get them from electronic stores. 

5# Replace Mods Batteries

How To Charge A Pen Without A Charger? 6 Smart And Easy Ways Here! 

If your mod has removable batteries but you’ve misplaced the charger then you can simply replace the batteries. Yes, you also have the option to charge them using an external battery charger, but I wanted you to know that it isn’t the only option available. 

As I told you above, most box mods come with standard AA batteries. If they are dead, then you can easily replace them. This might not be the most budget-friendly option but can work well as a makeshift solution. 

But remember that, if you put non-rechargeable batteries in your vape, then trying to charge your pen with its charger will not be of any effect. That is to speak if you do manage to find your vape pen again. 

Also, it will be in your favor to keep the mod’s rechargeable batteries with you. Because, if and when you find your charger, you can put them back in the vape pen. 

6# Charge Your Vape Using DIY Charger

How To Charge A Pen Without A Charger? 6 Smart And Easy Ways Here! 

Don’t worry, you do not need to have deep technical knowledge to make this DIY solution work. If you have a charging cable but not the right adapter to charge your phone with, then you can use this DIY option! 

The workability of this DIY is going to depend on what model of vape you use. So, I’ll be telling you how to DIY a charger for three different kinds of vape pens:

  • Vape mods
  • Rechargeable vape pens, such as JUULs
  • Disposable vape pens. 

Regardless of the type of vape pen you have, the first few steps of making the DIY charger will stay the same. 

  • Grab a charger with a USB adapter. Micro-USB chargers will be the best for this method. But other types of chargers, like USB-C ones, can work as well if they have a USB adapter at the other end.  
  • Now, using a pair of scissors, or nail clippers, carefully snip off the end of the charger that plugs into your phone or another device. 
  • Remove the insulation from the end of the wire that you’ve just cut. You can use a craft knife or any sharp blade for this purpose. 
  • After removing the insulation, you’ll have red and black wires. Use your knife to remove the insulation from these two as well. After removal, the copper wire will be exposed, and that is what you need for your DIY charger. 
  • To charge a rechargeable vape pen like JUUL, insert the exposed copper wire into the outer slot of the JUUL’s base. 
  • Then, carefully place your JUUL onto a flat surface and let it charge. 
  • Do not disturb the vape pen otherwise, the wires will slip out. 

For a disposable vape, follow these methods:

  • Take a pair of pliers and unscrew the bottom cap of the vape. 
  • After uncapping, gently remove the inner components of the pen. 
  • Locate the vape’s battery and its positive and negative terminals. The red end will be positive and the black one is negative. 
  • Press the black wire of the cable against the battery’s negative terminal and the red one against the positive one. 
  • Keep pressing the wires like that, until your vape is charged enough or you’ve lost patience- whatever happens first. 

Now, it’s possible to charge your vape pen using this method. But, I must be honest with you– it isn’t worth the effort. In fact, it is the most inefficient out of all the methods I’ve shared above. But, if you’re desperately in need of vaping, give this a try. 

Final Words

So, this is how to charge a pen without a charge. You can charge your vape pen with these straightforward methods, regardless of the type of batteries they have. But, follow any of these methods with utmost precaution. Also, do not charge your vape for extended periods of time. Once your pen is fully charged, unplug it. Because overcharging only harms your battery by depleting its capacity. 

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