#1 Way You Need To Know How To Check Who Reposted A Post On Instagram!


Instagram is firing on all cylinders and keeps coming up with new features every now and then. Stories, Reels, IGTV yadda yadda yadda. The list goes on and on, but what has remained the same forever are Instagram Posts. One question that comes to mind with posts is how to check who reposted a post on Instagram. We did some digging to clear out any confusion you might have.

Reposting a post on Instagram isn’t easy as retweeting a tweet or sharing a post on Facebook. There is no direct option to share anyone’s post as another post. But what can be done is that the post can be shared as a story. This might not seem like a big deal for people who have a personal Instagram, as only your followers can do that. And personal accounts all know each other. 

How To Check Who Reposted A Post On Instagram? A Step By Step Guide

#1 Way You Need To Know How To Check Who Reposted A Post On Instagram!

Sharing posts becomes a problem when you are a creator or an artist, and your content gets ripped off. Spam pages on Instagram number in the thousands. They are always on the lookout to steal content to boost their numbers. They often don’t give proper credits to accounts that are due that credit. You can’t even restrict accounts on your public Instagram profile if you don’t follow them or they don’t follow you. 

When your content is your means of livelihood, you wouldn’t want anyone sharing your content. Not getting credit for what you poured your blood, sweat, and tears into is disheartening. Currently, the only way to post someone else’s post as a post is to screenshot the content. Then the screenshot can be posted as a new post. That way, the original creator of the Instagram post does not get notified either.

But it is not just about getting your content stolen. Knowing how to check who reposted a post on Instagram has other uses. As an influencer or creator trying to devise a social media strategy, you are missing out on valuable feedback. Knowing who reposted your content with due credit back to you is an important metric. It is a great way to see what kind of content is connecting with your audience. If something is being reposted more, your efforts are paying off. 

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Know Exactly How To Check Who Reposted A Post On Instagram

#1 Way You Need To Know How To Check Who Reposted A Post On Instagram!

As we previously mentioned, direct reposting a post is impossible, and there is no way to know it. Unless you stumble across your content on someone else’s feed or someone else notifies you about it, there is no other way. However, you can find out who reposted your Instagram as a story. But you will need a business account or a creator account to get this information. 

There is also another thing you should be thinking about. It is the user’s privacy who is reposting your post in their story. If you don’t follow them and their profile is set to private, you will not be able to view their story. Another issue with posts being reposted as stories is that stories will be available for only 24 hours. Now know how to check who reposted a post on Instagram.

  • On your iPhone or Android, open the Instagram app.
  • Navigate to your profile and click on the post that you want to know the information about. If it is recently posted, your photo might be on the feed. Otherwise, simply go to your profile.
  • Opening the post will reveal another button called View Insights. 
  • Tap on View Insights. You will see the number of comments, likes, shares, and saves in the new window that opens. (Note: Insights will only give you the number, not the name.)
  • After confirming your post has been shared on stories, go back to your post. 
  • Click on the three dots in the top right corner of your post.
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap on the option, View Story Reshares. Here you will be able to check the stories of people who have reshared your post. Again, as previously mentioned, these will only be Public Reshares. If there is more than one reshares on your post, all the posts will appear in a grid. 
  • You can click on the individual story and see the username and profile of the person who shared your post. 

The method remains the same whether you use your phone or your PC. Instagram works the same on all the platforms. The only thing that you need to do is change your Instagram profile to creator or professional. Let’s check how you can do that.

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How To Switch Your Instagram Account To A Business Account

#1 Way You Need To Know How To Check Who Reposted A Post On Instagram!

To get deeper insights into your Instagram, you need to switch from an individual account to a professional account. A professional account can be for you if you are a creator or even a business. So you can change it according to how it fits you.

  • Open your Instagram app on your iPhone, Android, or PC.
  • Navigate to the settings option in your profile. In the settings option, scroll down to Account.
  • Click on Switch to Business Account or Switch to Creator Account, depending on what fits you best.

And that’s it. You’re done! You will now be able to view all the insights into your posts. You can see the number of impressions, your engagement rates, and how many people you have reached. This is a great way to go about it if you are a budding influencer. It also helps somewhat manage and gauge the numbers behind your account, so explore all possible options.\

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Final Words

We hope now you know how to check who reposted a post on Instagram easily. While Instagram doesn’t have these inbuilt functions, you can also try some third-party apps. We will not recommend that. Using third-party apps can get your Instagram account deleted too. So be very careful when dealing with things like these. Let us know in the comments if you have any other questions, and we will try to guide you through them. 

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