How To Choose Movies For A Night Long Movie Marathon


Do you have any plans for this coming weekend? If you don’t have any plans yet, then why don’t you have a movie marathon night? You can watch movies by yourself or you can invite your friends over. It is relaxing, easy, and fun. 

What Is A Movie Marathon Night?

How To Choose Movies For A Night Long Movie Marathon

Just as the name suggests, a movie marathon night is a night wherein you will be watching several movies, while munching some popcorn and drinking your beverage. It is an excellent activity, especially if you are stuck inside your house for some reason or you have nothing else to do. 

There are a lot of ideas that can make your night more fun such as watching a movie trilogy or choosing a specific theme for the night. You can even choose to watch a particular television series from start to end. You can watch whatever you want since there are no rules to follow when it comes to the movies that you want to watch. 

Choose Movies That You Like

How To Choose Movies For A Night Long Movie Marathon

There are a lot of movies out there so you can choose whatever you like for your movie marathon night. Obviously, you don’t want your movie marathon to be ruined by restrictions due to your location. So, why don’t you try using VPN for Netflix subscribers

When choosing movies, try to avoid the ones that can bore you. For instance, if you don’t like watching mystery movies, then choosing Sherlock Holmes movies might not be a good idea.

You can choose to watch a certain movie night theme. Some of the theme ideas include romance, patriotism, tear jerkers, favorite actor, war, bad movies, childhood favorites, holidays, raunchy humor, science fiction, and horror.

Another way of choosing movies is by movie collection. The following are some of the movie collections that you can choose from: 

Adventure and action movie collections include The Bourne Trilogy, The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Die Hard Collection, Fast & Furious Collection, James Bond Set, Indiana Jones Collection, Rocky Collection, and Jurassic Park Collection.

Comedy movie collections include Austin Powers Collection, Beverly Hills Cop Collection, Coen Brothers Collection, Monty Python Collection, Men in Black Collection, The Naked Gun Collection, and Abbott & Costello Collection.

Fantasy and Science Fiction movie collection include Star Wars Collection, The Twilight Saga, Planet of the Apes Collection, Alien Collection, The Mummy Collection, Star Trek Movie Collection, X-Men Collection, The Blade Collection, Godzilla Collection, Pirates of the Caribbean Collection, Spider-Man Collection, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Harry Potter Collection, and The Matrix Collection.

Thriller, Mystery, and Western movie collections include Dirty Harry Collection, Columbo Movie Collection, Billy Jack Collection, The Man with No Name Trilogy, The Godfather Collection, Alfred Hitchcock Collection, The Thin Man Movies, Scream Trilogy, The Falcon Movies, and Charlie Chan Collection.

Movie Marathons To Share With Your Friends

If you have a lot of time to spend at home, then marathoning some great movies would be a great idea. Here, we have gathered some of the best movie marathons that you can share with you friends. These lists can probably inspire you to cuddle up and watch more movies or come up with your own marathon!

The Series Movie Marathon

How To Choose Movies For A Night Long Movie Marathon

If you want to completely immerse yourself into a particular story, then you can binge on a movie series. The list of movies that are included in these franchises are perfect to watch with your friends. Once you have watched all of them in a row, it can make you feel more attached to the characters involve in these movies which you never thought could be possible.  

The series movies include The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Carribean, The Avengers, Star Wars, and Twilight.

The Halloween Movie Marathon

How To Choose Movies For A Night Long Movie Marathon

As the spooky season gets nearer, watching halloween movies with your friends is the best way of celebrating the occasion safely. These movies include a halloween element in them, so you can immerse yourself into the spooky spirit.

Some of the awesome halloween movies include Halloween (1978), Hocus Pocus (1993), The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), Halloweentown (1998), Beetlejuice (1988), and Ghostbusters (1989).

The Classic Movie Marathon

How To Choose Movies For A Night Long Movie Marathon

These movies are known as classics since they have stood the test of time. Although there are a lot of classic films out there that you can watch, here is a list of some of the best classic movies

The great classic movies include The Wizard of Oz (1939), Citizen Kane (1941), Casablanca (1942), Some Like It Hot (1959), The Graduate (1967), and The Godfather (1972) 

The Action Movie Marathon

How To Choose Movies For A Night Long Movie Marathon

If you are feeling bored and just wanted to experience some adventure, then action movies are the best options. Action is quite broad so there are other films that you probably want to add in this list. However, the ones that we have listed here are classic, fun, exciting and can definitely get your adrenaline pumping.

Your action movie marathon should include Jurassic Park (1993), Men in Black (1997), Die Hard (1988), Deadpool (2016), The Dark Knight (2008), and Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981).


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