How To Choose The Right Car At Auction? Know It In 5 Steps!

How To Choose The Right Car At Auction? Know It In 5 Steps!
How To Choose The Right Car At Auction? Know It In 5 Steps!

Buying a car is a task you shouldn’t take lightly, especially if you’re buying it at auction. Just like any undertaking, choosing a car at auction can be a lottery, and it’s up to you to ensure you’re not wasting your hard-earned money on scrap. Below are some simple tips that can help you get a good deal on your dream vehicle. 

Know Your Budget 

How To Choose The Right Car At Auction? Know It In 5 Steps!

Though it may sound obvious, you need to know for sure how much you’re ready to pay for your car at an auction. First-timers may get carried away by the bidding process and risk spending more than it was initially planned. Not to fall victim to a reckless decision, experts from MN auto auctions recommend that you make all the necessary calculations and figure out the ballpark figure you can afford to spend on your future car. Make sure you have the money on your account, as well as clearances from your bank in place. Also, allow for an auction fee that can vary from auction house to auction house. 

Enlist Expert Help 

Auctions allow you to save a bundle on the best car bargains. At the same time, a rare vendor will actually provide a warranty with their vehicle, which is, probably, the main downside to buying cars at auction. So, you need to be as scrupulous and attentive as possible when it comes to choosing a car. If you’re not sure you can spot a gem among crap, you would be well-advised to bring in a person who can help you with that.  

First things first, you should inspect your vehicle thoroughly. Check for possible technical issues, physical damage, etc. Then, turn on your chosen vehicle and listen to the engine carefully. The onus is on you to spot the issues and point them out before sealing the deal. That is why enlisting the help of someone who has a good mechanical eye would be a wide idea. 

Check The VIN

Unless you have a good friend or a relative in the auction business that can point you in the right direction, you’ll always be risking buying a pig in the poke. Even seasoned bidders make mistakes from time to time, let alone beginners. To minimize the chance of ending up with a jalopy, take the time to scrutinize your car’s Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN for short. This unique code can normally be found on the chassis in the engine bay, on the passenger-side windshield, or around the driver door opening.  Make sure that this unique code coincides with the engine numbers. This will help you validate and establish the true identity of your car and ensure nobody tempered with it. Should you notice that the VIN number on the log book doesn’t match that on the car, refrain from purchasing this vehicle. 

Make Sure Your Vehicle Hasn’t Been Clocked 

It’s not a secret that mileage can affect the value of a vehicle. The less the car’s mileage, the safer and more expensive the vehicle. So, many dishonest vendors end up tampering with cars’ odometers in the attempt to ‘rejuvenate’ and thus increase the final cost of their items. Once again, you need to be on the lookout for possible mileage discrepancies. Be ready to invest enough time and effort in the background car check to ensure your car’s odograph hasn’t been wound back at any stage. Peruse your history check report carefully for any indications of clocking and then decide if the game is really worth the candle. 

 Pay A Fair Price 

Speaking of candles… Once you find yourself bidding on your preferred car, try to maintain composure to make informed decisions. You’ll be better off doing your homework beforehand and acquainting yourself with the current market value of the car on sale. You don’t want to fork out on a boneshaker simply because you’ve been dreaming about a car like this since your high school. And vice versa, do not skimp if you hit on a really great bargain. Be prudent and maintain a sober mindset when determining how much you can spend on this particular car. 


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