How To Clean A Mirror? Leave No Streaks & Strains!


"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Clean me first, the Mirror replied, If you won’t, then I will lie."

Well, If how to clean a mirror, is the thought that has struck your mind, then Viebly has all your answers as they have a new professional maid hired.

Well, keeping the rhyming aside, the experts say, cleaning solutions that are readily available in the market contain more soap than is desired to clean the mirror. Using these solutions often leaves streaks that become very tough to remove. So here is the best method on how to clean a mirror.

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How To Clean A Mirror? Bring The Fairest Image Of Yours!

Let’s face the truth; the mirrors are very hectic to clean if you don’t know the right technique. This article has all the information required that will make you a professional mirror cleaner. I know you need to know it badly, otherwise, you’ll lose a chance to upload some amazing mirror selfies on your social media handles. Let’s learn guys!

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Step 1 Prepare The Solution Of Vinegar & Cornstarch Powder

How To Clean A Mirror? Leave No Streaks And Strains

In a spray bottle, add a cup of vinegar and water. Now take a tablespoon of cornstarch powder and mix it in the vinegar and water solution. Once added with all the items, shake it well to get a homogenous solution. Kaboom!! The solution is ready to use and it hardly takes a minute to prepare. Spray this homemade solution on the mirror and see the result.

If you don’t have cornstarch powder at home (what!!), you can make use of a dishwashing solution and a lemon. Take a small bucket and add some lukewarm water in it along with 2-3 drops of dishwashing solution and 4 tablespoons of lemon juice. With the same brush the mirror and whip all the water with the squeegee. 

Once done with this, you need a cleaning cloth and vinegar in a spray bottle. To remove the streaks, spray some vinegar on the cloth and rub it on the mirror. Doing this will give you a clear shiny mirror.

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Step 2 Remove The Goopy Build (Sticky Dirt) With Rubbing Alcohol & Cotton Pads

In the mirror, you will see your reflection, but along with that, there are chances that you will also notice some small sticky things (toothpaste, makeup) attached to it. Now to remove them is not so tough; all you need is rubbing alcohol and cotton pads. First of all, take some drops of alcohol on a cotton pad and rub them on the mirror wherever you see the sticky stuff.    

Advice from the God of Cleaning, obviously me: Wherever you apply the vinegar cornstarch solution or any other cleaning solution, do remove the goopy build-up in the first place. Applying the cleaning solution directly to the Mirror without removing the sticky dirt will produce streaks that will become difficult to remove later.

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Step 3 Clean The Mirror By Using The Microfiber Cloth By Following A Specific Technique 

Step 3 Clean The Mirror By Using The Microfiber Cloth By Following A Specific Technique 

So now you have prepared the homemade solution, removed all the sticky things attached to the mirror, and are waiting for the magic to happen. For the magic to happen, what you have to do now is spray the vinegar cornstarch solution on the mirror and rub it with a microfiber cloth. 

Pro-bro advice, while using the microfiber cloth, do not rub it on the mirror in a random pattern as it will increase your time to make the mirror shine. Use the S pattern technique, i.e., start from the top right, then swing to the left while gradually shifting down. Also, note that most of the dust gets accumulated in the corners of the Mirror. To clean it, use a toothbrush.

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Final Words

After following all the steps, do inspect your mirror from a couple of different angles. Doing this will let you see if there are any streaks, residue dirt, or leftover grime. If you find something, spray your cleaning solution on that spot and wipe it clean – do this quickly!!! Also, read our other lifestyle articles.

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